TOMTOP Wholesale Red Mini USB PC Fridge Beverage Drink Cans Cooler & Warmer

Hello friends. This is jessica some songs off today i will recommend a very interesting things to you and you can see the boss big rattles on this step what do you think it is useful or let me tell you and it kids minute you're still cold and warm up and you can cook you can clear all form your food or your drink at any time any place because it is very easy to use it you spy let us see and you don't it don't have to use the battery and every time you can use it that day then show you and you can insert the USB into your network and all your computer or your tablet pc and now the light come to read it is it is mins one you can warm your food put it in kissing and then close it and wait for about half an hour it can put your foot to about 40 to 38 degrees.

After that you can enjoy the delicious food ok after half an hour we can send it out there it is.

Long. Okay, and another function is it can call your photos are you doing you can turn it on in another way.

The light it will turn to clean and you also put your food exactly a drink and also could it for about half an hour in with 10 the degrees were about 8 to 10.

TOMTOP Wholesale Red Mini USB PC Fridge Beverage Drink Cans Cooler & Warmer

We can enjoy a very cooler drink in the hot summer day and.

Every time when you were too late in the office or you want to look go outside each other you can take this dude and very small and easy to take put it in a bag.

It is very easy and useful teasing. Okay, take and I'll tell you another the news as the new arrival father and the price will be sitting with them off in this two days you know only two days off and.

If you like it you can take it action that's possible in this today oh I think I will take one home today and if your bill interesting to our product you can contact with power cells and thank you for listening.

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