Tai Chi Master ⅠEpisode 04 (English language)

My father's like that he sacrificed a lot for me but he has this problem he's addicted to opium that's not a problem I could help him quit could you help him sure when you want to do it daddy. This is Jackie good morning sir Rosa you're good at choosing boyfriend's daddy Jack is here to cure you I told him about her sickness sick I'm not sick see ya that's your sickness hmm please give me the business in sickness you should try it it will make you happy Rosa believe me your friend here on this dance hey hey Jackie would you like to try it what you smoke you will forget all your problems you'll feel.

Happy no thank you sir kind of Christmas why should I click away by my father it really works just relax thank you sir ready this cold food not only keeps you healthy but I promise you it will make you happier than opium ever will now just relax close your eyes relaxed relax and close your eyes daddy is how Jack is gonna kill you of your habit I'm sorry sir but Rose is doing this just for your own good opium is evil the more you keep smoking it the closer it will bring you to your own death that's right daddy the British don't allow Opel in their own country and yet here they use it to control and enslave our own people you're an official set an example I know I know what you say just that it's just that ever since your father died you had hoped about the other things I value my life but you in it's always with me I only have my pipe to make me happy. All right, that's it you choose either hope you or me if you choose this alley right now cause this daughter I'd quit a thousand times get equipment just be tied up sure but my father's curious much better hello gonna take it depends on how long you've been addicted it might take five days it might take five years five years no I want it to be effective I don't tell Jackie to clear my soldiers too they need to be cured I have an idea Jackie can clean them to fight. Okay, okay just look at you say that disgusting just like yourselves you're not even trying good offensive childless let us smoke first I'm sure if you let us smoke a little bit that's enough Jacky you tell them listen I've been appointed your new trainer and the first thing I want from all of you is to do whatever she says you won why are you here what is she doing here dad you asked him rebel I let you go the last time because of you want how dare you intrude here cancer I am an educated person I don't think the word intrude is used properly here what are you doing nothing I was just testing him he's good shall we go. Okay, Jackie go on well what are you looking at what do you think have you forgotten already about the party that I'm having a party it's on Saturday here's the invitation thanks I'd be happy to go you want what would be you always hang around with those collars you know that what they teach is completely against the Emperor's policies more important you might be executed I know you and I we see things quite differently we can't get along that's nonsense you mean instead of me you'd rather be with him am i right look at yourself you and your brother cheating yourselves you ally yourselves with some forest smugglers just to make yourselves rich don't confuse me with my brother I'm not involved in his business I want to restore my family's honour for you you won I'd do anything anything you've got between please I've had enough can't you see it's useless very well then I should go now I hope to see you on Saturday at my party I better go Roza are you alright I'm. Okay, is this my fault no wait can you dance sure let me show you no not like that I mean tango tango I've never heard of it but I'll learn it if you want. Okay, oh you're back what's for lunch he looks.

Happy where you been Rosa Rosa introduced me to her dad she wants me to be her date at a party huh that can only mean one thing I'm sure she likes you huh mom it's just a date the only problem is I have to learn the tango right away why didn't you say.

I can teach you the tango if you like it's really quite easy Oh mom I'll never learn here come closer there I'm sorry it's nothing what's more again you already I'm. Okay, I'm sorry ah don't worry come on we'll start again come on you're doing fine Richard well you deserve it you shouldn't be dancing at your age can't you say something nice look I didn't do this tell me does your son treat you as nicely as I do come on you're right you're nice to me just keep doing that that's.

Good you know I have something to tell you your son got in a fight with some smugglers at the pier what why didn't you tell me sooner he could have been hurt if he got hurt he wouldn't have come home I heard from him he took him to men much bigger than himself both of them fuck smuggling opium now he's the biggest hero in all of Han show what my little boy the hero of hangzhou what are you in the fight who are you I've come to challenge you I recognize you you want the guy who fought my dad what do you want I'm here to teach you a lesson come down here come and get me oh right.

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