Street Fair Almonds

Hi everybody welcome to flannel makers I'm sherry and I wanted to tell you how to make Street Fair almonds I don't know what else you want to call them candied almonds is another name for my guests but you've been to the street fairs or markets where there's a vendors cart there and they have the almonds in there and they're roasting them and they smell sweet and there's cinnamon and sugar and you just have to buy it because they're so good and they're warm and everything well this is a recipe that kind of mimics that it's the closest one I've been able to find so it's pretty easy let's get started first thing you want to do is pre-heat your oven to 250 degrees that's 250 not 350 or you'll burn things so just start with that and you want to get a cookie sheet that has sides on it and line it with parchment paper where's what paper doesn't stay where it's supposed to stay very well but put it on there and the stuff will weigh it down okay so get an egg and you want to separate the yolk out so we're just gonna use the egg white so one egg white yeah I got the you're gonna end up broke okay try this again I'm gonna pay better attention this time there's one egg white that we're going to put in some vanilla 1 teaspoon and 1 teaspoon of molasses okay you want to whisk these together until it's kind of frothy you don't want stiff peaks or anything like that just whisk it until it's kind of I'll show me looking tough okay I'd say that's good kind of lips well me but it's not don't have Peaks or anything in it okay so then we need one cup of white sugar and to that we're gonna add a quarter teaspoon of salt and one and a half teaspoons of seven just through that around a little bit so we've got our foaming egg whites here and it can separate if if it takes you too long to mix up other stuff you need to whisk this more go ahead and do that but then put the almonds in there this is two and a half cups of almonds and they're wrong these are nothing roasted or salted you just want raw almonds then we put in our dry stuff I know that looks like a lot of sugar but trust me it's okay there little around until they're coated really good these are gonna look kind of gladiate first like we're just kind of sticking together and they're gonna make one big lump they'll separate as they're cooking okay so that's pretty good there parchment paper I've made made these before just twice as many and you need a bigger sheet for this a large roaster pan when I worked well for that so this recipe can definitely be double kind of spread them out okay these are gonna go into the oven at 250 degrees for an hour and a half actually we're gonna do an hour and a half on these and we're gonna stir them up every 15 minutes every 15 minutes we're gonna check on those and stir them put a little metal spatula that'll work good for scraping them around and kind of mixing them so every 15 minutes we're gonna stir them for an hour and a half and then we'll take them out let them cool and then we'll taste them you right now gonna give them one last stir then little cool okay that's pretty much it and we'll let them cool we'll taste some in a little while see you a bit they're nice and crunchy crispy really really good these taste like the kind that you get at the fair they're toasty cuz they they toast in the oven for a long time and they get nice and crispy that's you get them done and they're a little bit chewy cook them for a little bit longer and they'll look crisp rate up if you want the recipe details I'm gonna post those on my website on flannel acres calm in case you're watching this on youtube if you would like to subscribe there's a subscribe button right below the video here so try these out and they're super easy and your house is gonna smell like heaven when these are cooking and for a while after so go and try them out they're super good and super easy I'll see you guys later you
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