TMNT FIND ALL THE CATS & GO NUTS WITH GRAPPLING HOOKS || Amazing Frog Gameplay/Funny Moments Part 22

There is a Metal Gear Solid Easter egg on this boom box instead of Fox it says frog that is great and there's a fart coming out of its butthole hey where your kitty cat I did the thing sherrod isn't saying oh oh crap what happened to the cat's head cat's head is in my butt carrot mug but I thought it'd be kind of cool to see if we can attach this guy I guess this is totalbiscuit if we can attach this guy to that wall what in the world I'm nom nom nom nom flies my favorite my favorite my favorite food oh yeah baby oh yeah I love I love flies oh well apply so much okay okay I can't get enough of them today guys and welcome back to the channel my name is Eric say guys we are back with everybody's favorite amphibious flatulent superheroes the amazing frog for another wonderful episode packed with fun adventure and lots and lots of us hope you guys are doing well and don't forget if you like this video to drop your like it down below and if you've got a comment leave it down below as well so guys we're going to jump into the amazing frog yet again and in the last episode we did restart the amazing frog series we started from the beginning again we saw the deletion of our save file that we worked over a year to actually build up with more than 20 episodes and we started the game from scratch now the last episode was actually a lot of fun for me I really did enjoy going back down into the sewers to were to kind of like kind of explore a little bit it's been a while since we've explored the year the sewers in great detail we went down there we uncovered the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles yet again we had covered so many costume guys like we uncovered the year what are we had come I can't even remember the crocodile and and the Mario Brothers and Bob Frank and Nicholas or Christopher or whatever from from who yeah we did so many things it was tons of fun we got killed by zombies we killed zombies it was just a lot of stuff that happened in the last episode and I've been trying to think about what we could do in this episode oh that would be as fun or maybe possibly even more fun than what we actually did before man look spinning stuff this is this is some hardcore professional spinning action guys check this out oh oh man that is that is how you spin that is how you spin if you are playing the amazing frog you need to let's see if I can actually get in here oh yeah oh that was fantastic we we got one of the trophies guys Hot Diggity it's been a long time since I got a trophy the best frog in the show this is the best part of the show guys apparently this guy is the best frog in the whole show and has got a goal is got a gold trophy to actually prove it he's not he's not he's not kidding he's not is not faking it this guy's literally the best frog in the show so if he says so so let's jump out guys whoa whoa oh gosh we're falling down hello swimmin hey girl buddy hey doing over this guy's what Donald Trump's running around like a maniac again what you're doing Donald he's gone into frog Court maybe it's got some special business or something so guys oh you just got the Swindon citizen points application now you can track the town's SCP boy your progress on the goal now if you haven't watched our previous series guys you might not really be sure about what this actually is and if you open up the application here the Swizz intone citizen points thingy this is our SCP points and tally kind of thing and basically you need to achieve total citizen points you need to achieve citizen points by doing things around Swindon and when you actually complete these things you will get something as a reward now I'm not going to tell you what it is just yet but it is pretty cool and it's something that really does change the way that you play the game from the point that you actually complete this so in order to win guys we need to get like a total of actually I don't know how many points do we need in order in order to do the thing I don't need we need 1500 you can see up there goes we need 1500 points in order to get that now we get different points based on the different things that we do by throwing rubbish in the bin we get points by delivering mail we get points by rescuing kitty cats we get points you also get points for doing something with mines but that's not currently functional yet points for putting criminals in jail and killing zombies and killing ants as well and you lose points for killing citizens so we don't want to kill any citizens okay that will make us lose point so what are we going to do well I thought we'd try and work towards increasing the amount of citizen that we have and the first thing they'll do before anything else is let's take this trophy upstairs okay we look at this it's like camouflage you can't see me anymore camouflage Ninja Turtles look I'm hiding guys nobody can see me I'm like completely invisible right now there we go there's like metal gear solid metal frog solid let's put let's put it in there there we go it collected the trophy we've put it in the case now there's a I think they're six trophies currently available man it makes so many shelves over here so many shells the trophies that don't even exist yet I think I'd probably found like two or three trophies out of all of them so there's still what I haven't