The Chinese language: Learn Cantonese Phrases For Beginners: Family

Welcome to the Chinese language learn Cantonese phrases for beginners today I am going to teach you family members if you have not done.

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It's it's it's the same as in English a lot of this actually has a lot of different versions of it.

It's like I mean English we have mother mommy mom and all that in in in Cantonese we have same thing as well we got different methods of calling your father mother brothers sisters so. This is only one version of it and I'm not going to 12 on the other versions of in Cantonese. This is what I usually would say when I am speaking in Cantonese.

For father you would say up father ah mother is a ma mother ah ma.

Um in in English you would have you have a just Baker and little brother and bigger and little sister in in Cantonese it has a different term for each.

Bigger brother you would have like a brother that's bigger than you in age wise you would say ah go ah go and for brothers that are younger than you then you would say silo silo now for sisters that are older than you you would say God got it and for sisters that are smaller than you then you would say sigh boy sigh boy now um grandmother and grandfather on all things later on in which I'll probably have another lecture for family for family on let's say your mom's side and your father's side uncles and aunties the reason why is because we call each other differently determining on which side it is on whether if it's on your mom side you have a set of names for your for their brothers and sisters or even your cousins as versus your father's side.

Grandmother and grandfather is the same thing.

If if the grandmother and grandfather on the mother's side your grandmother would be up whole or whole and on your on your mother's side you call a grandfather be a come I don't know if it's your grandmother on your father's side we call a ma I'm or mama and if it's the grandfather on your father's side you would say oh yeah oh yeah or yeah yeah this concludes our lecture thank you for your listening remember like us or subscribe to our channel for more updates on our lecture materials also download our free app for your iPhone or Android if you have not already done.

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