Sunflower Seed Preparation to Eat

Hey guys you can't bless farms we're going to show you how to pick harvest soak and roast sunflower seeds dry did flower parts off now let him drop another day or two it exceeds all nice dry then I'll come back and show you how we get the seeds out really easy like I said we'll be seeing some of these were taking some to Hana up there to hospital there Dylan Smith wish you.

Peter all hooked up with some fresh sunflower seeds harvested sunflower seeds soaking now for about 12 hours in salt water they'd really hydrated tongue since earlier big swamp seeds at the twelve hours cooking at salt water and then we'll dry them out and roast them and then we I'm going to drain the salt water from the we're gonna lay them out and bake the shoes soak up the water then once they drawing on here in the Sun will bake them slowly 125 about 25 minutes and they'll be ready to eat I will be back to you in the next step which annoys Cheraw fish can before the Sun Thunder thing with only big sheet making the other 125 pretty good. All right, guys here's the sunflower seeds already dry roasted ready to eat. All right, break movin y'all can see these great little seeds right here see him nice and toasty told you what sea salt or if you don't want to buy them all up and get the seeds out need the whole thing alright.

Here we go multiple bowls full of sunflower seeds good for you great for your body simple easy way to make them got any questions any comments please let me know love to hear from y'all thanks for watching and subscribing and see us here on Facebook and Instagram and y'all have a blessed day live well and god bless you you.

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