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You hi friends this is Gina here and I just went to trader joes and I love this market so so much if you guys don't have a trader joes or you don't know what it is it's basically a small specialty foods market it's kind of like a more affordable whole foods they have a lot of organic foods and also some privately label specialty food items which I will talk about today there are five that I absolutely love so i will show you what I'm happening this first one is trader joes rolled oats and it's a hundred percent whole grain oats gluten-free wheat free and dairy free and I know that because there's one ingredient and it's a hundred percent whole grain roll dough so that's how you know holistic food guys um so these are awesome i eat these every other day i switch off between my fruit yogurt parfait that i make actually made a video so you should watch that but on other days when I work out more I like to have my oatmeal because it feels hard here there's more carbs lots of protein lots of fiber and it's just super filling and delicious I like to UM cut up some bananas and put some crushed almonds or drizzle some honey on top make this under three minutes in the microwave really really delicious I suggest you go try some out oh my next item okay you can't buy this item at just trader joes but I had to make it one my favorites their bananas um I I probably eat one almost every day I have it with my oatmeal or I just rip up rip one off and take it with me as a snack during the day and it's a really great pick me up cuz it I have a lot of protein and super filling so had to do the bananas this is another great one you can sign at Trader Joe's and there are these great tomatoes and they come in with yellow and reddish color and look how cute they are they're just these little awesome cherry tomatoes are super sweet I like to cook them I'll bake them with like chicken or make some red tomato sauce or I like to cut them up put them on my salad eat them raw and the other thing is they're just so good for snacking it's like you bite in on them and there's like the juicy filling inside it's like nature's candy these are great oh and you can also use them as decoration I like to like cut them up and just lay them out on my plate or just stab a toothpick through it and stick on top of a nice piece of steak and you know it's awesome and had some nice bright colors with it oh I have to vouch for these these are just a handful of dry roasted unsalted almonds and as you can see I've already had some they come in these awesome little packets which I'd love to take them with me to go hiking I will say though one of these packs are 210 calories so that's a pretty good like mouthful to like take down in one and one bite so I like to separate them into my own little hundred calorie packs in Ziploc bags goes quick I'll always stay fresh and you can save them for a long long time so yeah Heidi's almond so wonderful they also have cashews and cons and walnuts everything my new favorite are organic sugar snap peas I actually got these for the first time last week and I went back this week because they were so delicious I keep them in the fridge so they're nice and cold and I just wash them up and eat them like I eat them like french fries they're so sweet and they're crunchy and they've got lots of fiber so they make you feel full and the other great thing about trader joes especially is this microwave in this bag side which means you can pop the whole thing in the microwave two to three minutes and then you have warm cook vegetables so those are my five items that I actually love at trader joes I do have one tip when you go grocery shopping don't go hungry we all know what that is like and you just want to buy everything you see either go after breakfast or lunch alike have a little snack or they have a little taster section so you can go have a bite to eat before you you know carefully choose out the products that you really want and another thing is this awesome little bag that i got for ninety-nine cents today let us all safety environment and not waste any more paper or trees this is great to leave it in your car to get with you to go grocery shopping that's a lot stronger so it won't rip like a paper bag and look how pretty it is these are awesome so that is my trader joes run for today make sure you eat lots of nutritious and whole foods get all your nutrients that you need save the environment with some good reusable bags and don't go hungry cuz you're going to buy everything you see Peter Jones has a lot of awesome stuff so that is it for my video today follow me on Facebook Instagram Twitter and let me know put underneath if you have any suggestions below for what kind of videos or topics you'd like for me to talk about all right thank you guys so much for falling I'll see you next time
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