actually found and Donald Trump seems a little bit confused over here Donald Donald come here I think I think you're trying to get outside aren't you is this what you're trying to do there you go I helped you buddy all right remember me when you're making Swindon great again remember that time that I helped you okay and feel free to give me a million bucks it don't come back inside there he goes there he goes is is so confused to suck in the rubbish bin now done old dog what do you Donald please you're embarrassing yourself stop Donald Donald stop Donald Donald Donald stop come with me come with me Donald right Donald I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna throw you over there not actually Donald come here I'm gonna put you in this poop all right wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait Donald's ha ha ha I dropped him in the bird poo then I farted so guys we can pick up rubbish so we can put this in here as well I think I think we can put this if you get there we go we get 5 points for doing that so as you can see guys we get points for doing various things around Swindon to actually help the town so what we're going to try and do in this episode because I think it's going to be tons of fun guys possibly possibly maybe is I thought that we might rescue the kitty cats we've got some kitty cats hidden around Swindon right now that are in various locations very similar to the ones that we found on the moon not too long ago and we're going to try and recover these little guys and see if we can I don't know if we can bring it back to wherever they came from actually I can't even remember where we actually need to take them or what we actually need to do with them do you guys remember good I'm actually I hold on where where do we get the box there was a box that we use to actually pick up kitty cats where was that box I I cannot remember there was a box somewhere and we use the box to pick up the cats that the box I don't I don't know where's where the boxes can't remember that one can't remember that one at all well I'm having it look from up here guys trying to see if I can maybe spot some kind of pet box to actually put the cat in and I can't see one so I won't through is there actually oh that was the wet fight is there actually a box or am i imagining do we maybe get the box when we actually put the cats inside of wherever we need to take them it's been such a long time like over a year and a half since I've actually found two kitty cat I can't remember admittedly I really oh hello yeah get down get down oh yeah oh I'm going to take your boom box how do you feel about little come dancing this is awesome I'm dancing with the sky they're all hold on it's a like a Metal Gear Solid there is a Metal Gear Solid Easter egg on this boom box instead of Fox it says frog that is great and there's a fart coming out of its butthole that is awesome now officially a success you are successful don't let anybody tell look at that a thing good another Metal Gear Solid thing right there another Metal Gear Solid anyway that is flippin cool that is so cool but you don't have the permission to listen to the music so I'm going to throw that down there and as a matter of fact as a matter of fact I'm going to take you and I'm gonna throw you down here - alright you can enjoy your music yep Oh battle people enjoy your music down on the street look there's another one just over here guys I don't know what this guy is doing and I kind of remember there being a cat somewhere around here do you remember guys there was a cat around here somewhere let's just have a look down the edge of this oh oh oh oh oh there's there is there is I consider kitty cat and coincidentally guys we've also got we've got a costume got a costume we're going to go to box over here it's the mind costume I don't really want to become a mind though I like being a ninja turtle I like being a ninja turtle okay alright fine I'll be mine oh no don't throw me all you've flipped and threw me off the edge well that is that is absolutely unacceptable but the good news is that we do know where the cat is so let's bounce our way oh man that was awesome let's bounce our way up to the top okay and we're going to launch ourselves onto the balcony and see if we can get that little kitty cat we're going to rescue him and we're going to take him back down to the Swindon frog Court and we're going to get some points for doing it check this out guys get ready get ready we're going in we're going in boom there is there is look look look there he is let's aim it let's aim it Big Daddy frogs coming to get your kitty cat hello kitty kid hello kid care packet care hey we got the kitty cat I did the thing jared is a thing Oh oh crap what happened to the cat's head what happened to the cat's head oh my god what oh dear Oh Deary me looks like I got my hands stuck up the cat's butt the cat's heads getting a little bit stretched out there and and I'm a mine yep yep this is an interesting situation that we found ourselves in yet again the amazing frog never ceases to amaze and the cats had it starting to twitch it looks like it might pop off any second now I think you should let go of the cat amazing wow what how how did this happen how do we get to this point oh we saved it we saved you guys we've got it cat let's jump off the back I can't keep cat we're going down I don't even remember where to take