Studio Monday with Nina Marie: 5 Ways to Foil with ThermoWeb Products

Hi everybody its Nina thanks.

Much for joining me today today I'm very excited because I'm going to be sharing a bunch of foiling techniques with you oiling is a really fun technique where you can add beautiful foiled elements to your projects and there are.

Many ways you can do this and I'm really excited to be sharing five of them with you today in this video.

First before we get started on the foiling techniques I want to show you the laminator that I'm using for the foiling techniques now there are foiling machines especially made for foiling I'm using a laminator a laminator works perfectly fine.

Studio Monday with Nina Marie: 5 Ways to Foil with ThermoWeb Products

If you have a laminator you can definitely use that.

You can see here my laminator is pretty simple it's got a button on the side to turn it on I can do hot or cold laminating and you can send your paper right through the machine machines that are made special for foiling come with a variety of different settings temperatures and.

On but you can do all the techniques that we're doing today in this video using a laminator just like mine.

My first technique I want to share features the foil mate's toner sheets these are pre-printed sheets that are five and a half by eight and a half inch stage when you get to a2 sized cards out of one piece of paper if you can see I'm putting it at four and a quarter and I now have four and a quarter by five and a half inch sheets of paper these work special with foiling techniques.

You can add foil to the front side of these foil made sheets and you can run them through your laminator or foiling machine and get a beautiful foil design because it's already pre printed with toner ink onto the paper I'm go ahead and run this through my machine with these beautiful little iridescent stars once I've let it cool second I'll go ahead and remove the foil off of the paper you can see the gorgeous result that we were left with that toner the Black Stars and now have foil on them to create this beautiful foiled effect that is.

Cool there's stripes included in a pack that I have some of the head and take those stripes and show you how you can add ink first to the paper.

That you can get a color effect I'm going to glide buff off any of that extra ink because. This is glossy paper.

It's not going to dry quickly.

I'm going to go ahead and buff off the excess and then I'll go ahead and take my heat gun and heat set this that way none of the foil is going to stick to any of the ink the ink is still a little bit wet.

I don't want to have any areas of wet ink that's going to attract any foil after that to dry I'll go ahead and put this into my carrier sheet carrier sheets can be made from printer paper parchment paper or other types of transfer papers.

Basically something sin will go through the laminator and can stand up the heat I run that piece of paper through my laminator with the gold foil and I'm going to let it cool a second I'll wave it in the air and I'll be able to remove the foil and you can see the beautiful pink and gold results that we have here really really fun paper to be able to use and create different card designs I really like that I can add ink to these papers and give myself really beautiful custom looks thermo web also has these really cool peel-and-stick toner sheets.

These are full eight half by 11 inch sheet of toner paper that you can die-cut or make it a full a2 size card or whatever size card you're creating you can cover this paper with foil and create beautiful foiled element.

I've die-cut it from a bunch of different die-cuts I've used these beautiful stars from Simon Says Stamp and I had a piece of this beautiful gold kind of with these rainbow iridescent colors mixed in it's really beautiful and it was a scrap like oh I want to make sure I can use up the scrap I'm going to make it work on this side just big enough.

I'm going to go ahead and put this onto my die and right through my laminator after I run it through my laminator you can see that that toner paper now is covered with this beautiful gold foil and these toner sheets are really great for die-cutting and create beautiful die-cuts oiled elements I'm going to show you what I ended up doing with this die and a little bit here I also cut the really cool big hugs die from eating tangles from the gorgeous rainbow foil I love the foil to my favorite and I cut that one you can see the great result I love that the rainbow foil works.

Well with big elements like this side I cut quite a few different pieces from the toner paper and I foiled them you didn't see the kind of different results that you can get with these toner sheets now if you don't have toner sheets or if you don't even have a laminator if you don't have any way to be able to add heat to paper to create foil results you can foil with a double-sided adhesive strong double-sided adhesive can handle the foil those stripes that you see on the left-hand side I created those with some strips of adhesive and here I'm taking a piece of white cardstock and adding some double-sided adhesive sheets to the backside of it now the trick with die-cutting a sheet of adhesive like. This is that you want to die cut from the backside.

You want the adhesive to be the front of the die and the backside to be the cardstock because otherwise especially when you're cutting words if you die cut it the other way around you will then have the adhesive on the backside and.

When you go to foil your word will be backwards.

It won't work like that ended up Sayaka in this flower heart as an example and I'm trimming it out with some scissors to create a full heart I have some rainbow foil here I'm going to turn it over to the back side and I will remove the adhesive backing from that die cut once I've removed the backing that's going to allow me to stick this on to the backside of the foil and that will be able to then transfer on to our double-sided adhesive sheet that we have attached to this piece of white cardstock.

I'll lay that down and then after I've pushed it down I would like to burnish die-cuts like this with a dry rag.

I get a soft cloth you don't want anything that's going to kind of scratch at the foil you want something nice and soft and I gently go over the foil and kind of burnish it into the little nooks and crannies.

That way I make sure to get to press down really really good afterwards I can go ahead and peel off that piece off of my foil and you can see the great results that we get. This is a really great way to be able to do foiling if you don't have a laminator or any types of toner sheets. This is a great alternative and.

