Thermoweb - iCraft - Deco Foil with Foam Adhesive - CHA 2015

You. Okay, so. This is our deco foils and they do come in tubes with Phi to the two there's 6 by 12 sheets and we're going to show how you use the deco foils with our new white foam adhesive sheets that we've made specifically to work with the foils they work beautifully with punches with your die-cut machines electronic cutters and they'll come two sheets to a pack that are 6 by 12.

Let me show you how easy it is to work with those we just cut a smaller sheet for today took a piece out of the 6 by 12 I'm just using punch there everybody scout around pop that out there's a liner on each side.

It's not sticky when I take it out what you're going to do is you're going to release one of the sides of the liner off the sheet take that and. This is the tricky part place it down on the wrong side of the foil.

Press down put that over and I say like to finger burnish over the top edge go cross that nice and smooth with the back over and there you go how amazing is that and if you would make a mistake and you didn't pick up some of the foil when you when you pressed it down you could simply just turn it back over press it back down and you would just rub it again until you cover it completely back up.

Thermoweb - iCraft - Deco Foil with Foam Adhesive - CHA 2015

Here and here's some examples that you guys can see. This is done with an electronic cutter with the gold. This is our amazing rainbow foil it has the most ridiculous colors and then this or even your pocket page scrapbooking right behind here. This is using the negative oh and here it is run with and embossing cotton memories yeah.

That's our i crap deco coils with on my craft foam sheets.

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