this guy guys I think we take him inside of the frog Court let's just try and see if we can take this feller inside okay hello everybody oh I'm here can I can I bring this guy here no oh dear I I truly can't remember I truly can't remember what I need to do with this guy bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy looking for their kitty cat barks looking for the kitty cat box looking for the kitty cat box is there a kitty cat box kitty cat box hey we found the thing guys I knew it was around here somewhere wink thanks for helping to clean up Swindon Swindon Transport has extended its coverage look for the gold cannons Wow so we unlocked one ranked in the Swindon SCP program that has given us the ability to use the golden cannons which is kind of cool I guess and we've got the pussycat over here hello hello little cat oh so cute my little friend that is fantastic i that is fantastic coach so we've got points for getting this little got points for getting this little fella okay and do we need to keep finding the rest of them now I can't remember where the rest of them are but I believe we can find them I believe we can find them the first thing we need to do is we need to get up in the air like we just don't care because up in the air is where we're going to find out a little early very slowly very freely friends oh how are we gonna get up in the air I know we're gonna land on it ok I'm on fire no oh God somebody help me alright finance died in the bond of jacksepticeye's car it's not going to be happy is he if my eyes don't deceive me I can see directly in front of me there is a little black thing sitting on that edge and yes I have transformed to the Ninja Turtles yet again I am back as we annatto the leader of the pack and it looks over here like our little furry feline friend seems to be in a little bit of a predicament how did you get up here buddy oh wow ah crap okay are you a champion are you okay little guy don't worry don't worry Leonardo's coming to help you man not Leonardo don't don't do that don't do that lately Leonardo okay Oh Leonardo your methods are questionable your methods of Oh Leonardo Leonardo your piece-of-crap all right little kitty cat I'm coming to get you buddy I'm coming to get you okay it's gonna be okay it's gonna be okay just just wriggle wriggle over and you go there oh man right on his little cat face right on this little cat face you okay buddy oh yeah what am i doing to this guy what what am i doin others little fella all right this is weird all right Leonardo I don't know what you do I don't know what you're doing with him but whatever you're doing stop doing it cat's head is in my butt cat is in my butt and I'm fighting on a day that is cruelty to animals that is I'm going to call the wws not the World Wrestling Federation oh hold on wait what no wet wet now hold on where's the box for this guy oh there it is there it is okay so the box is in the place where the previous cat was and the previous cat was over here so the box is over here too so let's come over here guys let boom but forget but put me put together hey we did it you're doing a great job hang in there thanks to your support SCP has unveiled a new system for the police to grapple with okay so we've got the grappling hooks right now guys that appears in the police station now I've never figured out how to use these before never ever ever figured out how to use these before so I'm not really expecting to be able to figure out how to use them today I kind of just like pick them up I use them once and then I go oh yep that that's not very easy to use and I never use them again but it will at least get one for in the police station let's just at least get one and carry it with this it's gonna be kind of cool they should be in here inside of oh man I just fired and smash my face into the door that'sthat's not nice can i connect let me pick this up stop fighting and I'll get another one okay I've got two right now I've got two right now I don't know how to use the thing oh wow that's cool I think I can see the next cat already look it's on top of that building let's see if we can aim this thing at the top of that building I hold on oh crap that's not the top that's not the top of the building no no let go let go look let's try again guys we're going to ain't it no a little bit more okay that looks pretty good haha look at this look at this roof oh oh oh dear okay I'm kind of I'm kind of stuck on the wall right now all right that was that wasn't too bad but not not the greatest so I'm still oldie I'm still kind of stuck whoa Wow Wow oh wow look at this to it a one-legged balancing thingy on the edge it wow that how dexterous you are amazing frog how dexterous you are balancing there on one leg like a little kind of like at his hand shaking his hands shaking a little bit I think I think he's feeling the pressure his leg right now is getting a little bit tired he's got tiny little stick legs he skips leg day obviously and this is this definitely up hahahahahaha okay okay then plus we can shoot our way up to the top there go on mating frog ah yes well no don't poop are you piece of garbage amazing frog yes we did it we get up to the top guys and this little feller over here can I grapple hook this guy hey super cat we did it we're men we grapple hook the little pussycat poor little guy poor okay we can't even carry him anymore because he's stuck on the