TOP 5: Best Gaming Headsets 2017/2016

Hello and welcome to the Scoville Channel today I'm gonna bring to you guys the top 5 absolute best gaming headsets you can purchase for 2016 going into 2017 now this list was not possible if it were not for the help of my editor and we guys don't know my editor is a huge audiophile he put such meticulous thought into his audio setup that he literally pays extreme attention to detail when it comes to his audio products like he's had a lot of work with gaming headsets with microphones amplifiers and sound cards.

He's a huge audiophile nerd and more for him he wouldn't have been able to help me create this list but on top of that. This is going to be featuring some of the best gaming headsets that are going to completely ignore cost.

If you just want the absolute best the best then. This is the list you guys should probably follow for your next gaming headset.

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Be sure to click that button if you want constant updates for my newest videos now fifth on this list we have the logitech g930 three and g63 three now well. This is number five on this list you can I take you to note this. This is still a great gaming headset and I'd say on this entire list it's probably the most gamer centric gaming headset and here's why it's got the same sort of closed back over the ear design that is breathable and it's got that gamer look to it but most importantly it's got a lot of gamer features to it that a lot of people who simply get headsets for gaming would really appreciate like it's got even programmable buttons on the back of the headset itself as a very versatile microphone that actually sounds very good and would be really great for clear communication when you play in game it also has RGB lights which actually can light up to certain actions within the game it's like let's say if you died in a first-person shooter game the head settings go out I have bread and you know you can just fly up to certain actions in the game and lastly one of the most important things to take away about this headset it as is that it doesn't use digital Dolby surround sound actually uses DTS X round side video no DTS X is a bit better my opinion because it can link up certain profiles to certain games that will specifically cater the headset to sound best for that game.

I'm pretty sure there's like a battlefield one sound profile they can download onto the headset that is specifically for battlefield one.

You get the best listening experience possible just for listening and being in that game.

That's number five on this list the logitech g930 3 and g63 now number four and what i think is going to be the next beats of gaming headset the Arctic Steel series three five and seven now the reason why I call these the next beats of gaming headsets is because they're kind of shooting for a certain type of headset for a certain type of consumer with the arc dist three five and seven as you can clearly see in the advertising. This is not only just a gaming headset but also has it you can use for every day listening to take it on the go to listen to it like on campus on the bus or anything as you can see it's going to be pretty much an all-in-one headset which I find to be pretty appealing because the looks of it are always hinting at like a gamer like look it actually looks pretty orbit and contemporary which I personally would really big if I were to have a really clean looking gaming desktop.

I feel like the arcus three five and seven it would be a pretty cool-looking gaming headset that's going to be all-in-one and it's gonna be starting to that urban contemporary beats like feel but regardless. This is still a pretty damn good gaming headset it's got some pretty awesome sound quality that is actually going to be a bit better than you Siberia elite you know it is using the same drivers that's from just from design improvements when it comes to the gaming headset and it's sound quality this also has a pretty decent microphone not as good as some of the other microphones on this but it's still pretty high quality but for the most part you're gonna get a me headset for the really good sound quality and the looks and if you guys were wondering the three is the ami headset that is wired it's basically the base model the five is the same thing as the three but it's got RGB lighting and the seven is the same except it's wireless.

If you're looking for word all-in-one gaming headset they can bring to you like on the go to campus and you don't want to make it look like a gaming headset even though it kind of is then the SteelSeries Arctic three five and seven would be perfect for you now number three on this list and which is probably the most ergonomic ly friendly gaming headset is the HyperX cloud revolver now as I said a bunch of people love this gaming headset there's many fans of the cloud one and cloud two in this gaming headset lineup for the cloud revolver is sort of like the epitome of both of those gaming headsets.

If you're the person who I would say is your gamer but you just want a headset that's just the game you don't care about the specs you don't care about any of the special features you just want something that can game it's going to be super comfortable on you as it give you some pretty awesome sound quality not only in the audio drivers but also in the microphone itself and that's exactly what the HyperX cloud revolver is for.

As I said. This is an over-the-air semi back design which is going to give you some pretty awesome immersive sound quality along with a pretty good microphone and it has that sort of gamer look to it that isn't over exaggerated so. This is pretty much for the average Joe who just wants something that's solid reliable and extremely comfortable hence the name HyperX cloud revolver now at a very close number to on this list we have the creative soundblaster X this headset is definitely for you audio files and it's definitely a very good pic that my editor highly recommends for you people who just simply want something that sounds good.

For the most part the creative soundblaster xh7 is coming from a company that is well known for their sound amplifiers and they've incorporated some of that really good audio technology into their gaming headsets and that could be seen with the tremendously good audio quality that comes out from the sound blaster xh7 it gives up some pretty amazing sound quality and even.

On top of that the software that comes to the headset itself just like the logitech g930 3 and 633 you can actually have certain game profiles for certain games that will cater the headset to be sounding better for those games in specifics.

Like with battlefield one you can load up a battlefield what a profile or League of Legends profile and those games in specific will sound the best possible on the gaming headset just thanks to those gaming profiles and also this has a pretty awesome sounding gaming microphone which is kind of surprising coming us from creative and lastly this supports some pretty awesome looks I think it's maybe not as good-looking as the artists like the number 4 headset on this list but it still looks pretty nice it's got that sleek urban look to it that I really appreciate.

Number 2 we have the creative soundblaster x87 now a number one on this list is the Sennheiser game 0 and Sennheiser game 1 now these are by far some of the best gaming headsets you can purchase on the market and. This is coming from a company named Sennheiser which happened known for making some really good sounding regular everyday headsets for like casual listening to music and stuff like that.

It wasn't until recently that they moved into the gaming world and they'd taken it by storm by producing probably some of the best sounding gaming headsets of all time if not the best right now for 2016 and 2017.

As I said both of these are tremendously good gaming headsets they have an over the year design that's gonna give you some amazing sound quality I'd say probably the best in the market right now this also sports a pretty impressive microphone actually for its price and also people have reported that the ergonomics on the Sennheiser gave one in game zero are also really awesome they are really comfy when people have said they've said it's like one of the best gaming headsets they've ever felt on their head.

This thing pretty much combines all the best aspects of what a gaming headset is and slams that all into an enclosure now if you're wondering the difference between the games zero game one is that the game zero has a closed back design which is more for noise cancellation and just more of a gamer kind of preference while the game one has an open back design which is more immersive for that just best possible sighting gaming experience that if you're fine with you know the sound leaking then.

Be it.

The game one is more for people who just want the best possible sounding experience and are more like audio files and the game 0 is more for gamers who want that closed back design that has noise cancellation and all that good stuff though thank you guys.

Much for watching the top 5 video make sure to LIKE favorite subscribe and all that and. This is the Scrabble channel signing out.

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