Much fun I actually. This is one of my favorite ways to foil now my other favorite way to foil these are my two favorites is to use the awesome deco foil I'll transfer gel. This is a newer product from thermo web and I love that you can go ahead and use this to create beautiful foiled results with stencils.

I stencil this design from Simon Says Stamp on to cardstock and then foiled it with pink looks.

Beautiful here I've got another one that I spoiled using a neat and tangled stencil and I'll show you how you add these transfer gel in a little bit here but it takes a long time to dry.

I want to make sure I had some that were already ready to go.

I could show you in the video here.

Anyway, after I added a transfer gel and it dried. This is where I'm at the point where I'm able to start foiling with it.

I'm taking some of this beautiful silver foil paper and I'm going to cut this down.

It's a little bit larger than the area that I have for the transfer gel I'm putting it into my carrier sheet and then I will be able to slide this into my laminator and heat set it once I run that through I make sure I turn my machine off I always turn it off on a nut unit because you want to make sure that you don't have that on all the time.

I turn my machine off and now I'm going ahead and removing that foil off of my card and look at the results isn't this.

Cool it's dimensional too which is really fun.

It's got a raised aspect off of this card now you'll notice that I do have a little bit of foil hanging off some of the areas that's no problem to take that soft rag and kind of brush over it and that kind of lifts off any of those little pieces that shouldn't be there and.

You get a nice beautiful clean impression and again. This is my other favorite way of foiling.

Using the double-sided adhesive and using the transfer gel those are my favorite I absolutely love the results.

Here's how I apply the deco foil and transfer gel.

I take the transfer gel and a palette knife and I spread this over top of a stencil that I've attached down on to my card stock I'm applying this just like I would texture paste or embossing paste and just basically putting a very smooth coating of this transfer gel onto the paper I don't like to make it super sick I just like to have a nice thin coating it still got that dimension off of the stencil but it's not going to be overly thick now I can add texture to this.

I would decide that I wanted to distress it a little bit you can leave it a course as a nice smooth coating but I decided to take a sponge brush and sponge over top of that transfer gel and basically create little texture lines in the gel that's another great way to add interest to your foiling because you don't have to have it perfectly smooth it can have some texture can have a little bit of distressing look it looks cool when you do that.

After I remove the tape and the stems when you can see the results that we have here that needs to dry after it dried I soiled it with some of this beautiful watercolor foil from thermal web and the beautiful results are.

Cool and you can see that texture looks awesome it almost looks like I painted this foil onto the paper it looks really cool now you can also use this transfer gel to stamp with I'm using a sponge brush here to apply a thin layer of that transfer gel onto a cling rubber stamp I'm being very careful with this because I don't want to have any gloppy areas where I'll end up having it kind of smush onto my paper and create globs I want this to be fairly smooth.

I stamped that on to some paper and I'm using a cream here.

It's kind of hard to see it but there is that transfer gel as a very very thin coating on that paper now bear in mind you need to clean your stamps off really well after using this transfer gel because just like embossing paste on a stencil the transfer gel will mess up your stamp if you leave it sit there for too long.

I really clean it off really well I add some water and then I take a dry rag and really brush off that water and transfer gel and it comes off clean perfect but just keep in mind that you want to clean that really well alright.

After I applied the transfer gel onto the stamp and stamp it down into my paper I'm laying it into some gold foil and I'll put that into my carrier sheet and run it through my laminator after I run it through the laminator I'll go ahead and peel off the foil and you can see the kind of sponge look that we have with this foil it's not going to be perfectly smooth because we sponged it on.

Keep that in mind it's going to have a textured look but it looks really cool and I think it creates this fun distressed effect. All right.

That's a few different ideas here I also want to show you how I finished off some of these cards with the elements that we created in today's video.

Here is the stars and how I added them on to some blue and purple card stocks and then added a silver foiled moon which I created using double-sided adhesive and a die cut.

I die-cut that moon from a piece of double-sided stick it adhesive and then added the foil on top.

It's a really great example of how you can use foil and double-sided adhesive together to create cool elements here's the example with the big hugs in the rainbow and I added that on top of that really cool kaleidoscope backgrounds this card is just like loaded with interest and fun I love this one with my favorite so. This is again a great example of how you can use the transfer gel or you can use the toner sheets like I did for the words to create the beautiful foiled effects and then here is another example of the soil on the stencil with the transfer gel beautiful background and that's really nice beautiful pink looks just.

Beautiful against the glittered sentiment.

I hope that today's ideas that I shared using techniques with foil and bunch of thermal web products I hope they inspired you to try out foiling whether you've tried it out before and you really liked it maybe these were ideas that you hadn't thought of yet or maybe you're new to foiling and when I kind of get into it and maybe you don't even have a laminator but you can still do foiling with double-sided adhesive and transfer gel with your stencils there are loads of options for foiling and I hope that one of them or many of them will work for you in your card-making and that you will enjoy creating with these techniques as much as I have.

If you enjoyed this video please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more inspiration on screen we have two videos that you might be interested in featuring some fun techniques thanks.

Much for watching I will see you again very soon bye you.

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