Thanks Nerb1, Giant Loop tankbag, raspberry blonde ale, and stuff.

Scratchy scratchy.

I haven't done a video a while I've just been crazy busy kids house we've been cleaning the garage which still looks like a math but you know I got a brew beer drank beer on that note actually i brewed a 10 gallon batch of the of a blonde ale and it's just like the Midwest supplies blonde ale kit i altered it just a tiny bit for my liking and.

I've got five gallons of blonde ale and I put raspberry puree a whole can of the vintners harvest raspberry puree and the raspberry blonde oh.


Thanks Nerb1, Giant Loop tankbag, raspberry blonde ale, and stuff.

Good new grill.

Anyway, I got a sweet sweet package from all the way from Australia which was cool contacted mr. nerve one and he graciously sent me some sweet super adventure squadron stickers.

Now I'm gonna find a good spot on the old pannier and slap it on maybe above the homebrew and stuff for over here super adventure squadron I may move the wp sticker put it over there I think I wanted on the back oh I just don't know it's got to go on here somewhere though but yeah nerve durban herb or I guess is your real name thank you very much for the stickers i'm going to i'm definitely going to use one on the bike now and might even put one over on the old drz and I got a buddy that liked your video on when you're the first video where you went off-road with the KTM when I was still looking and considering buying this one he he linked me that video I said yeah I've seen that like five times.

Thanks for that brother in other news i sold the KTM tank bag because i actually like it it's a little bit too big standing up it it limited how far I could get forward on the bike and I really do need to get forward when I stand up naturally my my nuts are right up against this tank bag and that other tank bag sad about here no matter what I did I couldn't adjust it any farther forward because of where it SAT there the biggest problem with it was when I'd stopped to refuel and that bag you had to unclip it from the back he's if this shit.

I dumped all my stuff man crap sakes can't one hand it the biggest problem with that KTM bag was it had hooked on wherever down here and then came up with the straps and you had to unclip both sides and swing it forward up over the handlebars and we got you know you start putting GPS or phone mounts here and it just is horribly on convenient.

This I got the giant loop. This is the Fandango which is slightly bigger than the Diablo I think the Diablo is probably like that big which is a little bit too small Fandango pro in white you can get lots of different colors but this one it's got a zipper on either side you swing it over like that you can refuel I actually did just today and it way way better than messing with that that KTM bag.

That's the only flaw I could have I really thought I was going to I can't one hand this either zipping that back on it's really not that difficult for some reason I'm struggling with his well do it later but I was considering taking that KTM because it's got a strap system just like this but it's not it just has this tiny little loop here cut out and. This is all solid and it just covers way too much you couldn't adjust it I was considering taking it to somebody and having them.

It like this but I don't know I like this one better.

I just went ahead and sold that one and and bought this one really like it it's nice rubberized coating and it's simple it's got a divider in there with a yellow whining.

You can see you can see in there a little better if the KTM doesn't have a divider it does have KTM has side pockets and a rear pocket but this one does not which is fine it's a little smaller than the KTM bag I like it I like it that way velcro liner you can move around really like this bag it's got a pocket up here it also has a really strong velcro right in here and that goes outside right here.

If I want to run power cord up through the velcro and in I can do that and then if I want to charge my phone if it's not here like if it starts to where it looks like it's going to start to rain I'll take it out of the ex mount throw it under the cover here and if I want to charge it or I usually bluetooth to my seen us.

That's no big deal that I i can run cord through there it will come out through under the netting here out of the zipper and then down there and up there yada yada anyway, love that bag hold the bike I dropped it in the driveway how did it over scratchy scratchy oh well we gonna do I kind of I dropped it and immediately thought oh good well I got that out of the way well let's get going oh I got the Buick p league Puig twig the touring screen in I think. This is light smoke or smoke I think it just comes in clearer smoke I like it a lot better than the our screen I think for offroad of course the our screen would be better but I'm planning on doing a long trip this summer and I had to have some more wind protection at the little our screen just wasn't enough. This is the SW motech vibration damped gps mount it's quick release to you can swivel it out I got to move the shield up to that comes out like that just slides back in click quick release I'll just put a ram ball on here and then i'll have i have a garmin 60 CF that will I have the cradle for it somewhere here that will also ram ram ball it'll just sit right up there.

That will be nice what else.

I put my double take mirrors off of the i had them on my drz i just i wanted to try something different with the than the stock mayor's they it's quite a bit of shoulder in the view and i got these a little farther out a little farther down and the views are slightly better the main thing is i wanted to try and see if i could get rid of some of that that buffeting from those KTM mirrors that were up there.

I'm gonna give him a shot for a while see how they work I did I mean I ran it up to 100 today and on a mile an hour and they did not fold back on me which I kind of thought they would but I've got them cranked down pretty hard mm-hmm.

That's that awesome. All right, I got to find place to put that sticker and then I hear my daughter waking up.

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