The Best Korean Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Wrinkles

Hey guys! today I wanted to talk all about ice creams now ice creams they moisturize and hydrate this thin and delicate area around your eyes.

As you start aging you start to naturally get fine lines and wrinkles and when you place ice creams around your eye area what happens is that it plumps the skin and makes the fine lines and wrinkles appear to be a lesson why do we need ice creams why don't you just use a regular moisturizer around your eyes you might ask well basically the skin around your eyes as I said is a little bit thinner.

It can be a little more sensitive and and you want to use kind of more delicate products around that area area can be super sensitive and get irritated by products more than say your cheeks.

When you have a ice cream it's specially formulated for this area of your feet now what should you look for when buying an ice cream well there are certain factors you should take into account first of all it's better if it doesn't have a fragrance fragrances can often be irritating to the skin.

The Best Korean Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Wrinkles

What should you look out for hyaluronic acid aka sodium hyaluronic hopefully I'm pronouncing that correctly ingredient helps to retain the moisture around your eyes keeping it hydrated also stimulates collagen production and collagen production goes down as you age and this kind of causes skin discoloration and fine lines and everything.

Another ingredient to look out for are ceramides ceramides are found in your skin membrane and they are a type of lipid to prevent moisture loss by keeping the skin plump and moisturize another good ingredient is retinol retinol is a vitamin a derivative.

What this does is it smoothes your skin and gives you an even skin tone.

As the cells are turning over are you regenerating those naturally unclog your pores and also stimulates collagen production also great if your ice cream has neural peptides in it.

Neuropeptide simulate the production of collagen in your skin and they relax the nerve cells.

This kind of makes your wrinkles kind of I can just look smoother and less apparent what this also gives you is nice and tight skin what you should also look out for is vitamin C which is an anti aging rock star it's a powerful antioxidant that boosts collagen production again and it protects against free radicals it also reduces your brown spot by the way there are many types of vitamin C that you should look out for number one is a four-bit acid. This is most commonly used and it is also the most effective next step is magnesium absorb --all phosphate easier to call it MEP MEP can be effective too and third up there is ester C ester C is a trademarked form of vitamin C and the jury's still out on whether it does really work to your skin all the studies haven't come in yet next up you probably all know about vitamin E vitamin E has been used in beauty products for a long time to help with anti aging it keeps up great with other antioxidants to protect against free radicals also nourishes and smoothes the skin new peptides formulas and ingredients are always being added to the market other notable ingredients include vitamin K kojic acid arnica hydro climbing licorice chamomile tea extract and of course cucumber.

When will I see results from my ice cream you might ask well I'm kind of like an instant gratification junkie and unfortunately it usually takes about four to six weeks for you to be able to see the effects of the eye cream and this includes four to six weeks of consistent usage.

Morning and night every day.

How do you best apply ice cream well the skin around your eyes is super delicate and thin.

You shouldn't you know like mash it onto your skin not that anyone does that but um best to take your ring finger because it's lightest touch and dab it into the lotion and then just dab it onto your skin lightly and then lightly kind of just smooth it in.

Let's discuss some of our favorite Korean eye cream there's.

Many extremely expensive items in the market ranging hundreds of dollars but Korean ice creams Korean products in general they have really learned how to make a beneficial high-performing product at a very reasonable price.

Most of our eye creams listed today that we're talking about they're all around $20 or less first up I wanted to talk about maisons snail eye cream now snail secretion is all the rage right now so. This is the meson snail secretion eye cream comes in a bottle it's real heavy feels like the expensive product it's really cool I don't really use this i'm not really kind of what's it called I'm really just not a germaphobe I'll eat food off the ground five-second rule or whatever.

I don't really make use of it.

I like this cream is very kind of thick when you put on your finger but when you dab it it's super super light and silky.

Includes hyaluronic acid I hope I'm pronouncing that right and three different peptides now what exactly is snail mucus filtrate well.

