The Skincare Routine That Is Saving My Face//ACCUTANE MONTH 2

All right why is the lighting.

Bad ah there we go I don't ever film.

I'm sorry alright.

Um I have a little bit of extra time not much but a little bit.

The Skincare Routine That Is Saving My Face//ACCUTANE MONTH 2

I wanted to make an update I did promise one in my last video that was the two-month update of my accutane course and at that time I had been up to 260 milligrams which was 40 milligrams then more than I was ever expecting to take.

I was very wary about it I am quite a small person and I know that it goes off of wait.

I was like why do you do this to me do you want me to die thanks I mean I think the dermatologist doesn't like me I don't know I have like this vendetta with him now she's not wise but um.

I've been taking 60 milligrams what I have been doing is I had some 20 milligram pills left and now I have to 30 milligrams those are my new ones.

What I did for a week I used up the 20 milligrams I took them once a morning and then I would take 30 and evening.

That made up 50 milligrams therefore you know I've been taking 20 40 50 and now I'm on 60.

A lot more of a gradual thing than what my dermatologist intended he wanted to just put me on 40 right off of that and then put me on 60 normally I do what dermatologists talent well what doctors tell me but there are such things as vibes and I'm not feeling them right now with this guy.

I think I expressed my concern in the other video.

If you want to know more about that you can watch that but um yeah sometimes hottests are weird I don't know man anyway, have I died because of this high dosage nope still here thank God have I needed to visit the emergency room no not that either have I changed significantly No actually have they broken out yes I have I think in earlier videos I did mention that I have a lot of closed comedones on my jaw line I am wearing makeup right now that's because I have to go soon but you know um those are turning into spots unfortunately my lighting is against me right now but you can still kind of see them and then I had some right here which you can see as well I'm crap at concealing the spots especially on dry skin I don't know how people do it but I'm not good and yeah I just have a little bit of some of that it's just kind of like scarring probably shit.

Yeah I have been breaking out more which is to be expected accutane is supposed to kind of push that stuff out of your skin causing of course you know spots and then it's supposed to leave your face and stay gone and good riddance that is the goal that we're all seeking right.

Um yeah nothing crazy I feel like I've said that a lot in the couple past videos really nothing crazy I mean I've been very fortunate.

Far I used to think that's because I was on a relatively low doses but now I'm on 60 I have been for two weeks have I been on it for two hours no one-and-a-half actually something like that for sometime and because I think I've been keeping up with my skincare regimen a lot and I've been drinking a lot of water I think I've been handling it. Okay.

Far now of course there are some side effects that hmm like you know with the digestive system if you get something going on there that's kind of hard to prevent I guess except maybe a very healthy diet but when it comes to dry skin cracking lips and just dry throat and stuff like that I think there definitely are things that you can do to just make it easier for yourself and that might be very hard for somebody who's used to having oily skin but because I started off with more normal skin moisturizing intensely has actually not been too crazy for me at all I am a huge skincare junkie though.

That might have to do with that but because I've really been on top of things especially the lips I think it's been relatively. Okay, for me and the line is going away great can you tell probably also dyed my hair by the way anyway, the number one thing I really want to talk about is if they need a spokesperson for all four I will be there because this stuff is really amazing it's from Eucerin that's how you pronounce it it's the advanced therapy healing ointment and I've been using this I've been applying it multiple times a day and if I haven't worn it for a good while I will notice my my lips hurting and they will get a little bit red but once I put it back on it's fine it's really been.

Helpful and during like at night when I'm going to sleep I put it on the area surrounding my lips which i think is really important and especially the corners because I've had cracked lips before they are dreadful and painful you do not want that do not set yourself up for that put this off that's all you really need honestly and if you start that right on the first day I think you should be. Okay, unless you start a really high dosage in which case I'm sorry that's gonna suck other things that I've been using I've been really layering on the moisturizing products I've been using hyaluronic acid. This is one that I would like to recommend to you. This is how Dabo it's a Japanese brand I don't think you can get it in the States or Europe or anywhere unless you're going to a Asian store but it's probably really you know expensive they're the ones that I go to our always makeup is always really expensive in skincare.

