Touch Controlled LED Lamp w/ USB Charging! Taotronics Desk Lamp Review

Hey guys! how you doing. This is paul from pond tech and a review of a lamp might sound pretty boring but this taotronics desk lamp has a few tricks up its sleeve that make it stand out from the rest and it's honestly one of the coolest lamps I've ever seen the lamp is built up some glossy plastic that looks really sleek and modern when it's clean but it's rarely clean because it is a complete fingerprint magnet thankfully taotronics took care of this issue by including a microfiber cloth which is a really nice bonus.

Assembly was pretty simple and I'd the layup set up and ready to go in just a minute but when i first set it up i thought i had screwed it in all the way or something because the part where the lamp connects to the base isn't actually too sturdy and it wobbles around a bit when i give it a light push but i'm fairly confident that the lamp will never fully tip over because the base is really heavy and sturdy the lamp is extremely versatile and you pretty much bend and twist any way you need it to the base can swivel around 180 degrees the middle arm can bend 40 degrees and then the top arm can bend 140 degrees.

This lamp can suit your needs in pretty much any situation now let's move on to one of the most unique features of this lamp and that's the four different lighting modes.

On the bottom of the lamp you'll see the Reading Mode study mode relax mode and sleep mode.

While reading and study mode produce a more bright white light relaxing sleep mode radiates a more warm and yellow light each of these settings also have five different brightness adjustments to configure the perfect setting for any occasion and all of. This is adjusted by the touch controls towards the bottom of the lamp and I was extremely impressed by the responsiveness of the buttons. This is an LED lamp and that means two things one you're never gonna have to pay for light bulbs and two it's gonna work for a really long time I think the most amazing statistic that I heard was that if you leave this lamp on it could run continuously for over four and a half years.

That's really impressive and the last amazing feature of this lamp is the one amp 5 volt USB charging port. This is an extremely convenient feature to have and allows me to charge my phone or tablet right on my desk.

For sixty dollars I can definitely recommend the taotronics desk lamp it looks beautiful it's very versatile and it has features that just can't be found in most other lamps if you liked this video please give me a thumbs up down below it really helps out the channel and make sure to subscribe for some more content coming from me in the near future thanks.

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