Survival Games 34 - Breeze Island? - /w Theguyordie and Snacks!

Hey welcome get you a little yeah no old guys and guy it's a welcome different about the dance when I'm Gabe's hi little bit i'm here with cyber each one can and snacks right where you point it was very tasty oh you guys are together but you're leaving me out of the party what yeah okay look I mean you guys are mean stop being bullies wow you're gonna accuse us of things we never did that's awesome oh you you did it all right you did it so hard oh oh well then SI my goddamn Mountain we're doo-doo-doot-doot follow me hey I got a sword if he Newman oh yes i do i do not one why make sure i got one down I don't got one to share I just got one for me and I got to God is in the Morgan what Supreme clucker II not know uh does a guy guy oh geez I wait he did is he a guy cuz if he's not a guy he's gotta die yeah okay there he goes tonight feel bad for killing people honest I don't know on it I mean maybe it depends on yeah oh god I just like fell come on blocks I just lost my apples what the devil Rhonda heart can you give something no my fish my fish my technically that was my fish now you one of the fish just one the rest is here the claw curry oh oh I got a better helmet think you're better than me to hold on oh ok so Oh anybody need uh yeah thanks for the sponsor awesome mumbling oh I got sponsor look at that oh my god i go to sponsor record this someone's coming someone's coming someone's coming we didn't know what's key like he's my eyes around the corner he's around the corner 00 p just watch house now you just ignored you that's not fun kill him oh yeah why did he do great my great oh real yo skank yeah i was kidding yeah okay like anyone thank you okay I got a skull I got a skull here take mm-hmm again nobody but yeah I gotta worry some sex I got a lot of lonesome look at that throw oh god I forgot the trendy monster I usually like you ever ever won much sponsor so much sponsor what's Rio are you being sponsored no I'm not special oh my gosh I get mad like something to eat because I'm like tues Massachusetts a hatter on our I just said I'm to snacked I'm text that its next you have anything to do with this Paul Oh tell me others i do it over here hey looks okay hey dude I see you hey leute hints that at three team yeah we're still fair why you gotta be so rude whoa whoa whoa hacking teleportation acts just really I think we're being dosed right now oh it's free too late you the head oh my god i'm wasting all my arrow head shot has derail bus to right oh wow that the best snack kill their sound effect yes oh yeah is like yeah I put a Bigfoot its goal on your hunch that doesn't look right we'll put someone's face all my face look look yeah what are you I'm a duck in my head thanks wait wait wait this doesn't look right at all wait what you look like a Squidward like a red stupid nose oh I got spongebob wow that was beyond horrible thank you for these killings hey you want to get a cab web there you go I gotta be so rude are you such an abusive a team are just three youtubers neither right we're not teaming we just oh man yeah we're just running together but not teaming who sent teams we never said the words team right guys no we we're acquaintances we hate each other we just wear this is a quaint yes we're very very acquaint with each other guys just a two team over here I'm gonna take him out real quick accept each other's presence you know I had a cookie I wanted to give it to you but it was probably gonna give it as like I cookie to steer bill my little oh all right what's best chicken what's better chicken or snacks oh I know chicken there you get what about you oh my god stop it failed why you gotta be so rude rude I look super nice you're trying to make me human food mmm oh this guy over here or is that cyber Nora little research in kitchen where there's guy going to the ship over here to your left oh gosh we have to kill him save ten percent SuperCoach guts it's Superman he's gonna kill us are we go wild what he wishes you realized that we might die he's trying to sneak it's like that's not gonna work now Superman more like super-dead huh wow so punny look I'm a sneak up behind him he doesn't know I'm coming en der pol's oh that ender pearl doh I'm gonna go Rio my friend Helen whoa that was rude why you gonna be so rude oh my god that boost oh yeah that was a huge boost I gave you why I didn't know why your guys I'm like 20 blocks out of you because I boost both of them oh yeah oh you guys missed out I don't know where he went I honestly don't I'm scared actually you just all about their that's like a stab a cycle oh wait there's guy over on mid island oh my god the lag spike is it the same guy yeah it is hey I was here all the way over there I don't know like oh there's two guys we're coming there's someone this guy's kind of stacked re oh wait for us we might wander are high I don't know super in said hi when he was running that's weird I was just like hi a fishing rod I'm scared does anyone need like Melinda can't do diving all right uh I don't have a steak or fishing rod I wish that I have a thick and two diamonds does anyone meet that no really I have a demon sword double oh my god what the heck she's like teleporting like spike it's cuz this service being Dean oast 000 pro hits pro hits bro killer PvP baby yeah you'll baby oh my god i can't do arrows cuz like the lag i'm gonna blame it on the lag oh oh oh oh oh wow Killick libre you're probably I thought we were another guy so is it gonna lie kiss me first burst mmm burst first wow that was such a boost I can't even wow the slide is pretty bad that you guys come be you dead late did I oh my god I state use next oh god oh my I'll be you dead by morning altered really gonna kill each other that that arrow hit though it's another guy and they killed him gonna kill that okay he's dead he's good right end up killing each other I'm so laggy I can't handle sponsor me someone's layaway plis case that was my internet for a while okay what the heck this is snacks just for game please consciousness on skype how did I yes no I don't care yeah oh oh oh oh I like anh tuan 1v1 man 1v1 my god snacks run sex I'm gonna kill this okay I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I did that it snapped on do you clean up good don't do that I try to save you late oh jeez I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die you're the spawn I'm going to help you dude one heart one heart one heart always the old Apple I want a memo no I not giving him at all you're right share one can you don't deserve a medal huh huh what I was richer one can a cheer one can sure one can a chill one can I can do sponsor all good I think being snacks have like the mac sponsors anyways yeah really sponsor us Oh looked up what was that you yes it's me oh it's like a full diamond it's me it's me see you showed me I didn't I didn't who shot you then I saw shot me what the mod mod showed me where I get shot at Joey the muffler get shot at and not get wrecked but get shot at and get shot my god let's get shot at Brock alright snacks oh dude i spare this team on him anymore because like I get telepizza right right up into the air right before death match oh it's Superman okay kill Joey he's really dangerous he's a douchebag you bet my everyday by Joey no man people ever died he died open I know what you're going to it gonna help him oh ok let's have a fair match right here ready how you have like almost full diamond this is kennelly fair don't worry haha okay you know what nevermind gonna wreck you anyway mate oh oh oh oh wait such a large extent killer pvp baby never said go you never said guilty baby what nope I'm Scott like you my rates on in well rly I'm here come here snacks I'm gonna eat you up 00 see Bray almost got oh yeah its yield well yeah why are no oh oh pro strats 00 at shot oh it shot come here hey don't run see Brandon donor yes GG we killed each other what we did wait what we killed each other what no way i know i waver oh my god we did it snacks will flame by cyber chauhan ken cyber chauhan ken was slain to buy snacks why whoa it was a tie so this is just like did just like pick which one I liked better get who likes did it like mine better grad hmm cyber chicken has won the game with zero health I guess I I guess it liked me more snacks oh I'm sorry they don't they like the taste of chicken better racist boy ok ok I hope you guys enjoy this video oh did snacks just leave my god ok I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to check out everybody's channels links will be in the description and also make sure to check out this awesome server / MC games yes anybody has some last words of I I own dsm game but you know the server just decided to be a douchebag and yes even though you real okay that's that's fine real just don't talk okay I'm not talking you guys yes let me not kill I try to save you guys no no no you cleaned me out go give real if you tell you don't give Rio a few extra likes go on your alt accounts no I'm just kidding I get a dislike body is like my tea first goodbye be
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