Top 10 Favourite Makeup Brushes | Sigma vs MAC

Hey guys!.

Today I'm going to be filming my top 10 favorite makeup brushes and they're gonna range in brands I'm just going to show you randomly in no particular order what are my favorite top 10.

Let's get start about 30 seconds going through my brushes and picking out which ones were my favorite.

Hopefully I didn't forget anything and these are my actual top 10 I'm pretty sure they are though because I just kind of left out the brushes that I used for when I applied my makeup today just my favorite ones the ones I use most often as i said and i'm going to start off with face and then i'm going to go to I I picked out five face brushes and five I brushes just to kind of be concise no particular order one of my favorite brushes is the mac 134 and it's a large power brush and all these brushes are dirty because I just use them.

Please disregard any product you see this one is great for just applying all over powder I like using it with mine are translucent powder you can also use it to contour and I know you're like oh my gosh that brush is.

Big how can you contour with that but if you see it's kind of tapered a bit and goes up not like super bulky and huge like a big powder brush for the face but I like putting my powder on in a sweeping motion as opposed to like brushing it on like that but I use this for contouring or perfect for bronzer if you're looking for a bronzer brush like all over bronzer which I use more often than blush so. This is kind of essential in my brush top 10 my next is my favorite foundation brush and it's by Sigma and it is their flat top synthetic kabuki the f80 and everyone talks about this brush for a reason because it is.

Great at applying foundation and I like the brushes that are more dense and I know a long time ago I used to use the duo fiber ones like this and just stipple it on and blend it in like that but dense brushes works.

Much better for just getting that product on and blending everything in.

I really really really like the flattop any of these synthetic ones from Sigma are really good at applying it's just a preference I do use the angled in the dome.

It's really up to you but this one I love.

Much another great brush and it is by Sigma is their tapered highlighter brush it's the f-35 and it looks like this and you'll see me all the time using this for not highlighting under my eyes and I just think it's the perfect size plus you can use this for blush you use this to contour with it's one of those brushes you can just use for a multitude of things and it's just great tub in your kit specifically my favorite contour brush I used to hate this brush and because i bought this to use with foundation a long time ago it is the mac 109 brush I love this for contouring it is their contour brush I apply product on the side of this brush and kind of drag it down to get that crisp edge and then use the top just to blend everything in sex for foundation but I know a lot of people were raving about this for foundation back in the day back when like studio sculpt by Mac was really popular and people were using that all the time but I like this just for contouring what it's made for.

Another brush that I think is essential to have in your makeup kit the last face brush I'm going to talk about is by Real Techniques and it's their multitask brush and just as the name suggests it is a great multitasking brush I use this for powder for blush for bronzer for contouring you can just use this for anything like I could even use this as my under-eye highlight you're going to get one brush that you can replace all those other except for foundation just pick up this Real Techniques brush because it does everything that this brushes do and you really don't need a ton of brushes to get the task completed I like the shape of it it's tapered like the bigger paddle brush as well and kind of has that shape but smaller.

As I said great for contour great for blush you can use it for powder under I powder highlight it's just a great brush my top five eyeshadow brushes you will notice that i don't have your standard i shadow applicator brush I don't think they're really that essential personally um you could just use a brush like this which I talked about which is for blending and just use the side of it and Pat eyeshadow on like that and I personally like just a wide variety of brushes you can use for blending because I think that's the number one most important thing when exceed two i shadow you can put eyeshadow on your lid with your finger you can put it on with one of those sponge applicators that come with like drug store eyeshadows and you'd be fine as long as you have a blending brush.

My top five since I already picked it out I'm going to go with this I like the mac 217 not that I dislike the Sigma equivalent but I just I don't know I think this one sheds a bit less and in general i like the ferals on the mac brushes better because i don't find they ever come off I've had a few sigma brushes that have come off and even though I'm affiliated with Sigma um I love their brushes there's brushes that I use over Macklin's and vice versa Mac over Sigma but in general I find the ferals better on mac brushes because they are handcrafted you can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the only handcrafted Sigma brushes are there extravaganza collection which is the gold-plated ones which unless you want to spend like a billion dollars on it then you're not going to get this in quality in the brush handle as a Mac but that being said Sigma's great place to start off if you're going to be starting your collection that's where I started off I didn't get said the brushes for free i bought them with my own money and i've been using them since.

Interchangeably i use mac and sigma everyone always asks what are my favorite that's my opinion after that tangent back to the mac 217 it's just great for blending on the goat hair the white-haired bristles pick up less product than the synthetic ones and that's great if you just want to apply a light wash of shadow I like the shape of it as I said you can apply it I shuttle on the lid you can blend everything out plus if you turn it sideways you can get right in that crease and just get perfect blend it blend it out crease with this brush.

Love that or my brows for eyeliner for any kind of little detail work I love the mac 266 brush and it's an angled brush like this specifically I use this brush for my brows but you can use it for eyeliner as well I just have a lot of other brushes that I do use but if you're only gonna buy a couple of brushes may as well just get this because you can use it for both obviously clean it before you do one or the other like if you play eyeliner and then your brows you could end up looking crazy but another brush that I used all the time it basically every time I apply eyeshadow is the the Sigma tapered blending the e-40 and Mac has an equivalent to this as well it's the mac 224 and they look virtually the same mac and sigma brushes i can honestly not tell them apart if i'm going to grab into my brush holder and pick one out i'm not gonna know which one it is but this one i like a lot better because i find the sigma one better than the mac 1 i've used both and i can attest to the quality of the signal 1 over the mac one just because i find it blends everything out better it's softer and it sheds less.

That is my experience with the sigma version i love that one for just blending out shadows and you want to always have a clean blending brush one with no product just to go back in and make sure everything looks seamless brush that I am reluctant to mention but it is one of my favorites is the mac 226 I always say 266 for this one too but it's a 22 26 and it is tapered like sue and they rerelease this again but it wasn't the same shape and I can't stress enough how different that brush is from the one the old one they need to make this brush permanent and take away the other one that they had to replace it because it's just not the same shape and I'm telling you it's not the same shape but i love it because it is tapered it's great for blending if you really want to apply like deepen your socket or your crease and just blend it out ever.

Lightly. This is what you want to use and I use it all the time you can use other brushes um obviously in this place. This is just me being picky and I absolutely love it.

It's one of those brushes I can live without now that I have it and my last I brush that I'm going to be talking about is it's gotten.

Much use that the numbers are worn off it's the mac 219 if i can remember correctly it's their pencil brush and sigma obviously has an equivalent of this one and both look virtually the same again sigma is this one right here but sigma is more fluffy and the mac one is more dense and personally i like the dense version for applying detail product into the outer corner along the lash line to buff things out I just like how dense it is.

It makes me get the job done better and less messy and more precise.

That's why i like the mac 219 over the Sigma but if you're being picky like me I'll only notice these differences but from Charl and error and trying out sigma mac brushes that's what i can tell over the sigma my personal opinion i hope you guys enjoyed this video it has been requested quite often what are my favorite brushes what company would brand what do I you and I hope this answers some of your questions on the things that I use that work for me and that I really like and recommend to you guys hope you enjoyed this video and let me know what your favorite brushes are below companies i need to check out the star BP snow clouds John we were leaning against.

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