Thermo O Web - New Deco Foil Products for Paper Crafters - CHA 2016

Hi. This is dawn with thermo web we're here at the CH a show and we're featuring some of our new deck or foil products for paper crafters today we're going to be making this cute little card that showcases our new peel and stick toner sheet our designer stencils and our deco foil adhesive pen they're very easy products to use.

First we're going to adhere our pattern paper to our card. This is our adhesive runner alright that's step one step two our peel n stick toner sheets are offered in an eight by ten laser printed sheet of cardstock with an adhesive backing what this allows you to do is use your punches manual dies and electronic cutting systems to essentially create foiled embellishments that work like a stick this technique does require a heat transfer.

We're going to use our laminator because this shape is rather delicate I want to use a sheet of cardstock as a backer just to provide a little bit of extra durability we're going to always keep our piece black site up because that's where the thermal ink is and then we're going to place our deco foil sheet color side up this will feed folded edge first into our laminator and that's all there is to it while we wait for this step I'll show you our new deck or foil adhesive pen and our designers stunts on this pen is terrific because you can use it with the stencils you can also use it to foil your own handwriting.

That's really a fun touch you can add embellishments to patterned papers and customize other embellishments with a couple of tips about the pen it has a removable nib the first time you use it you depress the tip for about 30 seconds to start the glue flow after that all I need to do is simply glide my pen over each opening one time nice slow steady motion and it dries almost instantly.

Thermo O Web - New Deco Foil Products for Paper Crafters - CHA 2016

I don't know if that if that shows up but you can kind of see the adhesive now there are two ways to transfer deco foil with the adhesive 10 I can run it through my laminator the same way i did my peel and stick but i can also use the pressure of a manual die cutting machine.

I'm going to try the die-cutting machine I'm going to cover it with my foil and give it a little tap I'm going to place my piece inside a folded sheet of cardstock and I'm going to run it through my die cut machine set the same way you would cut away for thin die.

I have my two cutting plates my cardstock folder and my piece inside. All right, and. This is the really fun part the peel and reveal.

Here's my adhesive word i'm going to peel my foil sheet and i have this lovely foil finish alright.

I'm going to bring this back around to my card and by now my peel-and-stick keith has gone from the laminator so. This is the backing i'm going to peel off my foil sheet and i have this nice shiny mirror finish the backing is scored for easy removal it usually comes off in a few different pieces and I can even use this as a frame for my word.

I'm going to place my word on my sheet stick it down and there we go.

Very easy to use products fun new ways to deco foil if you have any questions please visit us at thermo web com thanks for coming by proving be sure to like our video and subscribe to our YouTube channel scrap time videos to be the first to see the latest videos from CH a 2016 you.

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