I get my stuff off of Amazon I will provide you with the link down below and you can read up on it to see if it's something for you but I have really been loving this it is very light it's like the most watery gel it is has no scent that I can tell no the only taste or anything it's incredibly inoffensive it's basically water but it is made up of really great ingredients that have been proven scientifically I believe to actually really hydrate your skin and moisturize it and jazz such as glycerin butylene glycol and hyaluronic acid I'm sure there's others that I'm just not reckoned that I don't you know recognize but. This is generally really well liked by people who are very into skincare and who are very global about it you know like different kinds of skincare and yeah it's pretty cheap it's a Japanese drugstore brand.

You won't be losing too much money on it if you don't like it um one thing that I also can recommend that is Korean actually is the Benton high content steam cream looks like this it is a very very lovely cream it is very well creamy it is very soothing to the skin because of that and I love to slather it on and the evenings it gives you that dewy look really beautiful when you what do you have dry skin you really appreciate any kind of doing is that you can get and this will provide it honestly it really will.

I really like that it smells a little bit funky but not in a chemically way more like in a fermented way and I'm not sure why but it does have snails something and be something in it.

Maybe that's why I'm I don't know but it works and that's all I care about and it's also not very expensive at all one thing that you can find in the West I guess is the brand called simple I think it's British but I'm not sure and. This is just a cleansing water I don't know how to pronounce the word micellar or my slur or whatever but it's one of those and it's very gentle it's very soothing it's not gonna take off your makeup for that I would recommend a a bomb or an oil but in the mornings if you just want to refresh your skin you know feel a little bit fresher or if you at night feel like you still have something left on your face. This is really good to use because it doesn't get off something and it does also have moisturizing ingredients in it.

It's not going to strip your skin completely which I really appreciate anything that strips your skin too much like a foam or anything like that it's just no good another thing on top of that is the Josie Maran 100% pure argan oil. This is just argan oil.

It doesn't have to be josie maran but you can't get this in Sephora if you don't know where to go um but uh probably a lot of like nature shops maybe Trader Joe's has argan oil I don't know Amazon for sure has something and I'm Arnie almost through with this bottle.

I'm gonna be checking out Amazon and trying to find something for cheaper but it's really good oils facial oils will be your Savior when you're in accutane they are just the most rich thing you can put on your face all depending what oil you get but haha but what I was supposed to be really good I haven't tried it out but it's supposed to be very similar to human sebum is what I've heard.

Very good if you're lacking that you can put that on top of your face yeah.

It works out and yeah it's just it's just very moisturizing and I really love it and I use it actually twice a day.

Cuz my skin is dry another thing that I would like to pinch it is from cause rx the ultimate nourishing rice overnight spa mask looks like this. This is how big it is and you really don't need a lot of it it's a very it's a pure white cream that's a little bit it has more of a fresh feeling to it almost gel like but it's definitely a cream it's it's a lot less stuffy feeling I guess or heavy feeling than the steam cream I would say the steam cream is relatively heavy. This is not heavy at all but if you leave it on at night and you wash your face in the morning you will feel that cream still on there.

It really does create a protective you know like a like a film over your skin and also it you know it also moisturizes on top of that it's just a really great product to you know use overnight as a mask as the name would imply.

Those are the things that I'm a big fan of I mention dark before right did I I filmed this.

Many times I don't know I'm obsessed yeah and other than that I think for hand creams really basic hand creams from Eucerin are probably fine yeah I don't have any really great cleansers to speak up because I'm still looking for them for anything I really have Clinique's take the day off balm you know in my mind I really want to get that but I've just I don't know why I've been avoiding it but one of these days I remember loving it.

I actually do want to recommend that even though I don't have it with me currently but that is quite good and in terms of cleansers I'm still looking but in general I would say something very gentle soothing something marketed towards sensitive skin nothing marked towards oily skin because that's just gonna be too much and well you don't have Whitely skin why would you want something for oily skin it's not gonna do anything for you.

Um yeah that's what I've been using for all of you who are also on accutane currently and who are watching this with me as I go or as we both go I hope that everything is going really well for you I hope that you are also having a pretty good experience with it like I said I am breaking out a little bit but they are not cysts or anything.

I'm definitely very fortunate and I hope that it keeps on going like this I'm still at the beginning.

We'll see how the middle part goes and the end and then the aftermath.

Stay tuned for that I will have a video up in well a couple of weeks beginning of month 3 and we shall see how that goes for me alright thank you very much for watching and I will see you hopefully next time bye.

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