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Hi I'm Julie Morris and I'm here with Nevada snatch rolls what we're gonna be taking a look at today is one of the highest vitamin C sources in the world that camu camu Barry Kevin groves as a shrub like tree in hot damp tropical climates such as the low-lying areas the Peruvian Amazon region which is where Nevada says cameras cultivated and the berry itself is this little reddish purple cherry like fruit that's traditionally harvested not from land but in fact in water using canoes nature's timed it.

That just as the area enters flooding season the cam room ripens correspondingly the water submerges the roots and part of the tree leaving only the bushy foliage and the fruit at the surface farmers will then take out their canoes out into the water and easily collect all the fresh fruit has long been used by native peoples and Amazonian folk medicine but it's really only been popularized within the last century becoming most famous for its mega vitamin C content the fresh fruit itself is actually physically composed of two to three percent straight vitamin C by weight that translates to about 30 to 60 times more vitamin C than an orange the Venus offers kamemon are really easy to use freeze dried powdered form that's made from picking the berries at peak ripeness for the optimum vitamin content then gently freeze drying the fruit to capture and protect the most nutrition possible this powder contains 100% camu no fillers and just this tiny little teaspoon serving contains a whopping are you ready one thousand one hundred eighty percent vitamin C content in a teaspoon plus being a whole fruit like this there's also a broad range of naturally occurring antioxidants phytochemicals amino acids and many other vitamins and minerals such as beta carotene and potassium this presence of all of these intuitively symbiotic substances due to the fact that cam is a whole food made by nature means that the human body is able to assimilate and utilize these impressive ingredients far easier than over-the-counter synthetic pills or other isolated forms of vitamin C what we're looking at here is nature's vitamin C supplement with some great extra benefits thrown right in and of course the Vita's Naturals camu powders oh he's a hundred percent organically grown low temperature process kosher gluten free and vegan even though camu is a berry it's not exactly the kind of sweet berry you'd be excited about topping a fruit bowl with camera is extremely acidic tasting even more.

Than a cranberry a byproduct of the copious amounts of vitamin C that's naturally a bitter substance luckily the fruit is.

Condensed in nutrition you can get away with just putting as little as a quarter of a teaspoon on up to a tablespoon of kambou into a recipe and still receive huge benefits.

Admittedly well this isn't your go-to fruit for flavor enhancement it is extremely easy to sneak in with other foods and get all that extra premium vitamin C now you don't ever want to heat can move as heat will destroy the vitamin C content which is what we're after in the first place.

I like to use camo in a lot of food preparations that don't require cooking you can put camu into salad dressings like this raspberry vinaigrette shake it up and then it's already in there every time you're ready to have a salad I also love to make homemade energy bars because I can really stock them with my favorite super foods camera being no exception raw food dishes are great too like strips of zucchini topped with a fresh marinara sauce that's been boosted with a little bit of camo absolutely delicious and it goes without saying that smoothies are any deal way to get your vitamins in throw camo in with some of your favorite fruits and other superfoods blend them all up they've got the best tasting vitamins imaginable I found that citrus especially grapefruit functions is a very good flavor combination I'll show you how to make a camo grapefruit slushie that's a simple healthy and truly refreshing treat I'm starting out with a cup of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice that I'm just gonna put into a blender with about three cups of ice add to that a banana which is gonna add a delicious natural creaminess our star ingredient that camu powder I'm gonna put in a half a teaspoon and for those who are counting that's almost six hundred percent of your daily vitamin C and then to kind of counteract some of that bitterness I'm gonna put in a tablespoon of palm sugar you can also use stevia then all I have to do is just blend this up perfect. This is nice and I see you can enjoy this by the glass or with a spoon delicious it's.

Fresh and super easy to make.

Once again nature is here to provide us with all the tools we really need for a truly healthy lifestyle for more information on camo and other organic super foods visit novita snatchers calm thanks for watching.

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