grappling hook i what a stupid person I am no wait wait wait stop stop stop stop okay you pick up the grappling hook not the cat crap grappling hook okay let go okay very good now let's get now let's get this cat let's throw that grappling hook over there and let's pick up this cat okay well that all the pigeons pigeons are back guys that that was a little bit of a doozy but anyway guys wow that was a pretty good down here we go with the third kitty cat let's get him in the in the box hey we did the thing we did the thing now now we need to do a few more things I thought we come up here and have a look guys and see if we could actually find any kitty cats anyway it doesn't look like there's any up here though it doesn't look like there's any up here so let's jump down oh wait and let's see if we got any around here I don't recall there ever ever being any around here exactly they must be up in the building somewhere or there's a camera over there look at that sneaky camera I never realized that camera was there I wonder what it's actually doing but I just also realized that we've got a grappling hook so we should be able to kind of grapple our way up here let's go guys let's go amazing frog gone for the grapple oh crap more like crapple don't amazing frog stop stop more dear go amazing frog get on the roof we did it we're on the roof guys this is the amazing frog skate park over here if you're not familiar more agile we've got a couple of blue scooters over here and some RC cars as well so remote control guys which are kinda cool guys we can do all sorts of stuff with these little things I don't know if you've seen them before in previous episodes but let's drive one of these things to see what we can actually do i'll see car i am thought about i think we can change the view as well yeah we can do like it an a view from the outside like we're looking from the amazing frogs eyes and we can do a view with the little car so if you drive this thing up let's see if we can actually cross the halfpipe whoa all some sick air over there that was mad let's do another one we're gonna go for 360 let's try this one i have no idea what does happen there I have no idea let's try another 360 are these little things actually unable to do 360s to 360 spell spell the end for these things yeah it seems like it okay grappling hook to the top here we go nope not that little bit higher now let's try and get let's try let's go get that that wall over there no that's not good a little bit more to the side okay let's give this a shot here we go here we go go Oh beautiful we've made it up to the top again guys and I still don't see any kitty cats over here I don't see look at this weirdo walking on the wall over there look at what a weirdo what do you doing I think oh it's another trophy let's pick up this trophy we're going to take it back to the place of the trophies Oh with an ATM machine most convenient what a wonderful place I who was designing Swindon who honestly designed to win did literally amazing frog only the amazing frog would be so stupid as to try and put an ATM machine at the top of the building that you can only get to by launching yourself off with a cannon or using your group you okay let's get the second trophy up to the trophy case go I'll come on get it in there get it in there fantastic guys another trophy has been unlocked and we still continue to try and find the cats that Shiki little fella that cheeky sneaky stop fighting member cheeky sneaky little feline is over there on that route okay and I know exactly where he is get you go get your gun out and let's grapple our way to the top here we go nope there we go let's do it oh my god what the flip whoa share a croak with amazing frog oh that's how it works I see well that that's ridiculous that's ridiculous it's Wow what the crap sir I can like I can I can use the rope and then I can make the Rope cut off and I can attach it I guess to other things okay that's actually quite cool let me try and attach that to here oh so you attach it to one thing oh I see oh that is so okay yeah okay look we're not going to do it today I think we need to have an episode where we try and do the things with with the things you know what I mean let's actually see what happens I know I said I wouldn't do this but let's just see what happens if we if we attach this cam to that can um yep yep yep we definitely we definitely need to make an episode out of this and the next box for our little kitty friend is just over here guys it looks like a good another costume if my memory serves me correctly this is one of my least favorite costumes it is the it is the ballerina yep not exactly in costumes that I need right now I think we'll leave that for another time I'm not really in any hurry to get a ballerina costume I don't really need it right now now I I know I know that we said we were going to try this out like in the next episode and we will we will I haven't changed my mind I just thought it'd be kind of cool - oh god okay no no I think we're I think we're a little bit too slow that time I thought it'd be kind of cool to see if we can attach this guy I guess this is totalbiscuit if we can attach this guy to that wall go what in the world oh my god that let's try this oh man this is phenomenal you are flipping kidding me seriously Oh God hahahaha I love this I love this why have we why have we not done this before gosh it's a police