The most simple and affordable way to achieve a beautiful back-splash

We've seen your temporary space that you're going to be living in while you do this huge renovation Jacqui and part of part of the joy in the charm was the backsplash in your trailer so a lot of people would look at that backsplash and say oh my gosh she went all out she even has a gorgeous backsplash guess what it's peel and stick it's amazing and she's amazing it really is because I renovate a lot of kitchens and a lot of spaces but what I particularly love is that a backsplash is like the jewelry at the end of the project when I'm picking out a backsplash with a client I just think it really it's like the jewelry it's it's it can be fun it's the focal point so for people living you know a temporary fix for this would be to do the peeling stick because you know you want to be able to remove it if you need to let's say you're in a rental or you just don't want to spend a lot of money my little project ended up costing me about $350 that's great and I was really delighted I got all of them all of the products I'm gonna show you today are from Home Depot look at the ten just one on this peel instead it's like actually it's Mardi it's like four bumpy it's a marble it's really cool about a day and I just thought it was a really beautiful it elevated the look of that kitchen I usually the color onyx you know I did a dark cabinet and I thought that this really played with all of my colors I thought it was beautiful yeah so how do you do it well first of all originally you know they've been around for about ten years so it's nothing new but what's happened is the offerings have become quite sophisticated far more classic really easy to do you need basic tools now for my because it was a stone we did use it was it was a DIY my husband and I did it uh-huh and we you he did use a dremel just because we have not square windows we had a little curved window so he had to do a little bit of curving but it was simple to do yeah for any of the other ones that's really what you need you need to draw a plumb line gonna do a really basic do-it-yourself first of all your surface has to be painted is going to be dry it's got to be clean so apply what any kind of drywall will work just fine and what you do is you draw your plumb line you need to have a level with you and you might use an exacto tape and of course measuring tape yep and you first of all once you've done your lines you then stick so you can see that chick this on yep so your level it's right everything's nice and square so then your next piece you're going to fit in now remember when you peel back this adhesive it pretty sticky so you got to get it right read the directions because with my directions and I assume it goes with all of them because it's the same adhesive what you do is you make a mixture of water and dish detergent put it in a water like a little spray bottle yeah and lightly mist it so that there's some movability so I can slide in but I literally can be punched right in so cool you don't have to grow you put that on in this stays it's as amazing it really does so think of even you know if you've got rental properties and you're looking to make sure your finishes look really good but you don't want to spend a lot of money this is really start so what are some of the new offerings while I particularly love like like this so this is done in the herringbone I can't really I want to mess up the whole pattern here but I love the color it's sort of a beautiful soft champagne color the another one again is your more classic it's again the little stainless steel and you can see that because of the the lines of the stainless steel this little mosaic actually looks like it's got two different colors but if you simply just switched the grain that's really cool you can also purchase edge pieces yeah they go on with a self-adhesive and those would be four corners and edges so you get a nice clean edge so it really does look professional nice now the ones over to your left Tracy those are just vinyl they're just vinyl sheets and again very simple you'd have to just peel them off stick them on and they're really they're even really lightweight you can see very flexible all you need is Paris these are like sticker book you got it all you need is the pearsons I say the it's good on the wall they really Dean because look at the next one as well if you want to show that one that's a perfect one again that looks like a little stainless steel yeah it's similar to this but you can see then again it's going to give you the same look yeah give you a lot of bang for your buck and lastly what I wanted to show you was something right in Freya it's a matte so let's say you decided well you know what I want to put on a tile but I don't really want to be do I'm not a Tyler you can get mattes either in rolls or in sheets like this this is an adhesive that gets put onto the wall okay to your left is actually a real tile and you can stick your real tile on top of this adhesive okay but the only additional thing you would have to do with that is you would have to grout it oh why so there's a little bit more work with that so then he says you know I wanted a little bit more a bit it looks a little bit but it's amazing that you don't have to go to all the trouble this these puppies hold and it was sort of a funny story when I was putting my ledgestone on we went my husband put a little too much of the water on and boy that baby was a slipping in a slide hahaha but it ended up working really well it's it's sticking and remember I'm in a trailer so my walls are like paper thin yes but it's it's sticking it's looking great and I really feel that whether I do for myself and in a little temporary space or for anyone in space he elevates the look of your kitchen and instantly makes you feel good and it's pretty I mean it's not that heavy you know so this is amazing not really good I love that we've got such great options these days
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