Listen is great because it includes as last ins that has antioxidants glycol and acid many beneficial ingredients to anti aging and for the delicate area around your eyes it's also good for acne damage scarring and skin tone.

This eye cream is great because it helps to regenerate the skin and this cream absorbs really well into your skin fragrance free we love this. This is actually our number one pick for the most famous best Korean eye cream next up we have meson collagen firming eye cream comes in a purple tube and same from meson again you can see. This is kind of more of a gel feels nice nice and refreshing on the skin.

Again this contains hydrologic acid and also some peptides in the ingredient and formula also this eye cream contains 40% marine collagen and it's super soothing to your eye and keeping it moisturized and the gels formula absorbs really well into your copper tripeptide that is included in this ice cream revitalizes damaged tissue increases of synthesis of elasticity and collagen.

This ice cream is also fragrance free and you can also use it around your eyes if you have a lot of wrinkling or a little bit of light wrinkling around here and it's safe to use everyday meson is ruling our list of best Korean ice creams as our top two picks next up we have skin foods black raspberry eye cream and it comes in this cute little thing with a little paper top I like the design it's very I think earthy skins we would like to make its ingredient I like to make its products out of delicious tasting ingredients like black raspberry being one of them now this one has a little bit of a fragrance very light fragrance very very very like I don't mind fragrances myself I do not have a sensitive nose now those cream is kind of pinkish in color and pretty thick. This is a much thicker than the other two creams and I like that I like to feel like my area my eye area is getting a nice thick and soothing treatment.

There are 12 different medicinal herbs included inside this cream including raspberry extract also there are three peptides also included in this eye cream.

This ice cream is good for making your skin smoother kind of increasing the elasticity and just giving you an overall plump younger looking skin I love the organic feel of the packaging and it just seems very elegant cinema screams a little heavier than other creams but it's extremely soothing despite being.

Heavy it actually absorbs into your skin nicely and gives you an matte finish finish is not shiny at all except we have Tony moly panda eye stick and I'm such a sucker for Tony moly they have the cutest packaging and I would just buy this even if it wasn't amazing I stick so. This is definitely different from the other eye creams being that it is in a stick formula and you can just roll it up and you just apply it under your eyes delicately like that I'm going to feel.

Nice oh my god it feels.

Nice it's like as if I took it out of the refrigerator which I didn't it was just sitting in you know.

I really like this eye cream because it's portable you could take it along with you to work or on your travels and just gap it up to your skin to give you some kind of moisturizing and refreshing treatments throughout the day I sticks are becoming more and more popular in Korea although we really haven't seen them much in the States yet and it smells a little bit lightly of melon which is nice very refreshing.

The cooling sensation only lasts for like a minute or.

But you still feel kind of light and hydrated.

It's really great now next up we have my personal favorite is by far the most expensive eye cream on this list from Nisha it comes in those wonderful gorgeous gold jarnia as you can see it's been used a lot and. This is a super thick formula I specifically chose it for its anti-aging properties and I've been using this product basically for the past two months and it is my personal favorite for anti-aging it also revitalizes your skin it has a light fragrance but not at all overpowering your area around the eyes brightened by the powerful medicinal ingredients traditional korean ingredients that are included in this eye cream some of the ingredients are ginseng deer antler extract which is pretty interesting the Koreans love to use these crazy ingredients in their beauty formulas herbal concoction treats the area around your eyes I'm super hydrates and smoothes it and it treats signs of aging like fine lines wrinkles discoloration and all of that now a little note that's important to know is that all stags grow antlers yearly no harm done to the deers when extracting this deer antler extract for the formula.

That's good to know hope you've learned a little bit of something about the best Korean eye creams or eye creams in general would love to hear about what your favorite ice cream is or if there's one you recommend that is your absolute holy grail product please subscribe to our channel we're going to do videos like this about beauty every week and comment below subscribe let us know what you think and I will see you next time.

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