officer he's going to get us guys we need to stick him on the wall simple ease of as a oh god it is so fantastic we we need to explore all the bird just crapped on the wall sideways look at that it's a horizontal poop this is really cool we need to explore these possibilities what about if I stick you to you it's a match made in heaven look at that look at that together for an eye pops it pops together forever kind of not know it's so fantastic we definitely need to make an episode out of the grappling hook the possibilities are endless I want to try things out with the Megalodon and the grappling hook I want to try things out with so many things and grappling hooks I didn't realize the grappling hook was such a wonderful versatile piece of equipment it's actually fantastic it he said it seems to be stuck to the ground let's try and get to the top of this Oh to the top of this building and see if maybe there's anything up here are there any cats up here on this building guys I don't I don't remember there being any oh god I don't remember there being any cats up here I'm surprised that we actually made it up here let's connect this thing all this is going to be awesome let's connect that oh god okay no don't don't connect it to me no no no okay don't don't do that don't do that let's try and connect this thing to that to that okay the ball look at that that's a flip it also never got a giant soccer ball of dangling from the side of the building absolutely phenomenal this is where you saw it first guys the amazing frog is the only game in the world where you can attach a giant football to the side of a skyscraper or to the side of a skyscraper the amazing frog likes flies I'm nom nom nom nom flies my favorite my favorite my favorite food oh yeah baby oh yeah I love I love flies oh well I prize so much okay okay I can't get enough of anything press on this this will activate weapons a gun app remote control activated press the green button to activate weapon so now guys we have the ability to activate weapons inside of Swindon as well which means we can get ak-47s nerf guns pistols crossbows shot guns bazookas and frogs asses if memory serves me correctly which are all fantastic things to have or be it a little bit danger one of these two guys do them chasing each other albeit a little bit dangerous but all we need right now isn't guns it's not weapons it's not anything like that the only thing that we need at this particular moment the only thing that we needed this particular moment is to find the cat's now I'm looking and I ain't see him and it's making it's making me feel a little bit make me feel oh god it's making me feel a little bit sad ah world dear I just did the same kind of I I got my head I got my head stuck in the No my head and my foot stuck in it oh god I hate it when this happens how do you feel Leo you've got your head and your legs stuck through the crate man that must be painful it does it doesn't look does it look fantastic well well well would you look at that would you look at that ladies and gentlemen this thing right here this little feline appears to be hiding on the side of this building over here what do you do at frog life frog life I see that and I believe that frog life baby frog life this is how you do the Frog life guys ss frog life for life frog life is the only life Frog life is the Frog life is the only life isn't that right kitty cat so now we need to take this stupid little kitty cat over to that other building where we found the other one chuck him inside of the crate and then move on to the next one and here is the is this a sense of the six cat guys I can't even remember what number that is that's the next one whatever it is guys let's have a look at our SCP application over here that's the number five okay so we've saved five oh there's another trophy over there as well we should probably try and get that let's let's see if we can get over there and grab that trophy while we're at it actually let's let's come over to the car park let's use the trampoline to our advantage Boing and we go on to bounce our way over to here hello trophy how're you going you ain't I have been searching far and wide my friends far and wide high and low left and right up and down looking to oh oh wait wait wait wait wait it's pres president it's the president get over there mr. president okay we just need to take it easy once in a while all right you're so busy you're always running around like a maniac you need to just chill out to take a little bit of time just for yourself you know unwind a little bit I thought maybe guys we could jump up here to the roof and and we could see if maybe oh crap that wasn't that was it wasn't meant to work like that alright fine let's let's take two take two guys we're gonna try and go up to the roof again I thought maybe this is a good vantage point for us to try and see if there's any cats around the town because that's quite a high up place over there so let's let's see if we can if we can kind of shoot our way up to the top yep that's not that's not how you do the shooting thing that's definitely not how you do it but oh what the crap okay okay I found one I found one guys there we go fantastic hey little cat hey little cat how you go hey girl hey Uncle frog is here uncle frog is here I mean you no harm I gosh I mean you no harm I'm just here is a good little boy there's a good little oh crap it's