Talk-Through TUTORIAL! Soft and Sultry on Valentine's Day

Hey everyone it's Valentine's Day and of course I wanted to put up a tutorial for a look that you guys could do for valentines day I decided to go for a little bit more of a sultry look not like a dark smokey eye but something that's a little bit softer more of like a sort of I think of it as like a bedroom eyes type look I also really wanted to do a look using Mac products because I have it I don't think I've ever done in just an all mac shadows look tutorial before my channel and I had gotten our request to do a look using some of the Mac pigment.

The star of this look is the shade that's on my lid which is the math pigment in tan and then for the rest of the look i supplemented using a lot of other mac eyeshadows and also going to show you guys how I did the rest of my face and give you a few different lip options at the end and I decided to film this one as a talk through tutorials.

Instead of just doing the whole look first and then um adding voiceover later I'm going to be talking to you guys as I do it which is going to slow down the process a little bit.

Let's go ahead and just jump right in. Okay.

Talk-Through TUTORIAL! Soft and Sultry on Valentine's Day

I'm gonna start off by priming my eyes using Mac's painterly paintings I've step one of the shadows I'm going to take a very fluffy crease brush and I'm going to using Mac's mulch it is pretty close to my skin tone except just a little bit cooler.

You may want to use a different shade something that's a little bit closer to your own skin tone but I'm applying this basically as you can see all over my lid area and then up to the brow bone. This is just going to be a base shade for us and it's just going to help a little bit with the blending out later in the game because when you put a shadow down directly on top of primer the primary cud of grabs onto it which I mean that's what primer is supposed to do that how it helps your shadows last but if you have a product that's at all difficult to blend then it's going to be even harder if you put it directly on top of the primer and since we're going to be using some of Mac's not shades which are not the most blendable I definitely wanted to make sure that I helped that shadow blending process out as much as I possibly can.

I'm taking a fairly all kind of precise crease brush. This is the Real Techniques essential crease brush and I'm taking max I shadow in brown down which is a not shade. This is the sort of medium deep brown that I have for Mac first I'm supplying it where I want the color the most concentrated that's why I'm using a kind of smaller more precise brush because i'm getting the deepest amount of that color you know right where i want to sort of carve out that crease and then i'm going to go in in a minute with a fluffier brush and start to apply the color in a little bit more diffused way.

That looks crazy right now but don't worry we're gonna go in and blend that out.

Now i'm taking another. This is a kind of fluffier brush it's definitely a less dense brush but it's actually pinched in.

It's still a bit of flat it's still going to give me a little bit more control. This is actually one by morphe it's the m2 18 but you could also use like a mac 217 or you know a sigma e25 something like that I just like this one cuz it's very very soft now. This is probably going to take kind of a long time.

I'm gonna go ahead and speed this process up. Okay, now pause when you're doing a more kind of sultry sexy look that kind of bedroom eyes look it's a very sleepy eyed look and.

Normally what you would do is use your shadow to create the illusion of a more kind of elongated slightly more closed down more sleepy I thing is for me personally I already have elongated kind of closed down eyes.

If I try to do my shadow like that it's going to make my eyes look smaller it's going to make them look like little slits basically.

When I am doing this I'm actually cheating my eye shadow up a little bit i'm making a more rounded shape pulling it up a little bit higher towards the center of the crease.

That this like kind of rounds out the eye a little bit and makes the eye look a little bit more open because i need to do that to compensate from my natural eye shade if you not really have a more rounded I shape or a larger eyes but you're trying to achieve that kind of bedroom eyes look then you're going to want to kind of keep the shadow a bit lower in the inner part of the crease and pull it out a little bit more.

That your eye looks a little bit more closed down and it's going to create that illusion experiment and figure out what works for you.

It helped that blending along I'm now going to go in with a transition shade so. This is a color that's kind of between this crease shade and the color of my skin that's going to help create a gradient.

Got next soft brown I'm just going to take this and go around and on like a crease brush and go around the edges of that brown down shade I actually usually do this first normally I lay down the transition shape first and then I do the crease shade on top of it and blend it into it but forgot to do that today now i'm going to go ahead and take just a clean fluffy brush and go around the edges and make sure that everything is all blended up very nicely. This is the sigma e40 you're really nervous that this video is going to be like two hours long. This is why I don't normally do the talk through tutorials because I feel like already it kind of takes me a long time to do my makeup I'm always very fiddly with it and I'm talking to us going to create them longer I'm trying it I'm gonna try it because I you know I like being able to kind of sometimes just talk to you guys about what I'm doing a little bit more and maybe explain a few more things for my lid today I'm going to be using a loose pigment by Mac. This is called Mac tan now mine as you can see is not in the mac packaging because i hate the mac pigment packaging.

