The Story of Navitas Natural Organic Cacao

There are a few foods that are as universally loved as kakaw kakaw not only delivers great flavor but it's densely packed with healthy benefits cacao contains a rich supply of antioxidants colorless polyphenols known as flavonols is an excellent source of dietary fiber has one of the highest known dietary sources of magnesium and contains a host of other essential minerals cacao has grown throughout the world but the farms in the Amazonian lowlands of Peru provide us with two important requirements first the cacao here is organically grown on small family-run farms and second state-of-the-art processing facilities are available that assured necessary safety and quality standards join us on our journey to the Amazonian lowlands of Peru on route to find what the Mayans called the food of the gods today cacao continues to be an important part of the Peruvian economy it helps support communities where children are required to attend school and literacy rates are over ninety percent the cacao plant has also provided Peruvian farmers with eco-friendly farming methods here the passing of traditional farming techniques to the next generation is an important responsibility in part of family life when we visited this farm on a Saturday the entire family was harvesting cacao separating the beans and beginning the fermentation process they were also cutting back the trees in letting the cuttings fall on the ground around the base of the trees as the cuttings decomposed they added nutrients and natural pest control to the soil they then composted the old cacao pods with coffee beans to create an organic soil blend perfectly suited for kakao fertilization the mature cacao fruit is harvested when the pods change color navitas naturals heirloom peruvian cacao beans are then hand selected and slow dried at low temperatures next the whole beans are washed with purified water to ensure maximum cleanliness only after our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety are they shipped to San Francisco in refrigerated containers and packaged at one of the navitas naturals facilities which are certified organic and kosher navitas naturals provides organic raw cacao in seven forms whole beans nibs sweetened nibs powder liqueur butter and lip balm you.

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