Tai Chi Master ⅠEpisode 06 (English language)

By Jackie please stop this I'm sorry Rosa this isn't over are you alright come on but not well enough have you had enough what more are you alright leave me go ahead just leave me oh.

You lost your girl but I'll tell you what wing it's better than losing your life take his body to the Governor's House tell him that he was killed in a duel with you one boyfriend I'll get my opium back no matter what it takes good that's a great idea boss I'll go get the men what's bothering you nothing at all you don't have to like Rosa yo did I get it right I love you too you do really well if I love you and you love me that we should get married let's go tell our parents are you.

Sure they'll agree besides we'd have to ask my father I love you you know absolutely beautiful thank you you know I haven't burned this dress in 15 years it might seem like an antique or do hopeful that kind of just the dance craze in America restitutive ladder and they're.

Beautiful well mr. yang what do you think of the marriage between Rosa and Jackie isn't it wonderful what Rosa and Jackie I don't know them I thought we were here to talk about our children. Okay, Jackie's my name huh who named you Jackie Rosa you could have your honeymoon in America my husband I could do it with you it would be something my daughter is a kind hearted girl and she's idealistic too but I must tell you she has a bad temper daddy hey now your jack is different it's cultured and good at fighting too of course because of a good family education you flatter me I'll go tell the praise should really go to my father oh wait thank you for raising such a fine daughter she's wonderful through kind daddy aren't you forgetting something Jackie's mom should get credit for raising Jack - oh no all the credit goes to my gracious husband oh no no I understand if you were able to help him congratulations I think that the two children make a perfect match.

In that case may I assume that you agreed to their marriage oh why of course it should mean we can marry officer lamb may I ask you the reason for this rude intrusion officer Tao maybe you should ask your daughter arrest them that killed my brother what what are you saying but Jack is innocent officer lamb I did no such thing why are you lying we have witnesses who saw you you killed my brother in cold blood what excuse the two of you of conspiracy in the murder of my brother lamb wing dad mom don't worry I'll settle this myself I'm innocent Hockman wait officer lamb course my son has done some things in his life that I didn't agree with but I know he would never ever commit murder that's it I've had enough of your idle talk arrest them now I didn't raise my son to be a lowly criminal I've lived in seclusion for ten years and now I'm back puppet I said run yeah let's fight them together we can hang them you dare defy me take your mother and go well you're still here but you're my husband when I married you I promised I'd never leave you ah good woman honey let's go Rosa it's me it's a loser last night chan and I witnessed lamb wings murder that's right what are you making these are bombs for Smith when they tried to move the opium tonight we will ambush them where are they. All right, that's it bring them into the customs warehouse take the opium and move it Oh.

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