Stihl TS400 / TS420 Ignition Module Repair

Hey youtubers welcome back thanks for watching today I'll be showing you how to replace the ignition module on your still TS 400 concrete saw the symptoms you may get when your ignition module is going bad is you're going to get intermittent spark sometimes the saw may work when it's cold for a bit and then just die out completely.

You may have intermittent spark like I mentioned or you may have no spark at all period can stick your saw on a side like that to work it will be much easier and you're going to need to remove this side cover here and there's four Torx screws number t27 once you've got all the screws loose the cover will just come off and here's where the ignition coil is right here and there's two Torx screws number t27 holding that in place now you can lift up the ignition module out of its place now you can disconnect this wire here now you'll have to move the spark plug wire as well just pop out the grommet here.

Now just turn the coil counterclockwise and pull.

I've got an ignition coil from still here in it's part four two two three four hundred thirteen oh three you can also buy aftermarket coils like this on eBay for like thirty dollars with shipping this coil here cost me ninety five dollars Canadian plus tax there's the insides here it's almost like a little circuit board in there.

Stihl TS400 / TS420 Ignition Module Repair

Now it's time to install the ignition module and all you're going to need for that is an old business card now put the spark plug wire in the new nishan module and turn clockwise screw it until it's tight once the wires tight push down the grommet now grab the coil and reinsert it in there and reconnect the switch wire over here make sure it's really tight on there now reinstall the torque screws here and there but don't tighten them all the way now reinsert the spark plug wire in its groove over here now what you need to do is insert a business card between the flywheel and the initial module and bring the magnet right to the ignition module.

That's going to be your space between the flywheel and the ignition module there now you can tighten up the two torques screws and they are number t27 make sure that both screws are really tidy now that both screws are tight you can remove the business card just move the flywheel and that's it.

Now you can see that you have a nice gap between the ignition module and the flywheel it's perfect.

Now you can put this cover back on and just retighten the four Torx screws number t27 make sure all four screws are really tight.

Now that we got the ignition module reinstall the next thing to do is to check for spark and remove the spark plug to do that you'll have to take off discover first now reinstall the spark plug in a spark plug cap make sure that the switch is on now to check for spark you got to make sure that the spark plug is grounded to the metal on the part of the engine. This is all plastics if you just touch it here it's not going to work.

To do that is I use a T wrench or you can use a screwdriver touch the metal of the engine with the screwdriver and then ground the spark plug to the screw driver.

This will create a good ground between the engine and spark plug turn off the lights and we'll pull it over and see what happens and that's beautiful spark now just take that off and reinstall the spark plug if you're wondering what kind of spark plug to put in there it's an NGK BPM r78 and here's a spark plug up close and I just put any plug in this song and now let's start it up to make the final test to make sure everything's good I'm going to use the decompression valve to make it easier to start just by pushing down but runs good now I'm pretty happy with that now you probably noticed when it's full throttle its kind of rev limited here's what I'm talking about.

The engines on the saws are rev limited meaning that your PMS will only go to a certain point.

That the saws last longer as they do work hard in masonry and cutting rocks.

This will surely extend the life of the Saab thanks for watching and we'll see you next time.

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