This Modern Lamp Has A Bladeless Fan And Only Costs $30! (Quick Review)

Hey guys! Tony here from Tektronix bite and. This is the ultra bright LED desk lamp with bladeless fan the light portion of this lamp has 56 ultra white long-lasting LEDs which is advertising last up to a whopping $35,000 I wish I could say I had that many subscribers anyways it has five levels of brightness the different function the length can go from a nice soft glow to a bright intensity sliding your finger along the dimmer function allows the brightness to change and it's actually quite fun to keep signing it around on top of the dimmer function you can find a mode button to switch they call it temperature from bright to natural to warm bright is best to use when you want to focus as the cool tones promote alertness natural is best for reading in the day as the color temperature isn't too cool nor too warm the warm setting is best used at nighttime as the warm color promotes sleepiness and increases the production of melatonin yeah I actually researched this the necklace and last is the adjustable gooseneck design perfect for adjusting to whatever angle you desire it's really useful for testing the light as you can adjust it to any angle take a look around the back of the lamp you can find 2 5 volt USB ports for charging your devices on the deck I can't stress how useful. This is enough I don't use my power adapter anymore because the solution is.

Much more simple now after the fan it looks.

Cool it's bladeless.

You won't hurt yourself and cause blood to be spun back at you there are three fan speeds which can be activated with the touch of this fan button this fans does a good job at well being a fan and the gentle breeze is relaxing it's great for those spend long hours at the desk especially if it's hot three captive Lance has five levels of brightness with the dimmer function three modes for light temperature a bladeless fan with three levels of speed and two USB ports both 5 volts each thank you all.

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