Sweet and Salty Candied Pumpkin Seeds

Hey guys thanks for joining me again today we're going to be making country and I want to tell you a little story about how I developed recipe so one year my husband sign would be a great idea to come home with eleven pumpkin so imagine if he comes home and I see eleven pumpkins on my front doorstep and his big idea was to line our driveway and it did look cool not gonna lie but the problem was I was left with 11 punters so my idea was to use the company right like waste and I just broke up so I had a ton of beautiful companies these things were abundant and typically pumpkin seeds are savory and salty roasted pumpkin seed that's usually the recipes that you've seen and I think it's because it's easy and it's what people are used to but there was this one day that I was eating candied nuts and I was thinking to myself what if I made that one swap and use the same recipe that I use to make and nuts and use on my pumpkin teeth so that is exactly the Michaud t-shirt today it is the most addicting snack I guarantee you you will not even stop eating them I call these the Cal part of the pumpkin zeros so let's get started you will need 1 cup of unshelled pumpkin seeds 2 tablespoons of water 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon a third a cup of granulated sugar and about a half a teaspoon of salt okay so the first step is to make sure that your pumpkin seeds are clean and dry so if you just have to take them out of your pumpkin you want to make sure that you give them a really good rinse and dry them out really quickly and there's not really you know a formula to this just literally put them at 350 degrees and watch them closely and once they are dry to the touch they're ready to go so put your pumpkin seeds into the bowl and just coat the puppies with it next we're going to be making our syrup and this is how the pumpkin seeds will get their candy name so we're going to start here with the syrup and a very important point that I should share with you is that a small pot works best the reason why a small pot is very important is because when you're stirring and candies pumpkin seeds you want the surface area of the pond to be small so that you can get a good whipping action and I'll show you exactly what I mean once we get started so so now let's meet the syrup turn your burner to medium high heat add in your sugar education is water and leave you alone you don't want the sugar to burn around the side of your pan so if you leave it alone that won't happen and what we're going to be looking for dinner is a really light ever we want to catch the syrup at the perfect point when it's that beautiful lace golden color so the first stage here you'll notice that there's water and a sugar you'll see the two components in there the next stage that you're going to get to is the sugar is going to be completely dissolved and then the surface are bubbling and then those bubbles will start to get really slow derpy and that's how you'll know that it's going to start to turn that golden amber color and it will happen right back so pay attention to this side and get in your eye make sure you have a parchment lined baking sheet ready this is where your puppets are cool okay so our syrup is almost ready the bubbles are starting to slow down and it was a process you would take about five minutes or so I would say keep that magic number in your head because it does happen very quickly and it depends on what kind of bird you have it on mine is a very large problem the burner so it may take less time on my stove and may take more time your story but what you're looking for is you want that golden amber to make these candies now soon as that syrup gets to have to work really quickly to keep your eye on spot and this is the company now it's turning the light color Oh over sweet make sure they're cold it is syrup and it's straight them back you know you'll notice are very very sticky and they're very straight and that's my concern so that's happened and I want to serve I just got a bigger spoon because I need some more literature recently rise the sugar on the pumpkin peace the instant personal life so this is the point when I'm going to put in a bit of salt and the stirred until they're broken up cutter I'm gonna show you guys look they're not sticking together at all candy to punish so I'm here you probably want to let them cool for a vote 10 minutes they won't take that long and then they'll be ready to enjoy so we're gonna give these a try and these pumpkin seeds have a perfect sweet and salty coating crunchy sweet salty not your typical pumpkin seeds so so that really the great thing about this recipe is you couldn't make ignorant - it's very versatile if you want to add a little bit of pee in there you have a little very little bit of cayenne pepper and you'll get the salty sweet and a lot with that so that is another great idea to make this recipe your own I like to keep things simple with very simple flavors saltine you have to speak and you have that bit of cinnamon in there which I added earlier but you truly could make this recipe your own alright I'm gonna let you guys go well I need the recipes thank you so much for joining me today please subscribe to my channel my name is Julie Miguel and I hope to see you again soon Bon Appetit
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