TJ's 5 Minute Fix Ep 1 - Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup with Superfood Pilaf

Hey guys! what's up I'm Dan today I'm gonna have you cook a five minute easy cheap and quick meal using just these two ingredients.

Over on the left here I've got my trader joes by the way you can find everything at trader joe's super accessible to everybody.

I've got my trader joes superfood pilaf organic of course and there's a lot of things going on in this little bag basically what we got going on here is we got quinoa.

That's going to be really high in protein and really high in fiber it's also got some kale in there gonna give you all those vitamins and minerals that you need throughout the date of function and live life I've also got some sweet tails in here and basically that's going to be your low glycemic index carbs it's going to keep you going making sure that you start to stave off some of those jitters and you kind of get if your blood Sugar's a little low.

Going to be adding this in there and my other ingredient that I have here on my left is I've got the organic tomato and roasted red pepper soup we've got the roasted red pepper in here that's gonna be really high in things like vitamin C paired with the tomato which is really high in lycopene it's going to be fighting off all those free radicals in your body keeping you safe.

I'm going to take these two ingredients right here I'm going to throw them in this pot right here about half a bag of the superfood p lock and a whole carton of the soup and we're gonna be putting those together for you today to create a meal that's quick easy and very very economical coming in at under two dollars serving and total prep time is about five minutes.

Let's get started.

We've gotten to the point where we're going to open the superfood pilaf here.

Just you know take your scissors and we're going to use at the minimum half a bag and it really depends on where you're at and in terms of consistency if you want more of a soupy consistency that we're going to go for more soup and less p lie but if you're wanting something a little bit harder kind of soak up some of the soup then we're gonna go with the whole bag.

I'm going to get started here as you can see I've got my stove all ready to go on a low setting you can even hear it we're just gonna squeeze that right out there we go look at that last little bits fantastic alright that's like I said I personally want all this to soak up and have a little bit more of the pilaf come through.

I'm gonna go and add in the entire back that's it there it is get the last little bit soon there's some more cam cool cool. All right, man we're just gonna get tensile we're going to kind of break up I'm going to break up some of that peel off in there it's going to take a little bit of course because pilaf is frozen but at the same time the soup is going to coat it and break it down a bit by bit and we're just going to go set that off to the side handle in scimitar and we're on step two or three of our super quick super easy super economical meal that you can have in less than five minutes alright.

We're at the last step we've got our soup our quinoa our kale our sweet potatoes all heat it up ready to go and we've let it simmer.

Now we're going to bring it on over we're gonna plate it.

You guys can see your soup yeah let me go get a little bit that kale in there fantastic alright and that's literally egg guys all we've got here is our meal we're all set literally two ingredients guys five minutes worth of prep time a little bit of time on the stove super super economical less than two dollars a serving and on top of that you can find everything at Trader Joe's right around the corner.

I'm going to go and get into the soup here and enjoy a nice easy cheap and efficient meal and I hope you guys do the same I'll see you soon.

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