The Most Powerful Verb in the English Language... And How to Master It

Hi there I'm Drew Badger the world's number one English Fluency Guide and in this video we'll be talking about the most powerful verb in English especially for English language learners and how to master it will begin by talking about the top four verbs and then we'll review this number five is the most powerful one that's really the one we want to be focusing on and that's because the top four are quite self-explanatory now this just means that they're easy to understand and use.

These are be do have and say now you might listen or look at different lists of verbs online and say. Okay, like maybe this verb is maybe number two or number three it doesn't really matter the actual specific frequency that these appear there will be in conversations i've already used both of these are all of these when I'm speaking right now but be do have and say these are all things that are quite easy to talk about.

Be. This is just identity like. This is a pin we're talking about what is. This is that a pen or is it not. This is just to be now do is something that we use it just means to have some action take place.

When we're doing one thing and want to do something else often when we can't explain it like i do karate or I do some other thing if we can't really explain what the particular verb is it just means to do some kind of actions who do something to make a motion or to move in some way now if you have something this also has a number of different uses but typically have just means a to physically have something or to figuratively have something.

I might maybe have this pin but the idea in my mind i also have that thing.

I can't physically hold the idea but i have that thing as well and also to say something. This is commonly used as well but really there are a lot of different meanings that are confusing for people.

What I'm saying hello I'm just again some words are coming out of my mouth and I am saying something to say something.

Be do have and say these are all maybe like the top four most common verbs that people use in conversations and none of them is really too difficult to understand but the next one the most powerful one most important one that really you should focus on again because the others are.

Easy is get get really is one of the most common again it's probably number five Number six but it doesn't really matter like how frequently it appears the thing is that it's really the number one verb that can be tricky for people because of its many different uses.

If you don't really understand what all of these uses mean together the verb can be really tricky for people but if you understand what they do mean and that's what we'll cover in this video then you develop much more confidence about using them.

Let's look at a couple of different uses of get first we have the idea of just receiving something.

Maybe I get a present from my friend for Christmas or I get a new car or even i get an idea.

It can be a physical thing that we received from someone or it could be even just like a like a non-physical things like I receive again an idea I got a great idea when i was at my friend's house yesterday or I got a present from my grandmother for my birthday.

We're talking about moving from one place to another but now i am holding that thing I got something I got this pan i got this you know particular thing because someone gave it to me i received this thing now we can also talk about another meaning of get as buying something.

If i buy something from a store it's also moving from the store to me it's moving from one place to another but now I hold that thing because I paid some money from him.

Yesterday I got this pan at a store or maybe I got like an even bought a new car i was able to receive something from somebody else but I paid money for that thing.

Again you're talking about receiving something either because you paid for it or because someone just gave it to you as a gift next we can also get the opportunity to do something or get the chance to do something.

When you have the opportunity right now that. This is something you have and. This is easy to understand.

Right now you have the opportunity to practice speaking or to practice something to learn more about English with me but if you're talking about getting the opportunity usually means you haven't received it yet you might get the opportunity to take a nice vacation or you might get the opportunity or get the chance to work at a different office get a new job now you yourself can also get from one place to another maybe I'm getting from my house to my job.

I just got home where I just got to work we're talking about arriving at a particular location maybe I need to get to the airport after school or I need to get home where I need to get out of the rain I'm getting from one location into someplace else.

It's raining outside right now and I need to get out of the rain and into my house to get out of the rain next you can even get an idea from someone else that you're trying to understand.

Let's say a friend of mine is explaining to me and I say well I get yeah I guess I get that I understand what you're saying.

Instead of saying you understand it's a more native and conversational and faster way to say that you get an idea haha i got what you're saying.

You can even very quickly to say I got it.

For friend of yours is explaining something we're at the factory and he's trying to show me how to do a particular thing and i can say oh yeah yeah I got it.

Do you understand how to do something do you get it do you get it.

He's trying to transfer something from himself to me.

He's trying to teach me something or he's trying to explain the explain to me how to do something do you get it yes i got it and the last example we'll look at with get is to get someone to do something for you now. This is even more complicated but it's still the same idea you're receiving the opportunity for someone else to provide something for you so. This is a really great way of describing instead of you cutting your own hair maybe I got my friend to cut my hair for me.

