The Truth About Candy Coated Almonds

In these intellectually emotionally spiritually perilous times the mass media is throwing huge quantities of Lies at us and we turn to the alternative media and find alternative huge lies thrown at us the mind becomes gripped by journalistic existential intellectual passion to uncover the truth and is kept tossing and turning kept from sleeping at night by the agonies of unanswered questions like what is the true all-in content of candy coated almonds I finally embarked on my quest to find an answer to this question I took a knife and sliced away the external consumerist mass media coating on the outside the candy coated almond separated the presumably healthy touted as a possible treatment for everything from acid reflux to Parkins disease Parkinson's disease almond core then I took these respective components to my admittedly possibly government influenced and conspiratorial post office where I had them weighed the numbers came out is 27 grams for a sample similar to this one of purified almonds 60 grams for the lemon flavoured icing sugar coating for total weight of 87 grams and a total content of thirty-one percent almonds this bigs the question is it ever possible to beat the consumerist mass media brainwashing system when buying almonds which one candy-coated are admittedly often much cheaper than straight almonds these ones were 74 cents per hundred grams because in each consumerist marketing cycle some almonds are left over lon purchased and blown out at bargain prices these are now been replaced by fall-themed almonds which sell for what dollar ninety four hundred grams but how cheap would they have to get went for it to be worthwhile to strip away the deceptive outer coating and get it the core the truth well at this point it's not worth it but at one point in the past they had an abundant oversupply of candy coated yogurt-covered christmas-themed almonds which were below note at the bargain price of 34 cents per hundred grams and at that point yes it would have been cheaper to get ones almonds by buying the oversupply Christmas surplus almonds and stripping away the interior coating
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