the All in One processing station with Control Grip (BSB530)

Hi I'm Naomi test kitchen manager a trowel and I'd like to introduce you to the BSB 530 it's the all-in-one appliance that can blend mash chop and slice all in the one station and for anyone who wants a processor with all the features of a large food processor but prefers one compact in size and. This is it because it's compact it's perfect for small bench tops and.

You don't lose anything all the attachments are stored within the unit one of the unique features of the all-in-one is a removable gearbox located on the lid.

It can go straight into the dishwasher it has a large 1.6 litre processing bulb and a reversible greater which is perfect for pomazan on one side and greater vegetables on the other it has a variable slicer which is just from a standpoint 5 millimeters for the thinnest sandwich fillings or at the twist of a dial can be adjusted up to six millimeters for quick and easy slice onions perfect for the BBQ there's a quad blade designed to chop the top without pureeing the bottom.

That makes it perfect for chopping fresh pesto or processing meet onion and parsley for tasty meat patties when blending soups in the saucepan the all-in-one does it with minimal suction and the control group on the stick mixer means you've got much better control and less splashing it also has an adjustable mashing league with three settings textured which is great for a rustic sweet potato mash smooth for something like an apple sauce and creamy for the best potato mash or homemade gnocchi and what I love about the mashing League is that it separates for easy cleaning to prove how consistent and quick the all-in-one is I'm going to demo the slicing disc on this cucumber and the fine grater on some palms and cheese now how easy was that perfectly sliced cucumber and grated cheese in no time at all thanks to the all-in-one BSB 530 from Greville you.

the All in One processing station with Control Grip (BSB530)

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