a good little fella can i connect oh god oh god oh god it's stuck to the wall I'm sorry buddy I'm sorry buddy I just put a grappling hook through the cat oh god is bouncing around a jiggle and all over the old god look I know that looks painful are you okay buddy you've got a giant grappling hook hanging out of your back Oh buddy let me pick you up I'm gonna grab you're not gonna run really fast let's go oh dear what about if I if I get you on this and then I send you over there okay okay okay I think we think I think we made a mistake cat's head is stuck in the wall it's kind of just working now cats just cats just kind of twerking they're just shaking its butt in my face I honestly never intended it for it for it to end up like this I this was the last thing that I actually had on my mind when I when I grappled the cat with the grappling hook that yeah it wasn't meant to work it wasn't meant to work like this maybe I can hook you up to that car over there okay oh god oh god it's just getting worse it's just it's just getting old God it's just getting worse it's just everything that I do just keeps getting worse and worse I think I should stop grappling things right now look at its head oh my God look at it Oh God okay okay I think it's detached himself he looks he looks a little bit less grappled than he was before he definitely looks a lot more comfortable and let's just leave it at that and let's pretend like what happened never never ever happen okay I don't want you guys ever to mention that ever again I'm serious don't ever ever mention that don't tell anybody what happened okay I'm getting a lot of trouble for that I will get in a lot the amazing frog will have a superhero licence for votes all right people people don't take kindly to grappling casts with grappling hooks and connecting him to cars and buildings and stuff you're not meant to do that I I don't I didn't and what it wasn't me and here's the next box guys let's Chuck there's a little feline guy in there fantastic and it seems like we've still got more it seems like there's still more of these cats around Swindon that need to be found there there seems to be so many more than I remember their ever being there's just like an endless supply an abundance if you will have cats around around Swindon I get it getting into getting it where is this little guy where is where is kitty cat number seven I think whatever he is I hold on a second is that him over there guys on that pink building is that is that I think that might be the kitty cat I think that might be the little kitty cat look let's say let's take our grappling hook over there and let's see if we can we can actually get over there and oh gosh and if we can inspect and see if that if that's the cat I think it might be I'm not I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think of why why does it always do that stop doing that I'll bet it's so flippin annoyed every single time I try to grapple to a building I know I just I just fall down let me try get hold on hold on guys hold on I can do this oh right in the corner okay that is the perfect grapple that is the perfect grapple ladies and gentlemen if you want to do the grappling that that is the way to do it and it looks like we've got the other kitty cat over here so we've got another kitty cat now we need to get this little guy over that building to put him inside of the box okay that's what we need to do okay here we go let's get a little bit of a bounce all righty guys all righty let's let's get it all that was beautiful Wow that was fantastic this should if we correctly office this should jet us straight over oh crap straight over here we did it straight over here to the other building where we will put our little buddy inside of this box hey little man hey little fellow thank you for helping clean up Swindon segways have now been legalized in Swindon Shire visit frog Court for a test drive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle then jha'dur all heroes in a half shell turtle power now if my deduction skills serve me correctly it only makes sense that the next cat would be on the one building that there has not yet been a cat on and I don't believe that we had had one on the very very far building have we I I don't I don't actually remember but I look let's just get a little bit of a bounce okay let's get a little bit of a bounce let's come over to here all right now is that oh whoa whoa okay okay well right okay well that's fantastic let's let's just not let's not drop him oh god I've got to pick him up picking up okay now we need to get this little guy over there how the crap am i I'm gonna have to use this fan I'm gonna have to jump in this fan okay if you want to use the fan the best way look at the cat's tail go crazy you've got to jump through the top top rung of the fan that's that's how you that's how you properly use the fans in escape you always go through the top quadrant okay get the super box and is there still there's still more there's still more blue still with a diet God dang it get get down it gets get out down still get and as a matter of fact if my eyes do not deceive me it looks like they might actually be a cat over at can you see that guys there there is something over there alright hold on let me get let me get my grappling crap let me get my grappling hook I see something over there I definitely see something over there let me