Thermoweb Get Well Card with Deco Foil

Hi it's Lori from Lori story calm today I have a tutorial for you showing the I craft deco foiled by thermal web the first thing I did was taped down a stencil on top of a piece of vellum using painters tape and then I applied the deco foil adhesive over the top of the stencil and I just used a credit card or a scraper whatever you have a palette knife would be fine too and I just tried to spread that as evenly as I could over the stencil and I'm just trying to make sure that the stencil is evenly covered the next thing I'm going to do is remove the painters tape and then carefully lift the stencil up without disturbing the pattern that we have on the stencil you want to make sure and wash your stencil and your tools right away I'm also going to remove the washi tape from the vellum you could leave it there I was just afraid that the adhesive would dry over the top and then maybe rip when I pulled it off you're going to set this aside for about 30 minutes to dry you want to wait till the adhesive is totally clear here is the adhesive after its dried for actually mine drive for several hours I'm going to take off a piece of deco foil and place that over the top of the stencil with the gold side facing up and now i'm going to apply the deco file over the top of my stenciled vellum i'm using a briar to rub the foil over the top of the vellum and then i'm going to turn it over and bright it on the other side as well and that i'm also going to rub it with my fingers and you just want to make sure that the foil is completely adhered to the adhesive that is on the other side you should be able to start to see the pattern through the deco foil once the deco foil is completely attached I'm going to peel back the foil and you see I have this beautifully stenciled gold foiled piece of vellum I just love how this turned out for my sentiment I printed out a sentiment on my laser printer and then I applied at piece of deco foil over the top and closed it in a piece of copy paper and I'm going to run it through my laminator and here you can see the sentiment once I removed the gold foil it is perfectly foiled get well soon to apply the vellum piece to my card base I'm going to use these dots single adhesive dots these are the small ones i really like these they come individually packaged.

You can place them exactly where you want and I'm just placing them behind the foiled design on the front.

That they won't be visible from the back side I continued to assemble the rest of the card using these dots small glue adhesive dots I'm going to speed up the video now while I finish the card thanks.

Much for watching.

Thermoweb Get Well Card with Deco Foil

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