[Music] okay guys my second batch and this time we're doing almonds and pecans as you notice when you're doing this process you cannot stop mixing it you've got to make sure you take the sides and the bottom of the pot and your arms gonna get harder cause you're getting started but the idea is you want them to come out almost like a white powdery sugar once this is done it's going to look like all white powdery sugar coating around each night just have to keep mixing it and then we're going to be great treat to either give away or to just search the gifts that come to your house or just a munch on put on solid good arm workout do not stop mixing if you're going to burn the sugar this at this point you're going to see it's been a strike coming really fast I did add extra sauce on this match as I wanted to believe 12 TSP oh geez the workout that arm around getting there no brakes you have time just to switch iron if it gets painful good and all if you want to do to starting to now it's going to start getting powdery on I'm going to get a party for trying to do some monastic ashes in my body for them I'm just going to read up the heat just a bit so it speeds up the process but you want to do this on a lowish sheet because you do not want to make these right people can lower it there if you get everything put it back harvest nygaard individual takes about 10 minutes to ya service of ten minutes and now you're going to see how it's changing these are going to learn enough on me and they can't they're going to be individual candy candies now it's a good workout we're not to go to gender they are gonna make these North offspring is getting now with initiator I'm gonna do some these are going to go once they're turned into powder again they're going to go into into the oven for a couple of hours on a very low heat looks like gnats often hmm look how does it look like me after I don't know if anybody has had natural it's a Japanese bean and fermented we have to show you one Apple look like us it looks like it's stringy like this yeah people don't people are grossed out by it but it's really healthy for you I like was it hard like this yesterday go ahead how can it happen anyway don't worry about your pot you probably figured oh my god you're gonna win my pot know your pot will not get one you want these all separated see they're no longer stringy and they have a powdery looking coating on top yes Oh at this point I always have a gluten these are not all coat it so it makes it there's no wet spot yes just keep mixing and they're going to keep separating on you from the bottom up to the top [Music] no they are you see them access you can bring yourself work so these are going to go on a tray watch out Erica and we're just going to spread these out you can pick them in the oven at 275 trying to break them off if you can I'm going to dry them up this a little more in the oven at this point you can sprinkle some salt if you want because I like complete and savory there you go and every 10 minutes you're going to I'd say about an hour maybe even less every time and if you're going to just flip them over and you're going to mix them ok guys here they are aren't they beautiful I'm going to show you how you can either give them away as gifts you can get free little jar put a little bit of jute twine on it and you can fill them up and what alleged gift the snake or you can just simply store them in jars and whenever you want to put some on salads or you just feel like snacking you could get one and i'll show you another way take a nice little martini glass put a little bit of sugar on the outside and just kill it up and you put them on the table look what up your lumina paper and serve them to your guests so you could put them on inch of your tables try and break up those big clusters and there they are aren't they beautiful so hope you like this recipe cards and don't forget make sure that sugar is vegan if you can't find any white vegan sugar get yourself contain sugar it does the same thing and i'll see you in my next video guys [Music] bye [Music]
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