Taco Soup by Chef Jacquie Peccina-Kelly

Welcome to academia de gendt oh I'm your host Lorraine ranalli today our chef in the Chen toe research and development kitchen is chef Jackie of taste for travel our culinary tour guide and my friend how are you honey Ciao Bella I'm doing very well thank you for inviting me oh thank you for coming what are you making for us today today I'm gonna make taco soup taco soup gonna start out with some gento extra virgin olive oil. Okay, now we have a heated pan this a big stockpot you're making us a big thing of soup here huh absolutely have to feed the masses.

Alien. Okay, but you always want to start out with the vegetables that cook the longest.

I always throw my carrots in first. Okay, and then I throw in my onions and some celery would you mind putting some salt in there Oh certainly and we already have ground gramby but you can put turkey chicken whatever you like. All right, what do we have here we have some gentle black bean beautiful alright and that's a whole can that's a whole can hmm and throw some jalapenos in there some gentle jalapenos and mix that up ok now you chop those up a little bit first I did I roughly chopped them up I have some spices in here what do you we have some cumin cayenne margerum and some black peppercorns the San Marzano my favorite these tomatoes are just.

Luscious and I make it real easy.

You just make sure your hands are always clean always clean hands before you start cooking.

You don't need to put them in a blender or anything. This is the blender not call the blender Italian blender LOL.

Then. All right, we are going to add the last part you can make your own homemade chicken broth but Chen toes product is just phenomenal it's like homemade now you want to bring this up to a boil. Okay, we got the gas on high it's been going yep and once it reaches a boil you want to put it on simmer and let this soup simmer for 30 minutes and that's it it's finished that is absolutely better to soup.

If you can get a taste for travel net and we can sign up and get your absolutely and it's for free of course and it's the foodie connection that we're following you on facebook and twitter add twitter at chef Jackie one there's only one there's only one thank you for watching academia de gendt oh I'm Lorraine ranalli visit us at Chen TOCOM follow us on Facebook and Twitter of course as well ciao.

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