I got someone to do it again i paid them or I convinced them somehow i asked them nicely or I said hey if you cut my hair I will cut your hair in any of these cases again we're convincing someone else to do something for us i got my friend to do that maybe I got my friend to fix my car.

I asked him to fix my car or I got my friend to teach me surfing or I got my my mother to teach me how to do some cooking.

I got my mother I really wanted to learn how to make her special dish that she makes every friday.

I said hey can you teach me and if I want to describe that I can see all i got my mother did teach me something now here's the tricky thing instead of trying to remember all of these different uses typically you would see this in a text book it's like. Okay, you're the different uses of ghetto i'm going to write these down on a white board behind me you can get this and you can get that now get means by get means to arrive at a particular place get means to to get an idea or to understand something or to have another person do something for you if you try to remember all of these different uses it will just confuse you in conversations but I want you to get excited again to receive that excitement to to understand this and really the way to master this here's the simple way to master this really powerful verb and it's just to understand the idea of possessing something.

It's like have it's actually like have very similarly but you're thinking about getting to a particular place or possessing a particular thing now the easiest way to think about it is if I get a pin the pin is not with me right now but it's moving into my possession and now I hold it.

I have got the pin i got this pen yesterday it doesn't matter how I got the pin.

You don't have to remember. Okay, can use it for buying something or if you find something on the street or whatever it doesn't matter how it comes to you you've got it now I've got the pin.

Right now I've got the pin maybe I could get something else I could get an idea from somebody or i could understand something again it still means it's coming to me and now I hold that thing now I possess it but get it kind of implies like it's moving from one place to another but now you possess it now in the same way you can think about you possessing a location now just like when you're arriving at a particular place maybe I arrived at an airport I got to that Airport.

It just means i'm getting that location where i am.

I'm possessing that little place where I happen to be even if i don't own the airport it doesn't matter because my physical body is taking up that space.

That's why we use get and we'll cover this a little bit more now very quickly with some phrasal verbs the first one is to get at if you're trying to get at the meaning of something maybe the meaning is almost like in a different location even though it's a figurative idea.

I'm here and I don't quite understand something but I ok now i understand something i get at the idea i'm moving to something and now I possess it.

That idea of moving to something or approaching something traveling and then taking that position again. This is something i possess now.

I get a tour I'm trying to understand the meaning of something now I get at what you're trying to say next to get down now. This is a very simple one if you think about being in a position up here.

Right now I'm standing on a desk or somebody is standing maybe on a beach and then they moved down to a lower position they're getting down into some other location they are getting down getting down.

Instead of descend I want to get from the second floor down to the first floor.

If i call a friend of mine i say hey can you get down here I really want him to come down quickly.

I'm saying can you take the position down here with me can you get down here next another common one to get over someone to get over someone now if you think about maybe in your own life you have a relationship with something at first the relationship is going really well but then maybe something happens and you break up with that person. This is another phrasal verb that doesn't use get but it just means two separate to break up like you're breaking something into two different pieces.

We're breaking something up and i'm moving away from that person in some way like usually mentally and physically but i can't forget about that person i'm not able to get over them in that way we take an idea like trying to jump over something that's in your path trying to pass something but you can't get over that thing to you you're here but you want to take this position here.

You can't get over it to get over that thing and finally to get thrown by something or to be thrown by something now this just means that again you're confused by a particular idea maybe I was thinking about something I got thrown by it.

You got you you received something you received an action of being thrown I got thrown by something.

I'm trying to hold onto an idea but the idea was too difficult i couldn't understand it was too confusing and it threw me.

I got thrown by that particular thing always remember that with get it's actually a really simple verb but it's.

Powerful for the for the learners that know how to use it and this just means understanding that it's the idea of possessing something.

It's not just by or find or do anything it's the idea of receiving something. However, you have it but now you have this thing whether it's a physical thing a figurative thing or even a space that you occupy well I hope you have enjoyed this quick lesson and I hope you feel a bit more powerful now understanding what get really means if you have enjoyed this lesson and you'd like to learn more to click on the link in this video or on the link in the description below this video to take our free fluency quiz there are lots more things that you can learn not only about improving your pronunciation but how to build your vocabulary how to meet native speakers and whatever of these problems you struggle with we can help you with that with personal advice.

Click on the link in this video or on the link in the description below this video to learn more about that in take this simple quiz i look forward to seeing you then have a great day and we'll see in the next video bye bye.

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