TRADER JOE'S GROCERY HAUL ✽ Comfort Food Edition

It is freezing cold in Las Vegas today which is why I'm in my police it is cold is cold and windy and there's like as French blowing it the high tomorrow supposed to be 41 you know that both for Las Vegas gather it's cold in the desert and on top of that Blake's been working really hard recently in sick and we I've been working pretty hard at the rodeo setting up things everything that's happening right now and.

We have lots of comfort food to show you most everything we haven't really tried but. This is what we got it free todos yeah that's it goes we got at a mama says I kind of had a craving the other day and you guys know that Blake adores these sausages.

We got chicken sausage oh wait throw out der they're all chicken sausage we got spicy Italian sweet apple which I doubt he's tried before now it has five minutes out of horses sweet basil pesto. This is not like he likes the most but I'm hoping he'll branch out and try something and garlic herb which is my favorite if I had to pick one but I'm not the biggest fan of these sausages they're. Okay, but they're not like the greatest thing in the entire world you got some more green beans because Blake adores green beans and they're really good it with soy sauce and we'll cannot tell me like why I know that chopper yep yep I know it's really good pulled pork in smoky barbecue sauce which is delicious.

Excited about that they were giving out like free samples of the mac and cheese there.

The sample was really really good it was super creamy and just really really good.

We decided to get to there's another one right keep some once we got these because Blake isn't feeling good and I kind of. Okay, I we got peppermint jojo's he adores peppermint so. This is something that I really wanted to make sure we got for him portobello mushrooms these are these are actually pretty tiny we got these i usually make like little tiny pizzas and undies with like sauce and some cheese it's really good.

Pretty versatile and good for you organic tomato and roasted red pepper soup which just sounded really really good we're both starving like really really hungry everything in the store just looked really really good to have and is dangerous to go shopping because you end up with organic tomato and roasted red pepper soup we got some salmon. This is just where does it say wild Alaskan sockeye salmon fillets they have these in the frozen section and they're the most reasonable priced fish we could find in Las Vegas.

There's that we got my spicy smoky peach salsa which is the stuff that i always get and we're at trader joe's because it's really good on eggs and we got it through the day when we're getting lunch stuff got bad the tomato and basil hummus dip which I've never tried before but it's actually pretty good pretty flavorful and just really really good creamy and we got some more peanut butter because Noel we actually stuff her Kong with lots of peanut butter.

And she loves peanut butter.

We ran out and we had to replace it's a ton of tuna the ton of tuna because we love tuna and it's really easy to make which is why I really like to make tuna because when it comes to making blades lunches sometimes it's just nice to have easy things and tune is one of those things that's really easy to just kind of throw in a Tupperware all of it this was another impulse buy and it's a marscapone keys we can get it at like our local Thanks grocery store and its really expensive but. This is was three bucks for this like eight ounce thing of marscapone cheese and mascarpone is actually pretty sweet.

If you're kind of wary of it because it says cheese on it it's more like frosting.

That's why I like it more by a two percent Greek yogurt I go through this stuff like crazy especially with a little bit of honey in it it is.


Good so. This is one of those things I really like to have around the three bell pepper the organic tricolor bell peppers that they have here.

Another one of those things that's really nice to have around because you can do.

Much I've found several different kinds of salad we got romaine right here chopped romaine lettuce we got Sorrento which is a mix of baby arugula baby spinach and lettuce leaves I me actually got 20.

Beautiful salad stuff along with that we got two different kinds of salad dressings we got cranberry walnut gorgonzola salad dressing impulse buy it sounded really good and.

I got it low-fat parmesan ranch dressing which also just sounded really well both of these were like poo.

We decided to buy them some 2% milk because Susan wanted milk.

If you saw her in the background by the way that's Blake's mom she's she's in town for a couple days who was chilling out in the background suzan barnes and 03 cheese romano parmesan asiago cheese I always get this sauce I'm pretty sure you guys saw it in the last three droesbal I did because we also got meatballs and I really like to cook the meatballs in the sauce it's really really good when you cook it in the sauce because it makes the meatballs nice and moist we got vegetable panang curry with jasmine rice another impulse buy because I'm just really really hungry you know what's really cute it now we have lots of frozen like foods to eat when we were in Arizona we got these like little tiny baggies of mixes different kinds of dips you can make.

We got some crackers to go with the tip that we have yet to make we have social crowd your own social snackers crackers and heat a bite crackers which is like molten advice of pita bread.

Both looked really really good and perfect for dip mile California cheddar cheese or salad by beautiful purposes.

Got some cheese too great more Blake spoilage peppermint creams because it's Christmas times and everything is peppermint tea right now which is favorite thing in the entire worlds have gotten over my food for him some cream cheese because a lot of the dips call for cream cheese in there granite boy recipes.

He doesn't cream cheese and both of these I've never tried before but I adore indian food is my favorite food in the entire world.

He decided to get chicken tikka masala cumin flavored basmati rice one of them. This is kind of like a a single-serve sort of deal and this one's a little bit bigger. This is the butter chicken with basmati rice and both them well both butter chicken and tikka masala are really really really good.

I'm wondering how they're frozen virgins are going to compare it probably gonna have one of these tonight see how it goes.

Really excited about that.

I think that's everything I hope you guys enjoyed this grocery haul and stay tuned for more um let some other other words that never know what I wanted to make oh if you have not kept up with us recently well obviously I'm blonde if you if you go to our blog channel you can kind of see that whole process take place as well as vlogmas boo boo we're also participating in progress this year which is our first year doing it.

You get to see us every single day on the vlog channel kind of our lives outside of YouTube.

You guys can go check that out what those link will both they're on the same channel that link is in the description bar below.

That is it I am starving.

I'm going to make myself some food.

I hope to talk you guys very soon and that's it goodbye you.

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