Thermoweb - iCraft - Deco Foil with Laminator - CHA 2015

There are thermal web station we're going to debut here I craft Deco foils talking what your Wallington art director for turbo welcome if I can do this anywhere could visit first off I craft deco foils work with any land in there just just happens to be a laminator that we work when we were testing there works well it's Royal Sovereign it has two settings a three and a five been on all day it's it's warm but it's not hot I can touch it everywhere and again you can use any laminator you just need to test it with our foils first way to use deco foils here on this station you can use any art look you want as long as you print it to a laser printer the laser printer has a toner and that's what heats up and is used with our textile foils it does not have to be white paper it could be brown paper because again our foils only see black and white artwork they don't see the paper in essence that black that you see here is like coal when it heats up and adheres with our foils.

I'll go ahead and show you how to use this one I'm gonna pick out rainbow which is one of our foils each tube that we sell has five sheets six by twelve which are seeing as we pre-cut these for the show in order for our foil to work I'm just going to take a regular piece of Xerox paper make a sandwich I'm gonna put it in there to the edge and we're going to put it through the lamb header I'm gonna push it in until it takes and I can let go it's gonna take about 10 seconds 12 seconds something like that and the nice thing about the laminator that we liked about this particular one again we sell these but again it's not recommended as it has a release button.

When I think it went past the artwork it has a special button here that I can release.

Then I don't have to wait the extra three four or five seconds.

Thermoweb - iCraft - Deco Foil with Laminator - CHA 2015

I'm gonna do that right now if you're not me I'm gonna pick it up don't worry about the extra bubbling cuz that's from the heat it's only going where that artwork was and I'll show you where we started real quick before I peel it wherever the artwork is our foil is going to it and you because it's.

Intricate if it's going to it.

It's kind of like a shrink wrap.

All they have to do is say I craft deco foil it doesn't work unless you say them before any artwork you have on a laser printer in a color paper I'm showing something and this one happened to be with our rainbow now this piece you cannot run through again through this laminator but you can use it with our liquid glues when it's dry and. This is run through the laminator and also these are the phones that we showed you guys as well.

Those were die-cut with the Sizzix eyes combine them with the laser printed item that we heats it with the laminator and then you get a second one you're gonna show him he's got a second one I'll show you guys second process is with our iron on adhesive shoes could you give me a sham because we know everyone has hundreds of their favorite dyes and traditionally you would take your dye and run it through a paper well we have a way to get your favorite dyes on two piece of paper and foil it.

We we sell iron-on transfer adhesive they come in five and a half by 12 inch sheets there's five sheets per pack.

Instead of two running your favorite dye with a piece of paper and punching it out pretend we're taking your paper away and we're going to put our adhesive sheet in which is real thin punch out my favorite dye which is Mickey Mouse and he comes out what you're going to have is you're going to have a top cut and the bottom to expose adhesive it's adhesive on both sides but we're gonna activate that adhesive to the paper.

We're gonna just take a card stock it doesn't have to be cardstock but it's better to have a little bit thicker and we're gonna put Mickey down about approximately in the middle we're gonna use that same piece of paper we used before there's no special paper and needeth we're gonna put Mickey and we're gonna hide and we're gonna do a magic trick we're gonna put Mickey behind the paper and we're gonna hide it and we're gonna put them through the laminator again they'll take about 10 seconds or.

Julia doesn't like dead silence.

You want to chime in anytime you want and next after you're done with my show the same excellent.

Now we're going to do our magic trick for Mickey it's same piece of paper I can reuse again if I want but I'm going to test something real quick I don't feel any adhesive sometimes the adhesive comes out I could probably use that one again now Mickey's been a bad boy a little bit we need to take that liner off we're gonna pick up by his little year there we're gonna take that liner off which we don't need anymore because now we want to expose Mickey's adhesive.

That air deco foils can adhere to it I'm gonna take a rainbow again I'm going to put it on top remember that piece of paper that I used once or twice before we're gonna use them again I'm gonna put it in there going to run Mickey through the Royal Sovereign is real nice because I just put it in a couple of seconds I can already feel that it's taking it because the rollers are real good I can let go have magic Mickey soon.

Here's where we started the adhesive any die-cut you guys want you can consider punch it right get yo punch using this adhesive opposed to your paper Nikki's out screwed that up again I've used this piece of paper like three times and their finger burnished over the road and because we're in Disneyland I craft deco foil isn't that amazing.

That's our iron on transfer adhesive it works on both paper and again no adhesive needed on this laser printer your artwork your artwork foil heat laminator your favorite die-cut I am not transfer adhesive can use an iron if you'd like no steam I just need to make sure you cover your our or completely.

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