Super Simple Tomato Lentil Soup with Garlic Toast (Vegan and Kid Friendly)

[Music]. Okay, that I did not have time to do my makeup or anything and somehow the morning just passed.

Quickly and is now almost lunchtime.

I need to figure out something to feed the kids very quickly.

I'm gonna brainstorming from I don't know some emergency quick meals that are.

Kind of me.

I'm gonna let me think about this I found some a one box of this organic tomato and red pepper roasted red pepper soup from pewter joe's.

I'm gonna quickly go to Trader Joe's and pick up some other stuff to whip together an emergency meal we go are you ready to go to Trader Joe's yes [Music]. Okay, I'm basically I think I'm just gonna do garlic bread lentil tomato soup and some strawberries on the side for my emergency lunch. Okay, okay now we're gonna get these steamed lentils they're ready to ready to eat.

These are great life savers ciao back home very little time to do this because the kids are getting hungry.

I mean it was just quickly.

I'm gonna just open up this box or annex to and put it into my pot sorry my kitchen is totally dirty kids and get fast and I basically it's all ready to go I just have to break it up a little bit and then I'm going to prepare my garlic bread.

I do not actually haven't done this before we'll see if it works and basically just going to put some olive oil in this plate and then I have some crushed garlic that I got at 9091 it's very convenient because the garlic is fresh and already peeled and minced. Okay.


Good if you like garlic a little bit coconut oil spray from Trader Joe's completely and work on the rest of the bread. Okay, I got the rest of bread on and I want I don't want it to burn I'm gonna flip it and oh that looks nice that's a nice color that looks good.

I'm gonna flip the rest of these and then look at the soup. All right, and with the soup I'm just going to now it's pretty much at a low boil and I'm just gonna add some cumin I'm gonna add about I like human.

Say teaspoon and I'm gonna see how. This is without salt as I'm trying to cut down on salt.

You're gonna see chunks of the lentils in there but that's fine because as it gets hot like this little break up easily and you could just break it up in the bowl too. All right.

The soups pretty much done that's it and then I'm just going to put it in a bowl and gold with some garlic we're gonna slice up gonna slice up some avocado for the baby and then some fresh fruit for the kids.

Here is the simple super super simple emergency lunch it's just garlic bread that I just sliced with some fruit avocados and the soup which.

That's it let's see if the kids like it alright.

Here we go how is it good. All right, how's the garlic bread you can dip it in the soup that daddy likes to do that good. All right. Okay, sure thank you. All right, well hope you guys could try something like this. This is literally it took about 15 minutes from beginning to end and hopefully you guys might find this helpful do you like this video please click like and subscribe to our Channel thank you.

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