Toolbox Lover Machine Demonstration

Wow okay this toy looks like pretty amazing um I have a huge wet spot on my bed to prove it so anyway it was pretty easy to assemble I opened the little box here like this right you put the little rod in that comes out here and lock it in with a locking pin there's two different size movie you can put it on it gives you nice little keys so you can lock your little toy box if you want then you simply POG the power cord end and then you plug the controller in and the controller is really nice because it comes with a nice little vibrating option which I use on my little clip I love is using this so I got nice double trigger stimulation or you can even use this as a vibrator for your vagina and use this great butt plug that comes with anal if you want to do some DP action and of course it came with the regular dildo also so there's tons of ways to simulate yourself on this I liked it too because you have the variable speed controller right here so as you're still annoyed in your clip or whatever device you did I decided to use on which what we like many options here you can turn it on and off right here just like that but when you can control your speed turn out higher the only complaint that I have is that's low I think the low could be a little bit lower already this thing definitely drones yeah I liked it it rocked it was really easy to assemble comes with a nice little pouch for your little toys and accessories that comes with it and if it's super fucking cool and it's pretty discreet - so I like it I think it wraps and definitely give your Ziva tool box another you
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