Therm O Web DecoFoilâ„¢ and Adhesive Pen!

Hi everyone Chrissy here today and welcome to my youtube channel I am.

Excited to be able to share this card that I created for thermal web and right now I'm going to show you how I did it using a bunch of amazing thermal web products.

You can see I have the deco foil adhesive pad I have some taco foil there but first before I do anything else we are going to start out with these easy cut adhesive sheets these sheets make any piece of paper any piece of cardstock two-sided like sticky.

What you do is you trim it down to the size of whatever your card stock is going to be I use some watercolor cardstock and I just use a scrap piece of paper and trimmed it down to the approximate size then you peel off the one side of the release tape and stick it on the back.

Therm O Web DecoFoilâ„¢ and Adhesive Pen!

Now I'm running it through my die cutting machine. This is my little cuddle bug and I just chose a celebrate die um it's like a little script e1 and because i had that release on the back the adhesive cut sheet now you can see when i pull out the dye the backside is actually going to be sticky but it's not sticky yet because i still have that other side of the release tape on there.

I can still work on my die i have no problems with it whatsoever it's not gonna stick to anything or be annoying um once i peel off that release tape that it will be really sticky.

I decided i wanted to do kind of like an ombre effect i wanted to go from yellow to red to gold.

I grabbed my watercolors and you can see I just real kind of gently and loosely added some color um I always dab in a paper towel because i feel like i have too much water.

That's why you see me dabbing all the time but I kind of blends it a little bit.

The next step is we're going to add the goal.

Here you can see I'm just testing it like on a scrap piece of paper the first time you get this adhesive pen um you need to hold it down like press it down for 30 seconds let that adhesive show run through that's what I was kind of showing there and then after that you're you're good as gold you're fine so. This is the champagne color of the deco foil and I'm just cutting off a small piece you don't have to do that it's just a little bit easier for me work with especially on camera if not the whole thing covers everything.

I'm just going and I'm just kind of tracing the bottom portion with that adhesive pen cuz like i said i wanted it to do kind of like an ombre we're gonna go from one color to another then to the gold.

Just kind of going back and just adding a little bit more in I using a nonstick craft mat but i did also protect my surface with another piece of scrap paper and then all you have to do you can use your laminator if you want to I chose to run it through my die cutter again since I head out and off to the side and ready for me.

You just place it inside a folded piece of cardstock I just had like an extra blank card laying around and run it through your die-cutting machine as you normally would for your normal stand 'which and then you can see there I peeled it off and now it looks awesome and I'm just kind of going and blending a few of the colors again at the gold but the watercolor.

Boom it's done and is fantastic.

Now. This is a cute little girl that I colored off camera I wasn't going to bore you with my coloring.

I want to add a little bit of foil to her dress she's got a little hard on there I'm said that it would just be kinda like a fun touch to tie everything together because what i want to do is I want to have the foil on that die I want to have it on the grill and then I'm also going to show you how to add it on the edges of your cart.

We're going to have a lot of oil but it's not going to be too much it's not going to be overpowering or anything like that it's just little touches here and there to tie everything together to make it all work.

I ran it through and then because i'm kind of a butterfingers I had a little bit too much adhesive on there.

All you have to do is I have this tool in one it's a paper piercer on the end you can scratch the extra foil off of the paper piercer or you can use like an exacto knife or something like that anything that's sharp careful don't cut yourself or anything like that but anything that's got like a sharp tip it'll easily come off and then I'm just going to go ahead and I'm just going to trim this out.

I recommend using super sharp scissors when you are fussy cutting some stamps have coordinating dies you can also do that to make good use of that die cutting machine that I've already is twice that I'm going to use again and then we are going to adhere this to the front of the card with some foam adhesive but we will get to that in a lot file.

I kind of like fussy cutting it's kind of like therapeutic for me.

Now I told you you're going to add some foil to the edges of our card. This is my card base what we're working on before is actually going to go on the front panel.

Don't worry. This is going to look really messy it won't be in the end there's no need for precision with this because I knew I'd be covering it up with a front panel.

I just trimmed a few pieces of those adhesive cut sheets to make sure that they would go um they would fit across the top and the bottom and the two sides and then I actually let them go off the edge because for me it's a lot easier to trim off the excess then trying to align it absolutely perfectly.

Once all those were on and everything you can see I'm releasing the adhesive and then I'm just going to go ahead and I'm going to press it down right on my foil just like before the end of the foil and I'm going to run it through my die cutting machine now because. This is already an actual card base I did not need the pressure to put it inside a blank card I just put a scrap piece of paper on top of it and I ran it through twice that just that worked perfectly fine otherwise it was a little bit too thick I couldn't get it through my machine.

You can see here I'm peeling it off look it on it and keep this your foil is.

Good that hasn't been used.

Keep it and put it aside close with the edges um now what I'm going to do is I'm going to start water coloring it's going to be pretty quick um I'm kind of messing with this I'm not doing anything that needs absolute precision. This is just kind of going to be a simple background I want it to not be boring I don't want just a plain stark white background but I want enough color on there that it will work with that little girl that I colored and that will make the gold or on the edges and on the dye pop out.

As you can see i just i add a water first and i added some color and it's more color kind of blended together i plotted it I did the same thing again i use the heat gun I love watercolor because I can be loosey goosey and goofy and do whatever and create backgrounds like this or I can use a smaller brush and less water and then I can really get in there and paint something beautiful with a lot of detail.

You'll see me using watercolors lat and I just think it's such a great contrast with the foil as well something about that soft contrast and then with the foil it just I think it's awesome.

Here I am adding adhesive strong adhesive strong throw I've adhesive to the back of that panel that we just painted and I'm putting it over that card base that we did and see what I'm talking about um all the foil that was kind of like crooked and cockeyed doesn't even matter you can't even see it.

Now I can peel off that release that we cut very first up with this video we're almost there um and now it's nice and sticky and I can place it on there with absolutely no problem whatsoever if you need to use tweezers or something to get it on there some of these dyes or really intricate and kind of hard to deal with.

You can always use tweezers and it makes it really easy to place things down I'm just grabbing a watercolor marker and I added a little bit of yellow to the top I just kind of felt like it needed to pop out a little bit it was getting the hair lost in there.

Now I'm blending it um with a water brush.

It blends seamlessly with the water colors that i painted earlier.

Now i'm using foam adhesive um to add that little girl on that me fussy cut out not too long ago.

I love this adhesive because one it's super thick.

We're really makes things pop out I don't have to put two squares on and two I can cut it in half and use it for what I need I have big I can cut it small they're small within the pack super awesome.

Last but not least I decided to add some sequins and for that I use these small zat's um these are a great alternative to glue or any other type of liquid adhesive I actually prefer using these when I have them on hand versus anything else I'm with the glue you have to wait I'm an impatient crafter I do not like to wait for things that's why I use a heat gun whenever I can with glue that doesn't usually work.

I love using thats and I love the small ones because they are always the perfect side for sequins.

I'm just using my tweezers to place the sequins on there really staticy.

It just makes it a little bit easier for me to actually get them on the card and before I put adhesive down I always kind of place them and I move things around to decide what I'm going to do add more take away whatever I definite like to plan things out.

You can see now the sequins are on there and. This is our finished card we're all set we have used several adhesives and several foils thanks for stopping by I hope you will give this card a try thanks.

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