Therm O Web Deco Foil

You guys step here from crafting in the rain I've got a really quick video to dis show off this cool new product I think you guys aren't really going to like it it's deco foil made by thermal web and you can make these cool foiled projects and you don't even need a special machine for it.

The first thing I did there's this adhesive foam this it's about that thick I cut this out on my cricket and just had the dial set to the posterboard setting and I cut out perfectly.

You just kill off one of the sides both sides are sticky.

This one and then you just lay the foil over the top of it and rub the foil.

Therm O Web Deco Foil

That it sticks just try to press it down everywhere and if some of it doesn't work then you can do it again. Okay, look at that just peeled right off and now cool super shiny foil part peel off the back of it and stick it down on whatever you want to what else is great is they have this a use of 10.

Then you can draw paper wood fabric whatever you want just let it dry there's my name and the same thing took it over the top of it and rub and there's the foil on there like I said you can also do it on wood. All right.

Super fast and easy and really cool results in the blog post I have some links on where you can actually go buy this stuff and let me know if you have any questions thanks for watching bye.

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