let me see if I can hook onto that did i hook on to the toilet I think I did I think there is lucky something alleged it is wall this thing is literally going horizontal holy crap that's insane let's get on the trampoline go yes amazing frog you can you can do this bro you can do this old man that was the wettest part ever in the world okay I think I think we've got him I hope we've got him labels gentlemen hello hello buddy hey buddy how you doing over there oh crap Oh God Oh God look I don't I don't really feel comfortable about grapple hooking you again after what happened last time I I don't I don't want to repeat performance of this I'm what all right well I guess I don't have another choice all right Kat come here oh god oh god wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait okay hold on hold on hold on come here got it finally how many more of these cats have we got to go let's let's jump down over he guys let's all come on trampoline oh gosh got a little bit of a bounce there guys and where was the other one it was over there on the brew so now we want to get over to the box oh my god this is this is so tiring I am absolutely exhort I am exhausted beyond belief is this is this the box here is this it well crap okay hold on hold on hold on hold on wait wait wait wait wait Geronimo whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa get in the box get in the bus get in the flipping box get it get get get get a box get in cat and and this and there's still more now I don't want to do this anymore I honestly I don't want to do this anymore guys let me do a list for too long this is way too difficult I didn't I didn't realize I've been recording for like an hour and a half I didn't realize it was going to be so flippin hard to find to find a cat's eye I don't remember it let's just travel with a bit of a fart I don't remember being this hard before man that looks painful and the amazing frogs nuts he's like ramen is growing into the roll and sliding along it no more Father's Day for you buddy it's just been it's just been insanely difficult guys just man where could the last frog frost cat hold on wait wait wait hey hey what is this what you tell me you tell me a little piece of garbage are you oh man that is the last cat guys I think this is the last cat if this follows the formula of the moon there is 10 cats in total and I think we might have down the last one I think we may have actually found the cat finally I don't remember what it unlocks I know that we got the cat head from unlocking the cat's on the moon but I don't remember what we actually got for finding the cats over here on planet earth I guess we're going to find out very very soon guys amazing frog do the thing put it put it in the box put it put it in here put put in the box well I guess we'd better go down to kitty cat I'm here don't worry it's oh man glad I got a show it's gonna be okay it's going to be it's all going to be fine you get get inside get inside get no you get in in the hole here we go here we go three two one go Oh cat out available you rescued all of the cats and swims and now you can become one check your accessories in the wardrobe so guys before we got the in-space we got the cat head we've got the cat head and the helmet the space helmet now we just got the cat head that's that's what we got I feel like I've lost a little bit of my soul over the last hour and a half running around like a maniac around Swindon trying to find this cat these cats all of these cats ten of them I feel like crying a little bit I feel like okay it was worth it it was totally worth it all right yeah okay look how can we argue how can we argue with this Ninja Turtle baguette said all right it was what the guys it was absolutely flipping worth it this is the amazing Frog of the amazing turtle or the amazing cat I don't know who he is I don't think he knows who he is but I hope you guys like he's looking down is like what is life what is life who am i what am i I have you enjoyed guys as always I had a blast playing it kind of after about the 30 minute mark I started I started to question my existence but now that we've done it we've got the cat head it was always the guy so I guess I had a great time playing it it's still you look fantastic amazing frog don't you worry buddy you look fine you look fantastic I have you guys enjoyed if you did drop you like to leave your comments any suggestions or requests that you have some future videos make sure you leave them down below I'm thinking that what we might do in the video is possibly go down into the vault again and export or maybe cleanup Swindon from the criminals because if I have a look here I think in our Swindon SCP thing we've got like 500 points to go we could do the put away criminal thing where we have to arrest all the criminals and that actually unlocks the Batman costume so that could be kind of cool I don't know leave your comments down below and let me know what you guys want to see in the next episode if you're watching and you're not already subscribed feel free to punch that subscribe button get on board and I'll catch you guys in the next episode I'll be amazing frog or if any other video on the channel that you guys like but until that's I think have a good one and I'll catch you guys very very soon take care guys and I'll see you later bye fellas [Music]
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