T-Handle Lock Fix

Hi I'm Mike Johnson with radical truck accessory center sometimes we get asked how you can free up C's T handles or how to determine if you need to replace them here's a couple tips.

Some tools that you're going to need here is going to be a penetrating lubricant we've got PB Blaster here which works really well for freeing up t handles you can use wd-40 as something we've noticed those at once it cleans out the handle you'll still want to use some form of like dielectric grease because it tends to attract more dirt particles in there after using it we've got a channel locks or a pliers a couple sets of keys and a towel and then a little bit of patience.

A lot of these t handles are going to be seized up.

Much that the little cover door that's on the handle actually won't go in.

T-Handle Lock Fix

You won't even be able to input the key into the handle.

In this situation what you want to do is is start hitting with the penetrating lubricant and then just let it soak in for a little bit.

After letting the lubricant sit in for a little bit you'll want to take the key and try to tap if you can't get push it in try to tap it in place like that still going to be a little froze up.

But now that we've got it open we can get more lubricant than the inside you're going to want to slowly kind of do quick little jerks try to break it loose you alright.

This one wasn't too hard to do I just got a broke loose once it's all cleaned up you're gonna want to put a little bit of dielectric grease on the inside of the lock it'll keep it from corroding on top of that some things you can do to help keep this from happening is getting a rubber lock sock it's just a cover that goes over the existing handle but once you're done with this it should be good to go if you have any questions stop in any one of our eight retail stores or give me a call at eight eight eight six three seven nine six three eight thanks a lot.

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