The Sunday Shave Of The Day & How To Stretching Ep1, Wade&Butcher Straight Razor Shave, #SOTD

Welcome to the Sunday shave of the day episode 1 hey Eric here with its interest in wet shaving and if. This is your first time here in your interests and learning how to straight razor shave go ahead and hit that subscribe button then click on the bell next to it to be notified when I upload videos that way you won't miss a thing. All right, now in tonight's shave I use in my waiting butcher Sheffield. This is just a marvelous wedge yeah barbers not excellent blade out of the 1800s and for a soap tuna night henry cavendish. Okay, guys. This is the lavender version and I really enjoy this I'm looking forward to a nice calm quiet shave and I think it's going to be wonderful now I've had that pug blooming.

We're going to pour that old water off and we're going to put her long as a pre-shave just like always oh wow how wonderful the scent is there we go today now for a brush tonight oh by the way when that henry cavendish lavender soap in the description i will have all the ingredients in the scent profile for you. All right, and for our brush tonight when using my Omega 10000 98 excellent brush and I've got that puck in my banner Hagen bull. Okay.

Let's get it going here and that thing is sliding around.

I'm going to push it down into it and hopefully get it to stick.

Now guys how are you doing. This is the sunday shade of the day which means it's the weekend hopefully you're doing good hopefully you're having a good weekend and not know you're able to relax and enjoy some time off maybe with family and friends I don't know yeah hopefully that will your being able to at least have a little downtime right I know for me I need that.

Now and I'm guys KJ k and k pros was putting comments in the description about getting cut on the cheek and things like that and how that was for them a really tough area.

I'm going to try to give some tips on that today and hopefully it will be helpful yeah.

Now my question to you guys.

Everybody out there you know subscribers viewers what is your most difficult section to shave with the straight razor you know in the comments just let me know that would be marvelous for me really it's more to do with my box things like that all the imperfections my cheeks really did not bother me as much as it could have I guess you know my neck has been pretty good as well.

Let me know what gives you the most trouble shaving with a straight razor you know on the stretching thing and as we go through this tonight I'll go ahead and try to point out what I'm doing it hopefully it'd be helpful like I say looking Pat's oh wow here we go. Okay, now. This is episode one of the sunday shave of the day which is with the grain.

Now how I'm going to start is I'm going to reach over and I'm going to grab my pimple right here and I'm going to pull that up and see how what that's doing to my cheek I'm going to grab that and then I'm going to move my mouth and put air in my mouth and then take my mouth point it the opposite direction.

I'm contracting in here and stretching everything to hopefully get nice taut skin.

You pull that up in for me in this section I'm going to not use this hand anymore it's just going to be all about the air in my mouth and you know why I do it with my lips. All right, now in here you know we just have to continue on with that same strategy that's more of a hollow but it the same strategy works for me now for here I get that bump right there.

Well I'm going to be doing is I'm going to be pulling my neck down and lifting my head up. Okay, just like that. All right, now for my chin now. This is the only way I can do it and this works for me I just smile real big and that just takes everything in my chin and holds it tight now I'm going to hold down here look up and that will stretch my neck one way and then I'm going to stretch my neck down as well. All right, and check it out great.

Lully is if you guys have not tried humoring cavendish it really is it uh nice oak I really enjoy it um you know the scent on this one with the lavender is just amazing. Okay.

Now here I'm going to be stretching with my mouth my chin and my neck they got a little bump right there and as I do that I'm going to hold down with this hand start to my head right.

Now there's that then clean that blade are now up here on this lip it's more one mustache area and all of that you know just watch I just opened my mouth and again it's just stretching everything to get it taut.

Experiment with different facial expressions you know and see what works in here and sticking out my jaw pushing my lip into my team and smiling now the lip is going over my teeth to try to stretch that middle section here we go. All right.

There's half of it now I'm going to switch hands ring to the other half clean off those little spots.

We know where they are and again I'm going to I'm going to be grabbing that temple pulling it up like that see and I'm going to be puffing out my cheek with air and then I'm going to tighten this side to pull everything time here we go and for me that works see now here same thing we're going to just pop out then cheat with air and that's a hollow.

You know it takes a little while to kind of get in there and you know you see you're watching me hit it several times that's how it works best for me. Okay, now on this side I stretch more down like this on this side though I'm going to pull that cheek up like this to get over my jawline because that works better on this side now I'm getting close to the middle of the cheat I'm going to puff up that cheek with air. Okay, now for this chin. Okay, I'm going to do the same smiling trick but I'm going to grab it and pull it over my face is not the same. This is the only way that works for me each side is completely different.

You may find that same thing happens with you.

If each side is different and it's not the same the way you need to do it just go ahead and adapt. All right, you know I'm stretching my lifting my head up and again pulling my neck down and even smiling you know do what works right there puff up the cheek that works for me. All right, here you get I believe this soap I mean great cushion excellent soap really is if you haven't tried it again like I say give it a shot. All right, let's finish this off and I'm going to basically do the same thing here I did on the other side. All right, there you go pass one complete let's go ahead and get that wash off and see how we did it well not nice good first pass good beard reduction. All right, there you go coming up next is a past and a half.

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