Transformation Tuesday: Healthy, Quick, and Easy Dinner

Hey guys! it's me media and today i am filming my first transformation tuesdays and i kind of wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about transformation Tuesday because I kind of explained it in my last video but not really in detail.

I'm gonna be doing that before I really start my segment and.

Transformation Tuesday just basically started with um the different things I've been learning from different people in my life that's been helping me become a better me.

Probably about six to seven months ago I was just really unhappy in my life I was at a place where I had a lot of anger I had a lot of bitterness I was really judgmental and just really not happy as a person and as an individual and when you start to get like that in your life it could be because of many reasons but most of the times it's because of things that's happened to you in your past.

I was just at a point in time of my life where I just didn't like I didn't like my life and where I was headed.

I began to go see a therapist and it just has probably been the best decision I've ever made in my life and I kind of wanted to talk about that too because people think oh if you see a therapist or if you go to counseling you're crazy but it's not that at all like everyone needs help and everyone has problems and I think there comes a time in your life with where you notice that you're having several problems in your life then maybe it's not everyone else and maybe it's you.

If you have the opportunity to go see a therapist or go get any kind of help I would seriously recommend it.

My transformation started about six seven months ago when I started seeing my therapist like I said it's probably the best decision I've ever made in my life.

We're seeing my therapist she recommended that I go see a nutritionist and at first I wasn't really open about it and not always like yeah I will oh I forgot to call oh yeah you know always had an excuse and then there was a point in time in my life where I kept on getting sick and I had this problem in this problem and the diagnosis move diabetes and my gallbladder is just.

Much shit excuse me just.

Many things like that kept on coming up with my health and I was like damn like obviously I'm not getting it yet like I'm still continually having problems.

I should go see this nutritionist.

I went to go see her and seriously one of the best another best decision I've ever made in my life she's taught me.

Much stuff they both have taught me.

Many things that I just feel like I want to share with you guys and.

I know. This is a beauty page but I just feel like when you're beautiful in your mind and your beautiful in your body and your beautiful in your heart like that's all beauty it's not always about makeup and um fashion there's beauty in all sense in different ways and that's just really where I'm at in my life just trying to transform it to be beautiful in every area in my life.

So I just wanted to make a quick disclaimer really quick um I don't know if you guys have watched the movie pitch perfect and I think it's that movie and correct me if I'm wrong but we're fat Amy one of the girls asked her like why do you have people call you fat Amy or why do you like why do they call you fat Amy and she was like.

Girls don't talk behind my back and call me fat behind my back thinking just called me fat in front of my face something like that.

I just want to make it very clear that I am NOT nutritionist I am NOT a therapist I'm just on here coming on here learn I like teaching you guys the things that I've learned like you might say why does she have these recipe and why she trying to give food ideas and why she try to give health ideas when she's big herself I know I'm big and I'm not saying that I'm not big but I just want to let you guys know that I right now in my life I'm at that point where I'm really trying to transform myself to not be as big I'm not trying to be skinny I just want to be healthy.

Take that as you can take that as you want but I just want to let you guys know that that's where I'm at on today's transformation Tuesday i'm going to show you guys a recipe that I've really been enjoying and that is really a nutritionist and really Hardy and under 600 calories.

Let me show you the ingredients that you're gonna need you're gonna need some ground turkey some Peruvian style chimichurri rice I do not know if I'm saying that right but hopefully I am and this I got at trader joe's this organic tomato and roasted red pepper soup.

About two cups of pinto beans or you can do black beans 1 cup of organic corn. This is the one frozen in the bag you can also use canned corn it really doesn't matter just make sure it's corn some tortillas some spinach and some shredded carrots.

Let me just explain something real quick I know you guys see that I'm filming without an earring my dad just called me and.

I was like on the phone and the hoop earring got in the way.

I'm just gonna go ahead and take that off and continue feeling but anyways you're probably thinking like what the heck is she gonna make cuz all these ingredients are super like weird and they're just like super random but it's super good I promise you it is kind of like a burrito sort of thing and it's under 600 calories and it's bomb. Okay.

You want to get a saucepan that's big enough for soup and then you want to grab your oil any kind of oil you have and just kind of add just a little bit into the saucepan to make sure the meat does not stick you want to go ahead and add your meat the turkey and then you want to make sure that it is browned very good because you do not want no raw meat.

I totally forgot to show this on the ingredient list but it's just mrs. dash taco seasoning you just add it to the meat and you add a three fourths cup of water just follow the directions on the package.

You want to stir that make sure it gets a little thick and then you want to add the chimichurri rice and once again I don't know why the bags in there but just the rise not the bag oh you want to mix that up and get it all mixed together and once you get it mixed together that's what it looks like and you want to add your corn and your beans.

You want to mix that all together and just mix it good I usually simmer this for about maybe 10 minutes and then I go ahead and add the tomato I forgot what it's called but go ahead and add that I add some chili powder to make it a little spicy my husband loves the spiciness.

I add the chili powder and that's pretty much what it looks like I know it does not look appealing at all but I swear to you guys it is.


You want to heat up your tortillas and i got these brown rice tortillas for the very first time and they were not cracking these are the tortillas i recommend these tortillas are really super healthy and super super bomb.

You just heat up your tortilla add your meats and then you go ahead and add your spinach and your carrots and that is it people that is the meal I hope you guys enjoy it and I promise you will and once again it's under 600 calories.

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