Tai Chi Master ⅠEpisode 01 (English language)

Oh every man is born must give his children good I was just making sure you'd stay awake I promised uncle to keep you awake.

That you could finish all your study.

Back to work if you do that again I'll tell daddy that you sneaked topic at birth eggs and you almost fell into 30 now what do you think cuz it cousin please please don't tell uncle I beg you here you can stop me if you like tell me what's happening outside uncle's doing the lion dance in the sitting room we have many guests who are they they're all kung fu masters from a Shaolin mu Tong White Crane and Yong Chun scholar fighting what a crowd ah the must have gone for a fight not exactly I heard that uncle invited him here just to watch him wash his hands what washing his hands what's.

Special about that let's go take a look yeah little Russell if your father finds you here he'll beat you for sure that's good for you go back to your study Oh I studied my lessons day and night I'm getting bored meaning duty washing his hands of course now listen to me if he sees you you are in trouble.

Stay out of sight my dear friends I'm glad you're all here I have decided to take his chance to announce my retirement after this small ceremony I've decided I shall live in seclusion brother yang you've become famous with your Tai Chi invincible fists we've always known you as a righteous hero where do you wish to go into seclusion ever since China was invaded by the eight allied nations we've been suffering from Civil War and now I have decided to pass my knowledge to my only son Oh dad wants the beach me fight you fist stop dreaming we've been friends for decades some of you some of you are nice to me and some of you hate me I hope that after washing my hands in the golden basin everything will be all over my thanks to all of you Wow who's this forgive me sir pardon my ignorance who may I ask my QB yeah yeah yeah I'm known only by the name Wang I've come here to challenge you I have decided to go into seclusion if you want to compete with me I concede you are the winner dad don't be afraid of him like him I always thought that your style soft and boneless what I didn't know is that you're a coward oh yeah great defense but if you don't fight me I'll kick you until you do it is common knowledge that our best kung fu masters fight best with their mouths and not with their hands may I suggest that the two of you compete without fighting Oh tell me it's simple you say how you will attack and my husband will say how he will counter-attack then we'll see who wins doc a fight. All right, but you first you are my guest you go first great black tiger damage I stopped invest my best you sell involved I'll use a stuffing fist I don't carry and make something to us by just stopping fist again stop playing around you always use stopping fest is that all you know hey uncle always use a stopping fish how can he win you know nothing just watch good let me show you how long I can kick that'll stop you.

I'll just keep why should I because you've already lost was why you're just a woman what are you know I've been assessed moves madam yang isn't doubted be an expert mister he used the left and right kick on you apparently you were down before you even started Sam as you I'm tired of all this talk time to fight like real men hey very good chickadee you truly are a master I concede stop pretending I promised myself today either you are i'ma fall why is wedding.

Important to you why do you push.

Hard I like to push hard ah sorry my hip was too strong. All right, you win and I lose but I promise you I'll be back read this to you in life strength of character should be followed strictly if not it's not a role tree investing in life dragon and Tiger fists beautiful sight hey looking at girls Oh cousin son there's nothing wrong with looking at drills yes man what are you reading continue your studies uh yes dad I'm studying now on the road to further studies one has to practice these and eat here why aren't you seeing your patients if their fathers fault if is children aren't educated there you go again we moved here.

You can concentrate than your practice but all you do is force your son to study it's like a prisoner that hurts you took crew on the road to further study one reading will stab your ass again Oh your mother can't help you continue your studies it hurts me too but you have to be strong for him these are hard times we live in he's got to grow up right you're much too hard in here you should show him a little affection well you'd better go back to your patients I'm sure they're waiting for you oh alright you take this but you spoil him too much go on one has the practice decency it's her mom we're free hey be careful come down on the road to further studies stop pretending I brought lunch here it is some dim sum here thanks mom you're the greatest why do you say that cuz you say this looks good that's he come fool why are you reading this don't you know that's what I love reading that's my favorite if your father saw this he'd burned them mom I have a question what is it look is is dead insane how could you say such a thing she's some respect but look he asked me to hang myself he locks me up he makes me suffer I know what's wrong is thinking about girls what gross.

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