The Van Der Hagen Safety Razor (Single Blade) | Thick, Coarse Beard/Scruff Removal

I haven't shaved since the last time I made a video regarding the Vander Hagan safety razor. This is a single blade razor and I did a comparison between this and a Mach 3 with a UH I think three or four blades I kind of like the shave on this but think is I'm gonna need to use this today why because I haven't shaved in over two weeks.

Maybe even a little bit over two weeks.

My technique is to instead of taking this straight to the skin and making multiple passes over your face you're more susceptible getting cut like that and wearing down the razor blade a lot quicker.

What I do when I'm when my hair is coarse and thick and my beard is kind of grown out I take these Clippers and I clip off the hair first not sure if many of you do that but if you don't that's a good idea.

The Van Der Hagen Safety Razor (Single Blade) | Thick, Coarse Beard/Scruff Removal

Use this first and then put on some shaving cream and get a shave with a single blade safety razor like this again it's called the Vander Hagan you could pick it up from the local grocery store for under ten dollars I'll post a link as well somewhere on the description or on the video anyway, I'm gonna go ahead and film a time-lapse video showing me basically taking care of my beard with this and then getting the close shave with this.

If you're interested in a new blade or new razor and you have a lot of irritation on your skin get the single blade multiple blades often dig underneath your skin and cause pimples and rashes and other other blemishes.

Something for you to try out and and check out my video obviously this one but there's a previous one that I posted where I do a comparison.

I'll post the link as well but check it out you.

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