I always like to transfer mine into these little sifter jars you can get these for insanely cheap i know they sell them on amazon and ebay i got mine from Coastal Scents now they're in with a little sifter and it's much easier for me to get only the amount of product out that I move on Mactan pigment so. This is going to be our main lid shade now right now I'm just going to use it as I would any other eye shadow I'm just picking it up with a flat shader is a mac 239 and I'm going to press that all over the lid one thing that I love about the mac pigments is that they most of them they're not 100% consistent but most of them perform really really well even if you don't do anything special to them even if you don't wet your brush if you don't use a mixing medium whatever the mac shadows let's see what's going on here the compact shadows formulate are formulated really well to actually adhere to the skin and apply smoothly. Okay.

That's what the shadow looks like when it's applied dry and you can see it's already pretty darn pigmented but on the other side here i'm going to show you just what the difference looks like if you apply it wet now again with the mac because you because it has those binders added to it it works really well if you just use it with what you can totally just use it with water and it's going to work fine you don't need a special mixing medium necessarily or fix plus or whatever for some pigments you do because they don't have those binders.

They need something you know most of these like mixing mediums or fix plus fix plus has glycerin in it.

That kind of acts to help bind the product to your skin or the mat pigment you could totally use water you don't have to get some kind of special thing or you could do what I like to do which is to use eye drops these are just regular advising eye drops and again I drops contained glycerin which is going to help the product bind to your skin.

That's why i like to use it and also because with eye drops I mean they're eyedrops you know that they're going to be sanitary you know that they're going to be safe to put near your eyes.

I'm just like I dotted a little bit of that eye drops on my hand and I'm going to go ahead and dampen up my brush. This is not quite the same as foiling a pigment if you've heard of foiling a pigment because then you would use a lot more liquid and you really almost basically to be painting it on but you're still going to get really really good like I sort of met out more metallic finish you're going to get more product apply other reason that I like to use pigments wet often is because then you don't have to you don't get as much fallout that way they kind of stick to the brush a little bit better decide where I applied it wet is just much more bright and metallic and more pigmented in the side where I've let it dry.

I'm going to go ahead and you know I just did that for demo purposes.

That you guys could see the difference I wouldn't normally apply my two eyes different ways.

I'm just going to go in and pick up a little bit more product on my damp brush and go ahead and go over this other eye.

Now I'm going to go back with that Real Techniques crease brush that I was using before and just use that to kind of blend out the edges of this pigment and blend it into that crease shape I know the next thing I'm going to do is pick up a bit more of ground down moon same brush and we use that to kind of darken up the outer corner of the eyes are blending it over the tan who've made on this and I'm also going to take it into the inner part of the eye. This is just going to create a lot of dimension I really think my eyes actually need just a little bit more dimension.

I'm gonna be going with in with a dark brown shade by Mac. This is the shade showstopper and unfortunately I think this one is a limited edition you could use any does not have to be shows up where you could use it's just basically a dark brown like espresso espresso any dark brown and I'm just taking that into the outer corner.

First I'm kind of drawing I almost draw a line to get that pigment placed where I want it to be darkest and then I just go ahead and take that brush and blend it in books. Okay, now I'm gonna go do my foundation you. Okay, foundation is done also my brows it's gonna go and make sure that I've got a nice blend going because sometimes we do your foundation after you've put on your eye makeup you end up with like a little bit of a land with foundation was put on around the makeup.

I'm just going to go back with that blending brush clean blending brush and kind of make sure the edges are nice and blended out and diffused I also brushed the dry shampoo out of my hair if you guys wondering why I was looking at all granny fide a minute ago. This is kind of a tutorial / get ready with me because I am actually getting ready to go somewhere although I'm not see just to work I'm having a pencil brush I'm gonna pick up a bit of soft brown again on this pencil brush and I'm gonna start dragging that under at the lower lash line just all the way under just smudging it out I always like to do the lower if I'm gonna do my eye makeup and then my foundation I always like to save the lower lash line makeup and do that after my foundation because that way I can blend it over the foundation I don't have to like I don't end up with like a line where my concealer is stopped and now I'm going to grab a little more brown down.

