Therm O Web - Deco Foil Adhesives - SPC Summer 2016

Hi. This is dawn at the thermal web booth here at the spc mixed-media show for scrapbook com today we're going to show you are a few of our deco foil adhesive products we're going to be making this fun little flower pin.

Some of our adhesive products with deco foil require heat to transfer. This is our deco foil liquid glue this requires no heat we have already prepared our samples we just brushed on the liquid to get this cool brushstroke effect.

That's the deco foil liquid I'm going to set this aside for a moment and i'm going to show you our deco foil adhesive pen.

The adhesive pen requires pressure to transfer the foil.

Therm O Web -  Deco Foil Adhesives - SPC Summer 2016

We're going to use our die cut machine today and i'll show you that in just a moment the most important thing to remember about the deco foil pen when you're when you're foiling your handwriting is the marker it's got a marker like tips.

The first time you use it you press down for 30 seconds to start the glue and then after that it's a very light touch you don't want to press down again or you might have a little mess.

I'm just going to detail my little flower here with just nice easy glue lines and. This is a really fun way to add foil accents to your scrapbook papers to foil pre-made embellishments very easy and affordable alright.

Maybe you can kind of see some of the adhesive on this little flower whenever you transfer foil you always want the color side up and the dull side touching the adhesive just.

I can put both flowers on one piece i'm going to flip this over.

This flower i'm just going to give it a little tap that's the adhesive pen. This is the liquid adhesive i'm going to give it a little tap i'm going to cover this with my pressing paper just.

The glue won't stick to my cardstock we got a little messy that happens I'm going to put this piece inside a cardstock folder just to hold everything steady and then I'm going to move over to my manual die cut machine I'm going to put the cardstock between the cutting plates I have this machine set up to cut wafer-thin dies obviously I'm not cutting I just want that good amount of pressure.

I'll roll this right through the die cut machine and then. This is the really fun part you'll get to see the foil transferred to the adhesive.

Because I applied the liquid deco foil adhesive with a paintbrush it keeps all that pretty brushstroke effect.

If you can see you've got some great dimension there and then. This is the deco foil adhesive pen and as I said you can do your own handwriting you can doodle stencil with the pen and then all we're going to do is use our adhesives at we're going to put one on the back and attach it to the center and then we've got this fun little deco foil button and then we just attach a pin back and then you've got this great little wearable easy project you.

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