Sunbeam FPSBHS0301 250 Watt 5 Speed Hand and Stand Mixer Combo Review

Hi guys today I'm reviewing the Sunbeam 5 speed stand mixer it has a 250 watt motor and comes in black or white the bowl is stainless steel and holds three quarts this unit is a stand mixer as well as a hand mixer with just one click the base is very light and the housing is plastic the bowl fits nicely in the base included our two dough hooks and two beaters remember that this mixer runs anywhere from twenty dollars to about forty dollars.

Would it be fair to compare to a KitchenAid or another heavy-duty mixer that costs about ten times more there are five speeds on the mixer there's the eject button that you press when you want to take out your attachment and there's the boost button for extra power the mixer in cord should be cleaned with a damp cloth and then you should dry it with a dry cloth the attachments and the bowl may be washed in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher the mixer is very compact and light it measures thirteen and a half inches tall by 12 inches wide it is very light.

It's easy to move around on your countertop or just put away in your cabinet to attach the hand mixer tilt this cradle by pushing the button on the side put these two holes into the tabs here and push this down until you until you hear that snap.

Now the hand mixer is locked in push this button again now it's ready to go to remove the hand mixer push this button and it pulls right out to lock the bowl turn it clockwise and to unlock it turn a counter clockwise locking and unlocking I'll test the sunbeam by whipping some cream making cookie dough.

Sunbeam FPSBHS0301 250 Watt 5 Speed Hand and Stand Mixer Combo Review

First I'm going to whip some cream I have my one pint of heavy cream in the bowl I'm going to start on low speed and go up to high the handle of the mixer is nicely designed.

It's comfortable to hold beautifully whipped cream in just a few minutes to take the beaters off hold the stems and push the eject button on top and they come right out to make our cookie dough we'll use the stand mixer and attach the two beaters the beater with this round part goes on the right side of the mixer and the beater with the little plastic on the bottom goes on the left side when this plastic hits the bottom of the bowl it helps it turn and it keeps turning.

Everything is mixed evenly I have two sticks of softened butter in the bowl and I'm going to use the speed setting of 3/2 cream the butter you can see that the butter is all getting pushed to the side I'm going to use my spatula and just scrape down the sides we'll give it another go now I'll add my sugar I've added my sugar and I'll turn the mixer on again again it has pushed all the ingredients to the side.

I will just scrape down the sides now the butter and sugar are incorporated nicely.

With a little help it did do a decent job of creaming the butter and sugar together now I'll add my eggs in one at a time and put the mixer on low speed of one and I have to tell you even at the low speed of one the mixer is very fast break it down I'll add a little bit of vanilla I'm going to turn this back on the speed of one and add in my flour mixture a little bit at a time I'm gonna have to give this one more mix with my spatula I like the power of the mixture the beaters do a good job of mixing whatever it comes in contact with but you do have to keep scraping down the sides of the bowl to ensure that everything is mixed evenly now I'm going to add my flour in a little bit at a time I really was afraid that I would get flour all over me because the mixer does go a little bit fast but that didn't happen which is a good thing scrape this down there is flour at the bottom of the bowl.

You do have to mix real well now I'm going to mix in my chocolate chips this mixer is definitely not for heavy-duty use because when I added the chocolate chips the mixer started shaking a little bit and it really can't handle a lot of resistance.

I would only recommend this for very light use I'm going to unplug the machine and eject my beaters that does come out easily just clean everything off the chocolate chips are not all evenly incorporated into the batter.

I will have to mix the rest by hand I do like the power of the mixer the dough is very creamy and fluffy just going to mash my bananas they're nice and smooth I was going to try making dough in the machine but after I added the chocolate chips and saw that the machine couldn't really handle that I was not going to try to make dough in the machine and get frustrated.

The Sunbeam is definitely not a heavy-duty machine what amazes me about this unit is the price you can find it online sometimes for as low as twenty-something dollars which is incredible considering you're getting an actual stand mixer and a hand mixer the hand mixers alone can cost more than twenty-something dollars the sunbeams hand mixture part did a good job on the whipped cream and I think. This is the most useful part of this whole machine for someone who bakes often the stand mixer part is not going to work it's frustrating because you have to keep mixing all the ingredients together in addition to the mixer itself mixing the ingredients.

It's a lot of work that I don't think you want to do every time you mix if you don't want to invest hundreds of dollars in a heavy-duty mixer and you're an occasional Baker or you just want to whip cream or whipped things with the hand mixer apart then. This is going to work for you I've attached the link to the sunbeam in the description below I really hope you found this review useful please subscribe for more reviews and thanks for watching.

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