Thermoweb Deco Foil Resist Technique

Hello welcome to scrap time my name is Christine and in this video i am showing you a foiling resist technique in this video i'm going to show you how you can put foiling on your background and then use it as a resist with distress inks.

All these cards have been foiled these prints are from graphics com they have.

Many prints you can choose from and.

These were overall patterns in like 12 x 12 sheets I printed them off on an eight and a half by 11 and then I folded it in half you can sort of see here the difference i have it was all black and then this side has been foiled you can maybe see the reflection on my finger and that in the foiling yeah open this one.

Thermoweb Deco Foil Resist Technique

You can see the difference and then this one was a black foil I just want to open to show you that it was a big sheet but I only foiled half of it and I'm going to show you how I do that but i think these make really great little note cards just to show you a few more patterns with that I haven't resisted yet we have this one and then this one I boil in a purple and this one in a blue if I open it up maybe you can see the difference between the foiled and non foiled side and this.

Just give you some idea of some of the prints that are available at graphics com and you can get a bunch of free free prints of your choosing when you sign up for a week free trial that you can download and keep free.

You might want to check that out.

I am using this print here I folded it in half and.

I have a choice I could use either or but i think i'm going to use this film with the two flowers and the leaves coming in i'm going to do it in green foil and this boil is from thermo web it's their deco foil and i have some parchment that i'm going to put it in and you always put the color side of the foil up that's very important.

I'm going to bring in my laminator just want to show you that i have it set on five millimeters even though the light just went out it should be fine i've had it plugged in for a while and the light has already been on and i'm going to put this screw laminator now if you have another laminator give it a try see how it works i've only used the Royal Sovereign.

Not all laminators are the same but if it has a hot setting you should try it first to see how it works for you we're just going to let this go through takes just a moment for it to go through and usually well. This is going on I would be prepping some of my other cards that I'm going to be foiling.

I multitask but right now I'm just going to talk to you a little more while we wait for this to get through our laminator it will be just a moment almost there you don't want to rush it you want to make sure that your whole image gets put through I think right now just at the paper.

I'm going to turn this off I just like to furnish it a bit but I probably make zero difference or let it just cool a little it's just a personal thing and then I'm going to peel it off.

You can see by our foil here that all of that got laminated on and how beautiful. This is.

I could use this may be on a toner sheet or something and add this pattern to another project or if you had like an adhesive sheet i could put it down in the foyer would stick to it.

You don't want to throw these out there just beautiful and can be used on another project.

Let's see if we can see this boiling.

You can see it's nice and green.

Now I'm going to add some distress inks to it.

I just pick some orange pink sand red I've got carved pumpkin abandoned pearl coral right person of them picked raspberry and festive berries I'm just going to start and.

Because that foil is slick it resists Thanks.

You can make some beautiful cards just by different whatever patterns you pick whatever colors you pick what the color of foiling you pick all these different things can change the outcome of your card obviously I could do the same pattern but use a pile of different inks and I could have a beautiful set of cards and I like to make these cards and then I give them away as gifts.

You can make lovely sex and there you make great hostess gifts little family christmas gifts teacher gifts Gemma's teacher loves to receive the cards at the end of the year or at Christmas or I also use them when I need to send a note to school I always use my cards and send them with like you know whenever gym is going to be absent or that I send them a little note in all these cards I make and they really appreciate them and they actually post them and keep them all year long is on display I don't know that yeah that's a good i have my earth in the classroom i guess a bit of pain i don't think i need to add the festive berries i think we have enough hell are going on and just like that that's how quick it is to make this really pretty card with the foiling thanks for watching be sure to like our video give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel scrap time videos see you next time bye bye.

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