The One Dimensional Man by Herbert Marcuse

Hey this is inna it with you in the fight back today I want to briefly talk about Herbert makuu's is the one-dimensional man which was published in 1964 now Marquez was a German philosopher closely associated with the Frankfurt School these were kind of radical intellectuals and they included some alumni such as Erich Fromm max who never theater Adorno and Walter Benjamin just to name a few and then you know they're kind of radical Hegelians they did a lot of stuff with culture and makuu's was definitely on the more marxist wing of this school that's not to say the others weren't or didn't have Marxist tendencies and Marquez was a involved involved in the revolution in Germany following World War one and with the rise of Hitler he came to the United States in his book the one-dimensional man was a it was a critique of contemporary capitalism and this a critique of the Soviet Union in there as well now I read this book a long time ago and I kind of found some notes and stuff on it so this is going to be quite comprehensive just some of the themes but what before I read it I if you I kind of was wary because I if you brought up or you've dealt with the radical Orthodox Trotsky's or Maoist I'm talking the real Orthodox kinds here who tolerate no deviancy the Frankfurt School is not seen as a revolutionary school kind of maybe petty bourgeois it's kind of something that gets dismissed and the truth is it gets dismissed way too easily and I do have a certain critique of Marcoses work but this is a book that you absolutely should read and the one-dimensional idea of the book that where the title comes from you know it's this of this room of one-dimensional a behavior where you can't really have the ability for critical thought and opposition because of the climate you live in where people are integrated into the advanced industrial societies or the affluent societies that create false needs through advertising consumerism the media industrial management and all of this and this one-dimensional thought is of course leading to the integration of the proletariat into capitalist society which kind of brings about capitalist stabilization I think Marc Cruz is definitely a product as time certainly by the mid-60s in the United States the proletariat very much appears to be integrated and even in many Western capitalist nations as well but just a few years later we would have may 68 we'd have the great up surges of labor in Britain and Italy perhaps a little overdone but I understand where he's coming from because after World War two you definitely have a at least certainly in the United States you pretty much have the left driven out of labor and one thing this integration of the proletariat or even just opposition in general a lot of what Marcos is looking at and this is pretty much where I just want to focus on is consumerism its social control um even though it claims to be democratic like you watch a commercial you see you have all these choices but it's really it's not democratic because these advertisers are huge corporations the rich and the powerful bourgeoisie and they're allowing us certain choices you know buy a Toyota as opposed to a Fiat or something and it this consumerism especially now with politics you have the choice between hope and change or taxed enough already I mean it's a false choice it's really a state of unfreedom of social control and this this causes us to act irrationally and it creates also to false needs because if you buy certain products for instance I'm sorry I'm going to kind of hit on a do something that I really don't want to do but there if you collect action figures and I know people who do think about all the stuff that goes into the action figures just kind of you know for it's a transformers a movie that was utterly crap you have the false needs created by say the Transformers film you know that buy all the products Isuzu with the action figures and posters and in order and of course that creates a whole the advertising industry the production of these toys and the fact that a lot of what they're produced with is like all this junk products that's going to damage the environment and the none of this is really fulfilling basic needs its kind of it has almost destructive effects you know because a lot of these toys and crap from say transformers or the Star Wars prequels another set of crap you know it's like you're looking for satisfaction through this through buying this stuff or a car and such and you're perhaps you're working extra hours so you know I can buy that new car or I can buy those action figures I'm not saying necessarily that action figures are a bad thing but if you take it to but if you look at like the production from major films like transformers Star Wars you can definitely see that they're trying to create these needs in you and you also have with the creation of products is you have with new products and new needs you need to get rid of all products for instance the computer I'm I'm using right now I'm absolutely certain it's out of date I'm certain it's obsolete and I need to get a new one even though it's less than a year old and of course to get rid of those products that's going to damage the environment again and you need to have new products you need to have new cars really what's the difference so much between a 2010 Toyota and a 2009 the caller maybe the commercials and so you need to work and more to buy more and the thing about it you're you're working so you can buy more of these false needs and it's kind of like degrading your humanity it's it's definitely a form of alienation and Mark OU's was big on Marx's alienation you're becoming you're just integrated into this whole machine you are meshed into society you may believe the bourgeoisie you're scum you may want the rich you know driven from power but if you're still buying into this you're still integrated even if you're a worker and of course this whole consumer society you know you're more concern about fulfilling your own false needs than any form of social connections with those around you now Marcos I think is a little pessimistic because he's kind of he kind of dismisses a lot of that well the proletariat really is if it's integrated it really can't fight back but he does look to minorities Outsiders in the radical intelligentsia and I believe also the third world and yeah you know he makes some great points mark OU's is so pertinent and the truth is if you've watched this channel you know I may be a very unorthodox malice but Trotsky's are welcome here anarchists are welcome here Stalin histor welcome here I just urge a respectful debate as all and you should pick this book up and it's an incredible read it's got at times it's a little hard to read but as you know without great with great effort comes great reward and this is inna until next time
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