The Sennheiser GAME ZERO Headset Review, Mic Test & Unboxing

What is up everyone Josh here from start replay calm and welcome to another gaming headset review today I'm checking out the games era headset from Sennheiser but first as always let me show you what's in the box in the box you get the standard 3.5 millimeter cables a fancy carry case and of course the headset a premium gaming headset from Sennheiser I didn't even know this existed until a user by the name of Lorenzo F Ramos or Ramos asked on a recent video whether he should buy the third-generation astroid 50s or get this the game zero from Sennheiser.

Naturally I googled it asked for a sample to review and here it is and Lorenzo I just want to start straight off the bat by saying if you're looking between the Astro 50s and this go for the after a 50s so. This is the game zero Sennheiser's premium gaming headset that's wired and will work with pretty much any device that has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Okay, maybe no good for iphone 7 users it's 200 pounds oh and it's audio output is 2.1 stereo what the fuck it's a 200 pound gaming headset that doesn't support 7.1 surround sound that's a tough sell before I starts bouncing more negativity around this headset let me take you through its design now it is an incredibly well-built headset and you'd like to think.

Given its obscene price which I'll come onto in a bit everything from adjusting the headband to flipping down the mic with a really satisfying click and it means when you lift it up adjusting the volume with a little slider little wheel on the sides even though you can't turn off the volume entirely which is a bit strange to when you need to pack them in its carry case and you snap the air cups in even the padding on the air cups and the headband really soft really comfy on the head and despite the fact that I'm not a big fan of this material because if I wear it for an extended period of time like is begin to sweat it does increase noise cancellation which means when you have it on it produces a lot of background noise which is handy if you want to immerse yourself into games more as for its 2.1 stereo audio it's nice but come on is no match for 7.1 surround sound I did enjoy. However, listening to music with these but then again you're not going to catch me outside wearing them because you can't remove the huge mic which is bolted on then again the game zero definitely has a great sounding mic and here's a demonstration for you. This is a mic test of a sennheiser game 0 headset i am completely confused right now because i have no idea which markets sennheiser trying to target with this headset most people will know the company like i do for creating great headphones for you to listen to your music through not gaming headsets on the front face of things it seems like they've taken one of their great headsets bolted on a mic codec gaming headset and that's about it it's real expensive it's a designer gaming headset which i don't think can be considered a serious contender to the likes of what SteelSeries astro turtlebeach Razer and even asus produce for the gaming community sure if you have a ton of money but you don't know what to do with them buy this headset it is comfortable the audio is commendable you know it is good for what it is even at 2.1 stereo sound when it comes down to racing the Sennheiser game 0 headset it's probably not much of a surprise when I say I only give it two stars out of five I mean come on Sennheiser do you really think a 200-pound wired gaming headset that outputs a 2.1 stereo sound will be able to compete against the likes of astro and turtlebeach and razor and SteelSeries asus it can't it's a designer gaming headset that people have too much money and want to look cool whilst they play games you can still look cool if you buy one of Sennheiser's competitors you know for a lot less than the 200 pound price tag this carries I could get a 7.1 wireless gaming headset maybe in the future sennheiser will create a headset which is actually a an affordable competitor that packs a ton of features but for now it doesn't at all if you liked this video then don't forget to give it a like if you want to comment then please do if you're on PC or even mobile platforms don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already done.

Also as a video I thought you might like to watch next in the meantime thanks for watching and I'll catch you next time.

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