the grizzly g0602 lathe quick change tool post

Hello YouTube welcome back to my channel this is Bob and I wanted to do a video on my tool post that I just received in the mail before anybody says anything at all yes I bought it off eBay I bought off eBay because I can't afford everybody else's prices I just have to take a chance anyway here's what I can't what came with it I got one two three four two holders then I got a gnarling tool and it devil says a two older so they've got five tool holders and arlynn tool so far then I got my cutoff blade holder then I got my boring bar holder which holds that just three-quarter inch shank or 7/16 of thing but anyway I just ordered this set of three quarter inch shank boring bars twelve piece for like nine dollars inside we were plus eight dollars shipping and then the tool post make sure it's in down there yep I got the tool post so now what they came with was this block and because they needed to be machined and I don't have a machine or a milling machine I decided to go a different route I like the idea of having options so what I've done was what I've done was I took this piece off this is the original tool post and yes I'll sell it if anybody's interested in buying it get this piece get the washer you got to hand or the tool post handle and the stud the tool or the teeth nut does not come with it if somebody wants to buy anybody's gonna buy it's probably going to have a melting anyways so what I've done I didn't want to destroy this I wanted to use this for the new tool post so what it did was I took the old tool post and I just measured the width of that lock this down and then I stuck the stud in it turned it down to that diameter and then I took a threader and threaded it the main reason I've done that instead of making a new one is because I didn't have a tap and dive at that size symmetric so I found a tap or a die that was the same size as that so now this screws into the old tool post now that way we just love ice here that way if I ever did want to use this tool post I can still use it I also have this tool post that I've built that I also sell anybody's interesting about it yes this one does come up the t-post or teeth or a peanut so now already there's a spot it down there and you ain't got to worry about that little notch there that comes up spring-loaded because it'll spring load itself down all right works this bow it's the wedge type now all these here I can just put him down there talking her down and she's ready to do I like it sure still having problems with my stomach I've got everything adjusted to the center to the center on the center live center this year is the narrow and tool it fits on there like that or like that the only problem with using the back side is this handle goes all the way around so you have to actually just pull it back just far enough to where it'll miss and slide it down to another and then tighten her down so we've got that one and then our four tool post or attachments for the lathe tooling so it came with seven seven tools a tool holder in the handle and it also came with this I think I paid one hundred thirty-eight dollars plus I think of his $18 shipping so I thought that was a pretty good deal and like I said I took a chance because I've been having some bad bad luck with eBay but you know that that's this is a chance that I was sure of because I've seen other people buy this tool post and they're happy with it so I didn't see any problem with doing it myself so there you have it the new and I'll pull you out the the new boss star this is how you pronounce it - 50 - 111 80 a size and it says precision engineering company yes there you have it the new tool post for the Grizzly G 618 you guys have a good one later
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