I'm on a little smudger brush then I'm going to take that on to the outer half of the lower lashline darken that up and again I'm like bringing that up to meet the color from the upper eyelid I'm gonna take my mac eyeshadow and orb now I have mine in a palette but. This is a permanent shade and the gardener is are at it again yay i'm just taking this on kind of a puffy shader brush but it sort of flattened and I'm taking this underneath my brow bone really kind of brightened look up lifts up the eyebrow makes it look you know just very nice and seamless with the blending as well helps you out if you've accidentally blended the eyeshadow too high.

That you don't look old corolla to build and final step i'm gonna take max blue eye shadow. This is a super super frosty highlighting shade it's kind of like a very very pale pink i'm taking this on just a teeny tiny shader brush. This is basically like a travel brush came in a palette at some point but it's the perfect size and shape i'm putting this into the inner corner of the eye and then i'm going to be blending it slightly inward playing that in words onto the inner third of the lower lash line and i'm also gonna pull it a little bit inwards and upwards on inner part of upper lid i'm just going to take that same brush pick up a little more floof i'm going to just Pat a little bit of flu right in the center there to create a nice little highlight.

Next I'm going to do is I'm going to grab a black gel liner by heart and I'm going to use this to tightline and again I'm have to do this off camera cuz there's just no I gotta get like right up in my mirror to do this I just took a little bit of gel liner on a sort of flat push liner brush and I go in from underneath and kind of wiggle that into the lash line.

That gets the liner on upper waterline and also into the base of the lashes that helps the lashes look really thick and also helps you not get that gap between your liner and your actual lash line and then I just want to get a quick winged liner with mine ours ah what is this called eyeliner steelo now because it's this Valentine's Day I'm gonna do something I want to try to do something are never do which is false lashes I just picked up a new lash glue I got the duo lash glue brush on adhesive with vitamins I have here some little like half lashes they're not really half lashes though they're like their full strip lashes that I've cut in half and putting a little mascara on my national natural lashes. This is the Loreal voluminous mascara very volumizing steamy guys in.

You can see. This is the I look now yeah honestly I don't know that adding blushes did all that much I've got my Anastasia contour palette and I'm going to take this color on the end here and I'm going to use that to do my contouring over here I'm just using like an angled blush brush blush I'm going to be using Mac's Melba using my Real Techniques blush brush just a cut-price this onto the apples of the cheeks and then pull it up a little bit and like I said blending it in with my contour. All right, and now I'm grabbing a different contour brush is a sigma contouring brush and I'm going to go in with pawn not middle shape from the Anastasia contour palette and just do a little but contour on the rest of my face.

Around my nose and I'm doing my temples as well I don't like to use this like Pinker one elsewhere to my cheeks is I just feel like it looks it's too much Pinker than my skin looks weird only jawline for highlights on tops of my cheeks i'm gonna grab my is my laura mercier matt radiance highlighters may use a Mac one but you know to do within that theme but actually all of the mac highlighters I have our limited edition so. Okay.

I wanted to give you guys a few different lip options like that actually I thought that a red lip with this was gonna be way too much but actually I really like it yeah that might be winner i'm going to try a couple more i wanted to try it out with a little bit of a girly pink shape since it is Valentine's Day well that's pretty to it actually it definitely softens the look that's estee lauder eccentric I like that it's got a little bit of a cool tones that balances out like that warm brown shade that we have all in the crease oh yeah. All right, I thought I'd also try out of more nudie lipstick I'm gonna try out Mac knit no. All right, Mac meds don't like this one.

Much what are you guys think my favorite took this look that I tried were the Revlon red velvet that looked really beautiful i think it would be really great if you're going for a more kind of dramatic look if you want something softer I thought the Maybelline touch of spice went with it really well since I'm getting ready to go to work right now and not go out for a valentine's day I'm gonna put this one back on ok guys.

That is it that is the complete look I hope that you guys enjoyed seeing this please comment down below and let me know what you guys think about this talk through tutorial if you guys would like to see more of these sometimes I don't think I'll ever stop doing my regular just quick voiceover tutorials because I like to be able to put up some like short quick videos but if you guys like this format where I'm kind of explaining a little bit more about what I'm doing and talking to you guys a little bit as well as we're like having a little chitchat um let me know because I could definitely do more videos like this thank you all.

Much for watching as always and I'll see you guys again in the next video.

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