The secret magnetic reed switch inside the Lightbulb Diorama

Okay i just wanted to show you how long got that little illuminated bulb inside there and what it is is what i've done is i've bought two medical grade batteries each one is 1.5 volts that gives me 3 volts which is enough to light the LED one battery isn't enough you got to overcome the leds minimum voltage.

I got to medical grade batteries and I got there um really nice and small which is what I liked and.

And I've soldered an LED here with some leads to it let me light this up.

So that's going to light up well what I'm going to do is I'm going to wrap this in paper and paint it and then put a cone over it.

The secret magnetic reed switch inside the Lightbulb Diorama

What will happen is the cone lights up and I also going to to be able to activate it from outside the bulb without touching it I've sodded this piece of enough you can see that I've solid this piece of little steel onto the end of this which makes it magnetic and then that way I can use a magnet to manipulate it around and what I'm going to do is I want to do a little setup.

It will the magnet will pull on it and it will connect and it'll light up the led.

That's pretty interesting i'm going to do some more and i'll show you how that goes. Okay, i just wanted to show you how the secret light up dragon star was coming along. This is it. This is the tower it's going to go in the front I've got the batteries in there it's all hooked up and getting closer to finishing I painted a little dragon on the front of it and here. This is what's going to support it's going to look like when it lights up can you see that kind of there we go see how the tower lights up now the only thing remaining to do is for me to make the little magnetic mechanism that's going to activate this.

I'll get to that and I'll show it to you when I'm done. Okay, i just wanted to show you here real quick I've been working on the tower the lighted tower and what I have here is something called the magnetic reed switch and. This is going to go inside the bulb and I'll be able to activate it from quickly says it's eleven o'clock I'll be able to activate it from outside the bulb using a magnet now what it is is if you'll watch this carefully as I get close with the Magna the little metal a little steel point in their moves yeah and the light comes on.

You know that's a fun little audition and that's called a magnetic reed switch you want to have there is some stranded why copper wire.

It's some flexible and it'll it'll pull it will move with the magnet and have that solid to a point of a push pin which is steel and magnetized and then the other conductor I have forms a circle around it.

No matter which way I go at it it'll pull on that pull on that copper wire and cause the light to go on make the connection cause the light to go on and you can see the tower I I pinned a little dragon on there.

This setup but the magnetic reed switch is done that's the secret little light and I'm going to be installed on that inside the bulb and then I'll be able to i'll be close to finishing off the whole thing I wanted to show you i have the Dragons tower in place and I have the little magnetic reed switch in place and that's all set and let me show you how that works you can see the magnetic reads which I have right here and what happens is when you you know get close to it with a magnet I don't know if you can see that but the little metal bar will pull yeah and it light comes on. Okay.

Kind of neat.

Get into action with the diorama even without getting inside there.

I wanted to show you the completed project here I've got their castle all is in there the clouds I've got the bottle corked the dragons in there if you can see that little fire breathing dragon they're attacking the castle and the Magnetic reed switch let me get the magnet here there you go.

The light comes on.

That's a fun little project.

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